Like everyone else across the country and no doubt caring people around the entire world, my heart is breaking for the families of all the sweet & gentle souls lost in the tragic incident in Connecticut last Friday. When something this unspeakable happens we instinctively search for comfort by looking for answers but come away with nothing. We have so much we want to say, but there are no words. Just our tears, aching hearts and prayers. I pray for the families and entire community of Newtown to find some strength and comfort in the massive outpouring of love we are sending and know they are profoundly not alone their mourning.

May the Universe hear our collective cry for more kindness, acceptance and love amongst us and may we all be listening as well.


  1. Thank you–so beautifully spoken, My heart is heavy. Let us all listen to those around us. Let us all offer the support and love that is needed. Mary

  2. I was listening to some little kids sing carols at lunch time and I thought how sweet then I remembered those massacred kids and I got all teary and had to leave.

    In Australia, no one has guns, except maybe the police and some farmers. It is hard to understand and come to terms with it all.

    I always think the biggest tragedy in life is to lose a child. How awful for the families.


  3. Amen to your eloquent words. I have cried for those families and lifted them up in prayer. And now, I want – need – to DO something with whatever voice I have. Just as people were motivated to serve after 9/11, I want to find a way to be a part of an answer so this cannot ever happen again in this country. I don’t exactly know what or how, but this is enough. Tomorrow it begins with a call to my congressman, be it to address better mental health funding/help, or the weapons issues. As one victim’s amazing mom said tonight, “I will now be Gracie’s {age: 7} voice. I feel fearless. I will never feel any pain greater than I do right now. I’m going to take on the world for our Gracie-girl, for I myself have nothing to lose, and everything to gain”

  4. Hi Slim, Amen to your last sentence, if only… I can’t fathom what the families are going through right now, it doesn’t make sense. Bless all of their hearts. Thank you!

  5. Dear Slim,
    so many of us are feeling the same way and want to prevent these tragedies. My love and prayers are with all of the families.

    Love and Hugs
    Art by Karena

  6. Well said. It is hard as we are all prepping for a joyous and happy holiday, but no doubt those innocent victims and their grieving families are very much on our minds. May God help light the dark path they are on…….thanks for this tribute.

  7. This will be a tough Christmas for everyone, particularly the parents of those little children. I think we have finally hit a soft spot in the collective heart of this nation and hopefully we have learned that somethings needs to be done now to protect our children.. Hopefully. Let’s not forget what happened in Newtown. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

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