That 70’s Post


Slimmer, Paler, Slim Paley


Me at 14 or 15 yrs. old

I was working in an art gallery/tea house on Sundays and I’m going to say this was taken at the end of a really long day.

(btw, why were all our photos so badly cropped in the 70’s? just wondering…)



Today I’m taking a stroll, or rather a drive, back to the 70’s

to celebrate the release of my dear friend Rita Wilson’s brand new CD

Rita Wilson AM/FM

The album is a fab collection of Rita covering some of her favourite songs from the 60’s & 70’s.

You must get it- it’s fantastic!

and I’m SO not saying that because she’s my friend!


Now we all know Rita as a super talented actor and producer, but I bet it might surprise you to learn she is also a really great singer.

 I know, right? (but I’ll let you in on a little secret- she bites her thumbnails. Quite a lot.)

  Don’t we all feel a little better now?!


Just check her version of “Good Time Charlie’s Got the Blues” out here;




Rita WilsonPhoto Steven Sebring

..Rita’s song choices will resonate with anyone who grew up, or shall we say ‘passed through’ this era and I can guarantee you’ll be singing along with every song.

This is a definite ‘Embarrass Yourself in the Car’ CD.

Bring it on. Hell, hang some Pukka shells from your dashboard.

Will you ever see those people driving beside you again?  Chances are slim.


I love the premise of the album;

The 60’s “AM” songs are the ones you listened to from the back of the car while your parents were driving;

songs filled with an innocence about what the future held in store for you.

As the 70’s arrived, you’ve shifted to the front seat. You’re driving and controlling the FM station now-and did we work those dials, ladies, or what??!

The  songs become more poignant, the message that love doesn’t always work out begins to resonate because, damn it, HE still hasn’t called…



Slim Paley & friends

Me and my friends in the 70’s. Names will be omitted to spare the not-so-innocent 🙂

I’m on the far left. I always stuck my tongue out to cover my big bottom lip & overbite.

Man, I loved that long denim jeans skirt.

While we’re on the subject of the 70’s and driving …

I”ll share the story of my mom picking my friends and I up from school and us begging, as usual, to be driven past the house where several of the Cute Older Boys we  swooned over all lived together. The regular drill of course, for any of the ‘Normal’ parents was to drive slowly BY the house, usually throbbing with the bass of Led Zepplin or Pink Floyd, in hopes we might catch a glimpse of a truck being worked on in the drive, perhaps some corkscrew curls haloed in the blue glow of a TV through a open window…

No ‘Normal’ for my mom.

 She pulled INTO the driveway and started honking the horn.

Honestly, we were so traumatised that to this day I don’t remember exactly what happened after that.

Funny Mom.



Watch Rita talking about her first album



and then we’ll drive a little farther, shall we?


Did you steal splashes from your Mom’s “Jean Nate'”?





Did you cry because you were too puny to wear “Big Boy Lees” with the leather patch & have to suffer the humiliation of VINYL patch “Little Boy Lees” like me?



Did you imagine you would look just like Christie Brinkley after a summer weekend of using

“Lemon Go Lightly”


Lemon Go Lightly

only to go back to school on Monday with hair the actual COLOUR of a lemon??




Yardley Pot o' gloss


Did you swoon over your first pot of Yardley’s “Pot O’ Gloss” and can’t you recall that delicious scent even now?

How many pots did you leave in your cut-offs and find melted to the pockets

and how in the hell did we forget so many incriminating things in our cut-offs when the actual pockets hung down longer than the shorts?!)



Love's Baby Soft


Remember what appears now (at least to me) the wildly inappropriate  “Love’s Baby Soft” ad.

Was that girl 9 or 19??  But we LOVED our “Love’s Baby Soft”!


And may we have just a moment

Robert Plant


Robert Plant

or two,

or three, for our Robert Plant posters??


Robert Plant




My favourite models were Lena Kansbod


And Lisa Taylor

How iconic this photo became.  She just looked so…wonderfully American.



Just like Rita!

Rita WilsonPhoto Steven Sebring

I think this song might be my favourite.

Seriously, how can lyrics about a telephone repair man be this romantic and beautiful??!

“And I need you more than want you…and I want you for all time…”  sigh.

Jimmy Webb, the composer of the song is playing the piano on this track-just gorgeous.




Well, I certainly had fun putting this post together. I could have gone on and on.

Do you remember the 70’s as fondly as I do?

I might have to go for a ‘Part II’ in the near future…I mean we didn’t even touch on Disco!

Find “Rita Wilson AM/FM” on Amazon,  Barnes & Noble, and lots of other places.

It would make a great little Mother’s Day gift- have I ever steered you wrong?

and please, don’t forget I’m still in the damn contest so VOTE people! It’s ONE click HERE 


Peace Out



  1. What a wonderful (I think?!) trip down memory lane. Love’s Baby soft….I can still smell it. Lee jeans…I worked a LOT of hours babysitting to buy a pair! Super excited to hear Rita Wilson’s new CD. So happy for her!

  2. So you’ve just always been pretty, right? That picture of you and Jackson Browne before he had his growth spurt is unbelievable!

  3. Could Rita Wilson look any more gorgeous? Thanks for the 70’s memories….gotta love the “old days”!!!

  4. Hahaha LOVED this post and I’m too young to really appreciate it, but the stories of “normal vs. Mom” def resonated with me. Some things never change. 😉 Love the idea behind this CD, too! Congrats to your friend!

  5. Really dug that post, man. Sun-In turned my hair a lovely shade of orange. I drove to school with my hair wrapped around an orange juice can to try to control the frizzies. Cute.

  6. Yes please go for a part II! I grew up at Studio 54 with my very hip 70’s parents and I would love the disco version. Wow Rita’s voice is really beautiful…never knew.

  7. Slim, such a wonderful post!! Lovely Rita’s CD is my new favorite…perfect summertime, road-tripping music. Her voice is sweet tonic for our souls. What beautiful flower children you all are! Oh how I wish I’d saved my HASH jeans with the 30-inch bell, so fashionably 70s.

  8. Tell Rita she has no right to look that fabulous at her age! Love the tracks I’ve heard on the CD. Will definitely have to buy it. Funny how I didn’t think so at the time, but that Love’s Baby Soft ad IS creepy. The picture of you at 14 or 15 didn’t come up on my browser – did you change your mind? You’re brave to post a picture of yourself as a teenager, but then you were probably always lovely. I was still in braces – no way would I publish a picture of myself at that age!

  9. Thank you for the trip back in time, it was so nice being greeted this morning by Robert Plant. He loved taking his shirts off, didn’t he? Fun post!

      • I have a friend that had backstage passes for one of his concerts several years ago. She was introduced to him and asked if she could give him a kiss. She said when she went in for the kiss and hug he smelled like a 3 day flop sweat. Not just sweaty from the concert but an aged stink that hung on and on. Sometimes it is best to keep these memories at bay and not act on them.

  10. Thanks! I was already working and having babies in the 70s but brought back fond memories.
    Thoughts: maybe the crop in the first photo was cuz they were trying to capture your lovely face AND the faces in the totems on the balcony above you…it was an art gallery after all…
    Jean Nate…..for 15 years I thought that was the only perfume….except for the one in the (STILL) sealed bottle of Channel No. 5 that sat on ( and now sits on my!) mother’s bureau. It must be 50 years old…….like the vials found in Cleopatra’s tomb!
    When I drove in my 1958 Chrysler convertible, that my dad bought me used for my 16th birthday (in CA you could drive at 16 back then….can you now? Help!), my curly hair blew in the wind…but, when I stopped it didn’t fall back gracefully like the girls in the Breck ads, but rather stayed stuck straight out like a zombie…….I never got that!
    P.S. Don’t see the music links……

    • Oh, and I forgot…..I was before there was product… I used the lemon juice straight from the lemon and was SURE it lightened my hair……don’t think so….not til college friend introduced to powdered hair bleach mixed with peroxide.

  11. When I saw the piece on Rita on CBS Sunday Morning I thought of you and wondered if you had gone to the Troubadour when she performed.

  12. Slim, you are a lucky girl!
    And Rita is too (to have a friend in you).
    You are fortunate to have fond memories of your growing-up-hood. Not quite so for all of us. Mine are a mixed bag–mainly I don’t want to think about those days much at all, but Happy today! As for Bob Plant — LZ is still my favorite music to listen to on a road trip.

  13. Brings back so many great memories of the…60’s (yikes!)…and the 70’s…ok, you were my younger neighbor! Rita is so beautiful and elegant, her album is a keeper!
    “Thanks for the memories…”
    xoxo, Chris

  14. Zou bisou bisou to you too, young lady. Could you possible look any more ‘come hither’ in that first photo???

  15. Awesome post!!! I was a kid in the 70s but I had a similar denim skirt, loved it, too. Tube tops were big w/ my set in the 70s.
    Thanks for the tip about Rita, I love her, too. Will be asking the hubby for this for sure!!!

  16. Slim , I love this post. Brings back so many memories! In California the Jean de Jour was Chemin de Fer! Someone above mentioned Jackson Browne. The track listing has that it is Jackson Browne singing harmony on Goodtime Charlie’s Got The Blues. Thank you for this post! I already got Rita’s CD on iTunes. 🙂

  17. I loved all of today’s blog—Jean Nate!!! Mine favorites were Jean Shrimpton and Cheryl Teigs. Every morning I prayed that when I opened my eyes I would be in Malibu, driving a Woody and I was Giget–there I was in rural Indiana, it’s always a shock. I saw Rita Wilson on CBS Morning Show and can’t wait to download her CD. May have to take a road trip!

  18. Slim,
    I saw Rita Wilson interviewed about her album and hubby has already added it to our iPods. I’d bet she is as nice as a friend as she seems when interviewed. She definitely seems genuine, much like you seem in your writing and posting.
    Have a very Happy Mother’s Day!

  19. What about Seafair jeans ?? High waist and no pockets. wow …
    Shout out to Miss Rita … saw her at the Legendary Trubador on Sunset last week and she ROCKED IT!! She had this fabulous black rindstone mic – very chic. The music was great and special guest appearance by Patty Scialfa from the E Street Band. They did a duet that was a show stopper.

  20. Your blogs are in my favorite list……I look forward to each one…..What kind of camera do you use???? You pictures are amazing…..Thanks….Ann

  21. Slim, You look so cute in those pics. I just love all the girls and their printed clothes too. It really was a sweeter time. I so remember buying Yardley pot o’ gloss with my allowance. I think it smelled like strawberries. Also loved stealing sprays of my mom’s Charlie, Love’s Fresh Lemon scent as well as my own Love’s Baby Soft. That ad does seem freaky now.

    Rita’s album brings back all those simpler times. It’s funny with the AM/FM title, I think back to the days my girlfriends and I would call the radio station about a thousand times to request a new favorite song! Maybe if we got lucky we’d get to Tower Records and buy the 45 for about $1.50, and then play it until my parents couldn’t stand to hear it anymore!

    Can’t wait to download this album. Great songs you posted. They are the songs no one plays anymore and I love them!

    How lucky you are to know Rita. She seems like a neat lady and really nice.


  22. Oh you nailed it! Loves baby soft…and the lemon scent. I remember perfume wars with that in my room with friends in our cutt offs. And I remember a huge poster of Mark Spitz on my wall….umm hmm.

  23. U took me right back…..thank u for the memory recall
    On our way to la Quinta with friends… last time until fall…another throwback to the past that we do not tire of…will check out Rita’s music…know it will be more than good

  24. Man, you had a head of hair! I loved John Denver, embarrassing moment…my mom embroidered a denim shirt for me that said “get close to nature, kiss a beaver”! John Denver had one and I wanted one as well. Well, need I tell you how much I just wanted to die when I wore it to school and found out what it really meant!!! (what a goober!)

  25. Fabulous post especially before Mother’s Day . . . Tears of joy & sorrow. One interesting observation-those ads . . . The girls all look very feminine compared to today’s ads featuring girls. Thank you so much! -K

  26. Dig this post! I also worked at the Roof House. What fun memories you’ve brought back, beautiful picture of the girls.

  27. SLIM, you’ve come from far back in the field to within 230 or so votes in that competition! You must have thousands of followers…c’mon let’s all kick in for our girl! I just did it. EASY! They don’t ask for any info at all, it literally took me 5 secs.

  28. Wonderful! What memories. I actually found myself looking for Love’s Baby Soft a few weeks ago, for sentimental purposes, only. 🙂

  29. Another wonderful post, Slim. Ahh, the good ole days; I needed a walk down memory lane. And I have to say, I am enjoying Rita’s music, so talented!!
    I would LOVE it if you would share with me how to put music on your blog the way you do. I am having trouble figuring it out. Thx, Slim

  30. Oh, those 70’s!!! Busy–college graduation, New York City girl, marriage, babies and then many years in Europe. This song encapsulated a lot of those years. Thanks for the great memories. Congrats. Rita Wilson–this album is a winner. Mary

  31. If this is Rita’s first CD, what took her so long?? Beautiful, perfect vocal quality.

    Slim, I can’t tell if your hair is curly or straight. All I know is it is gorgeously full!

  32. Well, like I say to the young’uns in my life–we boomers used up all the fun. Although, at times, the seventies for me, was a tumultuous decade, it is the one I look back to with the happiest memories. Rita Wilson is adorable, and was / is shamefully underused in Hollywood. I wish her much success. The C.D. is terrific. Another great post, Slim. I”m looking forward to part 2.

  33. I saw her mention of the CD on the OKL sale and thought “Holy Cow! You go Girl!”. How fantastic that she is doing this now. She looks amazing and I will look forward to listening to the songs in a sec. I am 42 so caught only some of the 70s air but am so glad that I did. I think that all of those songs about dreaming and freedom formed my young self more than I could admit!

  34. Congrats Rita! going to itunes to check it out.

    cute “mom” story, i can totally picture it:)

    and i think a part 2 is in order, I love photos from the 60’s and 70’s, even though my era was more the ‘Mac Jacket & Big Blue Jeans’ theme from the late 70’s early 80’s.

  35. remember when we had to wear boy’s lees or levis and we called them dungarees? I also shopped at the army/navy surplus. We had to make our jean skirts out of actual jeans too! Jean Nate, Chantilly Lace, Love’s Baby Soft and Love’s Fresh Lemon. Sun-In and those sets by Maybelline that had matching eyeshadow, mascara and pencil in blue, green or violet. Those roll-on lip glosses! Clogs with wooden soles and peasant tops and dirndls we made in home-ec class. Awesome memories.

  36. what a fun post! the pot o’ gloss-thought i was so cool buying Yardley of London, older sister did the lemon hair thing and was that a disaster!…i was quite the tomboy, so no flowing skirts for me, but i don’t remember Lee jeans either… music idols were Carol King and James Taylor…to this day I still do not know Led Zepplin songs…Rita is drop dead gorgeous and a talented actress- sing? of course she can! you live quite the charmed life, missy. and for us normal folk, we enjoy peering thru your window

  37. pot of gloss oh my god yes!!!!!!!!!!!!

    we had so much fun didnt we! driving around just for the sake of it.

    Your mother sounds a real hoot!

  38. Congrats to the beautiful Rita. I totally loved this post. I can not wait to get your C.D,
    Your cover pic is nothing less than stunning, but that you are. Slim your antics as a teenager must have been hilarious,lovely bunch of young ladies. Loved the pretty shot of you at 15. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY Everyone!
    P.S. hope all your friends read this post, perhaps a reunion in the near future??

  39. my dad would sometimes pick me up from school in a turquoise cadillac with the top down, country music blasting and our poodle on his lap. omg, i still get chills.

    i loved patti hansen in the 70’s b/c she had freckles!

    and is it possible for rita wilson to be more beautiful?! gasp.


  40. Wow. The memories! When I saw that photo of you with your friends, I was reminded of the two bias cut plaid skirts I had and wore to death back in the day! I also remember embroidering flowers and things around the pockets of my cutoffs. My favorite model was Jayne Modean and I remember flipping through Seventeen for hours, probably listening to The Steve Miller Band or Supertramp or Stevie Wonder or America or Bread…Sigh. And of course, Loves Baby Soft. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Yes, a part II is definitely in order! Happy Mother’s Day!
    P.S. Love Rita’s CD!

  41. Agree, Rita Wilson is just beautiful. What a fun walk down memory lane! I wore Levi’s and not Lee’s….and I splashed bleach on ’em to make white splotches and even some holes. These, worn with a hawaiian print smock top and no shoes, ever. Just walkin’ barefoot all over the place. Jean Nate, yes..and Love’s Baby Soft too. How fun to talk about “the old days”…I’ll be checking out iTunes for some Rita tunes.

  42. Hey Slim I am a bit late to the 70’s party. I am more an 80’s girl but boy did I idolize the wavy haired sun kissed long denim skirt wearing teen girls ( just like you!) who I saw at school and around the place. I remember the first time I saw David Bowie on a poster it blew my mind. Thanks re Rita W tip goodness me so multi talented Xoxo

  43. A wonderful post!!!!! Who knew Rita was a singer….thank you for letting us know and taking us back to a wonderful time (even if I was older!)
    Again….. thank you

  44. Loved taking the trip back. I had unfashionably (then!) full lips and all my pictures in high school having me smiling – teeth showing – with lips “clenched” thin in a way I perfected after hours in front of the mirror. And many of us went bra-less!

  45. I was in high school from ’76-’80. This post makes me feel young again! All you missed was the QT quick tan. We only used it in the Spring since during Summer, we spent all day tanning in the sun. With QT, I imagined I would wake up and see a bronze goddess in the mirror. Why did we do that? A GREAT POST!

  46. Ok – I already commented but keep thinking of things. I adored Love’s Baby Soft and we did not think anything of that ad back then. Times have changed. I remember Bonnie Bell Musk too. So many songs remind me of the seventies. I am enjoying the resurgence of seventies feeling in fashion lately. Wide leg jeans, platforms and wedges, and so much more. Who would have thought we would look back on the seventies as such an innocent time.

  47. Omg – thAat Loves Baby Soft ad was so WRONG! (But it’s cracking me up…) I loved Jean Nate (my Big-Girl-Teenage-hip-Chick-neighbor introduced it to me) and Sweet Honesty (felt so cool buying it on the playground from the Avon rep’s daughter in Jr. High – she was my cosmetics dealer). I was trying to describe 8-track tapes to my kids and they just have no idea. I loved the Carpenters (cried my eyeballs out when she died) – still do, I’ll admit it, especially the Christmas stuff. Thanks for the laughs today.

  48. SO much fun! All these great memories
    Laura P- I forgot about the tube tops- I had scores of them- they cost about $3 I think.
    Loren- and Seafarer jeans, yes, another favourite for sure.
    I had a white patent pair of clogs with wooden soles- thanks for that memory Jaime!
    Susan Good- can’t believe you don’t know L.Z. music- I swear I remember every lyric to every song on every album.
    Susan B- YES!! embroidery on the cut-off pockets- except I wasn’t that talented. I stuck metal stars on mine and occasionally the sharp teeth of the star pincers would dig into my bum when I sat down, but really, pride feels no pain, does it?!
    Lina- Totally forgot about going everywhere barefoot too. How did we do that? Our feet were always black and I remember my parents hated it.

  49. 1. Love’s Baby Soft!! I haven’t thought about that in years. Oh gosh!

    2. Speaking of lovely Rita…..I was just wondering the other day if she’d spill her skin-care-regimen secrets! I’m *cough-ty* years old, myself. Will you ask her, please? Maybe a guest blogger…… (:^)

  50. Wahooo!!! What I would give to slather on some Yardley Pot o’ Gloss, hop in the back seat of your Mom’s car and go stalk the “cute older boys” again. Never mind the trauma of the horn honking in the driveway … 🙂

    “All I Have to Do is Dream” by Rita – lovely! Can’t wait to get her CD.

    My whole office is voting daily for SP – takes two seconds and two clicks.

    Great vintage photos you included in this post. I was just noticing the girl 2nd from the right in the group photo – looks like she would have been well behaved and shied away from any and all mischief.

    Looking forward to the next 70’s post!

  51. Rita is gorgeous and so are you! That hair, phenomenal! I used to buy my mom Jean Nate’ from Thrifty’s Drug Store for Mother’s Day and her birthday. It would be lined up on her bathroom counter. As I got older, it was Chanel No.5, which was much harder to save for! I was more of a “Sun-In” girl instead of “Lemon Go Lightly”, but I am sure it was all the same – orange hair for me!

  52. I never knew Rita Wilson had such an amazing voice.
    She looks fabulous and the fact that you know her and she’s your friend which I find fascinating. Did you grow up together or are you neighbours?
    I remember Twiggy and Jean Shrimpton, Yardley’s and the London Look…I think I might be a tad older 🙂

  53. My Australian parents, both school teachers, took us kids out of school for several months in the late 1970s for a road trip around America. My mother taught us geography and history, while my father drove and DJ’d! I still remember listening to all those great old ’60s and ’70s American hits, including Glen Campbell. Rita’s version of Wichita Lineman brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for this trip back through memory lane! Have just ordered a CD for Mother’s Day! Janelle McCulloch

  54. Hi Slim, I figured out that we are the same age, you look fabulous! Rita Wilson can sing, I am ordering her CD in the morning, when I can see! How much fun! Not to insult anybody, they seem like the nicest “normal” couple in that business. I went to a Led Zeppelin concert at 16, in Tampa Fl., I was spending the weekend with friends and we said we were going to the movies. What a DISASTER…it rained, everyone panicked, it flooded, we were trampled…one friend had a broken foot I still hear about! I did get to see him with his shirt off…so worth it in my very young book. Yardley…I loved everything they made. Do you remember the eyeshadows that looked like a tin of watercolors? Loved them! We drove by the same boys houses, although my Mother wasn’t as cool…we used our sisters for that! Sun In was our hair demolisher of choice…eeek orange! Thank you for this fun Post… so entertaining, as usual! Fingers crossed, I hope you win the contest! :))

  55. Downloaded AM/FM onto my iPad and have been listening while I read….such a sweet, innocent, pure voice. I love the accompaniment too…it’s lilting…! Please let Rita know
    how wonderful it is. Tell her we want a SV gig! Spring is here now and beautiful!

  56. There’s something oddly disconcerting about a road trip through the Seventies that makes it out to have been another Age of Innocence.

    (And your mother turning into that driveway and leaning on the horn — priceless!)

  57. Slim when I saw Rita interviewed the other day it was exciting and inspiring that she is making her dreams come true. I AM getting the CD! Yes I lad that same long denim skirt and the photos from that decade are such a hoot at times!

    Please come to check out my interview with Tina from The Enchanted Home; and be eligible for a crystal hurricane candle giveaway!

    Art by Karena

  58. Oh good God… Rita sings like that? And could she be any nicer? There’s gotta be some flaw besides the thumbnail biting?? Anyone?? Well, in response to that resounding silence I can do nothing but slap Rita a huge high 5 and buy the CD. You’re both awesome.

  59. Ms. Wilson is one of my all-time favorite Women I Wish I Knew. I love that she is always writing and doing new things, manages to look beautiful without looking like she tried and I believe her to have one of the best smiles on the planet. Inspiring to say the least. Thanks for the post!

  60. I’m a wee bit younger, Slim…my back seat songs and memories were during the 70s, and I was a teen in the 80s…but so much of what you wrote brings back great memories. (And Robert Plant was still an icon for our gang in high school!) My first “perfume” was Love’s Baby Soft, but I wished that it was “Charlie.” Does anyone remember that sexy jingle..”I can bring home the bacon/Fry it up in the pan…?”

  61. Saw Rita on the Today show last week and cant wait to pick up the “album”. Why do we still say album? Our memories are so similar….loved yardley, especially the packaging! Loved anything that looked English and Loves Baby Soft was basically all that was available for young innocent girls. Back then we were still young and innocent during our teens….aaaah for the good ole days! thanks for the memories

  62. Rita’s singing is beautiful…lovely…she just pulls on my heart strings!
    What a wonderful concept…music sure has the power to bring out fond memories.
    I wore my long jean skirt almost every day in the mid 70’s.
    Jean Nate…when I pass it in the aisle at CVS I pause…
    And for Robert Plant…I’m still crushing 🙂

  63. Wichita Lineman, one of my favorite favorite tunes. Your post brought back memories; I am 53 YIKES HOW DID THAT HAPPEN? I can remember my teenage years like they were yesterday.

  64. Wow – I forgot about Yardley’s pot o gloss – but you’re right – I can smell it even now! I use to put my Jean Nate in the frig during the summer to splash on before bed to cool off on a hot summer night.
    And…Wichita Lineman is one of my favorite songs – and I tear up every time I hear it.

  65. This has brought all those memories back so perfectly! Reading this and seeing the pics was so much fun! Jean Nate, Yardley, Sun In… for me long straight hair to my waist, faded jeans and James Taylor. We all must be about the same age which is refreshing to find. My aunt had a red convertible that I loved getting a ride in. I love the idea of the front seat is 70’s and the backseat is 60’s for Rita Wilson’s CD. Can’t wait to get it! Great blog! Glad I found it today! Hope you win the contest!

  66. Love’s Baby Soft–haven’t thought of that in years! Smelled so good.
    How I regret getting rid of the denim skirt that I made out of my favorite Levi’s.
    Saw Rita on the Today Show–she was great.

  67. Oh good GOD, I am the MOM in this post!!! This is depressing:):) My KIDS grew up in the 70’s. I did wear Jean Nate and LOVED it. I remember all the other things too. I WAS a young Mom, I have to say:):) Loved this post, thanks for the memories. XO, Pinky

  68. Yardley, Jean Nate, and Love’s Baby Soft, oh you took me back. Is any of that stuff still around? And thanks for the music links! Fun post!

  69. Your blog has lifted me up more than a few times over the last few weeks that I have been a follower (we have just put our most amazing dog down last night and I’m having a rough time). Not to be a downer but I have needed people like you to make me laugh and a place I could make random comments. I just woke up at 2 am and started surfing around and remembered to cast a vote for you–I sort of forget what the award was now…mom-blog awards?? Something like that and while you are great in that department, you are so much more than that. So so much more. Good luck, Slim. xx

    • oh and, Slim, wasn’t Bonnie Bell another one of “those” products? Sun-In? I remember them all and was always a victim of a great advertising campaign…..and I love Rita and will certainly buy her CD. Have a great weekend.

  70. What a delightful start to my Saturday! I remember it all! I recently heard about Rita’s album, and I’m going to buy it today!

  71. I can relate to Kim Porter. When I was young I worked for a company that made silicone products. They handed out tees that read “easy to squeeze” and I WORE IT! I thought the double entendre was “squeeze/hug” little did I know what the boys thought with that emblazoned on my chest. Could we be more naive? Love the memories of the 70’s — my favorite decade! Vote! Slim’s deserves first place.

  72. Love your 70’s vibe… Glad to see you have moved up the list in the contest… am clicking as hard as I can! xv

  73. HA! I’m still laughing from Candy’s comment about Robert Plant! I think I would have just gone for it anyway! I too loved LZ and still do…I feel so lucky to have seen them live twice!
    I love all the 70’s memories and can think of a zillion more. I consider myself fortunate to have been around for that special decade.
    Happy Belated anniversary Slim…looks like you had a wonderful time in wine country. My husband and I are celebrating our 24th this July.
    I voted! best of luck…I love reading your posts..

  74. Wow! That really did bring back so many memories! The “70’s were quite a decade and I’m sure glad I got to experience it! Is that really Jackson Browne in the picture with you? I went to the same high school as Jackson Browne, Sunny Hills High, but he graduated a few years before me. I think I remember all of the music from that time, better than the beauty products, because I still listen to the same music now! It was all sooo good and I’m sure Rita’s is too! Thanks for the memories!

  75. I am sitting on a beach in Hawaii reading this blog after reading the book by Mary Wells Lawrence and how she and her advertising agency created all those 70’s products. The lemon scented things and the bottle shapes and designs, color everywhere…what an era! Thanks for the music to go along with!

  76. I don’t know how I have missed your blog! It is the best! I don’t think I have enjoyed reading anything in resent history ( except maybe the 50 Shades Trilogy) as much as I have reading your posts. I to am a child of the 70’s and everything you write makes perfect sense to me! P.s. I also wore Love Fresh Lemon!

  77. Love your blog–brought back lots of memories…FYI The summer blonde model was Sunny Griffin, not Christie.
    Enjoy NYC!

  78. I have had Rita’s cd for three weeks or so now and listen to it everyday! I was suprised that my husband even likes it! At 52 years young those songs hold a lot of memories for me! Just found your blog and really enjoyed the walk down memory lane. Remember the ad for shampoo that “I told two people and they told two people . . . . ” and you would have Farrah Fawcett-like hair?

  79. I am really impressed with your writing skills as well as with the layout on your blog. Is this a paid theme or did you customize it yourself? Anyway keep up the nice quality writing, it’s rare to see a nice blog like this one today..

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