Slim Paley Daily #3

890A7910Wedding Anniversary Wednesday!

OK, so I know it’s not exactly a fun ‘share’ in the practical sense, but I’m going to indulge in a “Selfie” tonight

and share that it’s my

25th Wedding Anniversary today!!

That’s some Serious Silver!


Dress; Les Habitudes

kitten heel shoes; Emma Hope

Hair; Hey, it was the 80’s




  1. Happy Anniversary! Twenty-five years is a major accomplishment, and you look lovely in that picture.

  2. Happy, happy 25th, you are absolutely glowing with happiness in the photo! May the next 25 years be as happy and full of love!!

  3. Dear Slim – Congratulations! My anniversary is tomorrow (Thursday), and I am just one year off from you – it will be my 26th! How the time does fly! Your picture is beautiful, and your dress is much less pouffy (sp?) than mine was.

  4. Adorable! XV in platinum? A silver colored metal, with some silvery white diamonds to make it sparkle! Like your posts! Designing my jewelry wish for you on this occasion… Thank you for sharing with us.

  5. S.P. – Yes, you are glowing with happiness of the day – beautiful! May I say how much I am enjoying the rear view of Mr Paley too? 😉 Looking forward to your 50th, Cheers!

  6. Beautiful! Have a very happy happy! Wow 25 yrs! Go out and eat some really yummy food with pics for us!

    P.S. What a joining together of really really great hair!

  7. Belated Happy 25th Silver Wedding Anniversary Slim. A little Birdie informed me it was today – You looked amazing on your Wedding Day and you have not changed a bit. What’s your secret?? I hope you were spoilt rotten!! Enjoy your celebrations. Sending you both lots and lots of love. Jackie xxxxxx

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  9. Just married … I wish to be able to say the same some day! Hope you have many more happy anniversaries, dear Slim Paley!

  10. Happy anniversary! I just found out not too long ago who you were married to. He’s long been a favorite of mine as well! ;-). Congratulations to you both.

  11. Congratulations on 25 years together! Happiness to you on this special day! And may you have umpteen more wonderful years to come!

  12. Happy Silver Anniversary, Slim! I am a big fan of your posts and look forward to always an inspiring topic. You can imagine how excited I was to see this post since April 24th is also my 25th wedding anniversary! Seems like just yesterday my husband and I were “bride and groom”. I do recognize the big hair days from your photo. I think I was sporting a perm back then. Wishing you and your husband a very Happy Anniversary and many more years of wedded bliss.

  13. Weren’t the 80’s the best! My hair was
    very similar to yours in the photo – being
    from Dallas we did seriously ‘big hair’.
    Happy 25th and many more!

  14. Hmmmm…….empty nester……..25th wedding anniversary ……sure hope your hubby is in town…..tomorrow’s post better not be about what you had for dinner………………Congratulations, cheers and bottoms up! 🙂

  15. Beautiful picture. Beautiful couple. Congratulations. May the future be as happy as the past. Wishing joy, laughter, love.

  16. Wow!!! 25!! Just amazing!!!! You look absolutely gorgeous ~ glowing and happy. Congratulations to you and your mister today and always!!

  17. Adorable! Thank you for the FUN share and Congratulations! (Your hubby’s back view looks CUTE!)

  18. Still beautiful!! I so enjoy your blog – should be a better name for your lovely posts. Thanks for shairing your aesthetic vision and your sensitive sentiments. I love passing your site along to friends of same sensibility.

  19. Brava, Bella! Congratulations to you both and many, many more happy years together! I keep looking at your
    hair in the picture…you are/were a blondie? What a dynamic smile!

  20. Now that I’ve been reacquainted with your life after a long empty lull of no-Slim-Paley-blog-posts (for some unbeknownst internet-funky reason)—HAPPY BELATED ANNIVERSARY, HOT MAMA! I hope is was a lovely celebration and that you and your darlin’ have many, many, many more years of blessed contentment! xxM

  21. Slim, I am so late to this! What a lovely photo of you. Love the pretty mirror and your dress and it all. Wish I had such a sweet photo of my wedding. Much happiness and congrats to you!


  22. Awwwe, Happy 25th and one week Anniversary!!! Such a special number (the 25!)…best to you both for ‘at least’ another 25! ♥
    (I wore a spiral perm at my wedding in 91’…my mom still talks about it!)
    xo J~

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