Sick Paley



Ouch. Everything hurts!!

I went to Palm Desert last week and as soon as I returned home I got sick.  Hopefully I will be feeling better in a day or two. My husband tells me I’m in good company as tonight Brett Favre, the starting quarterback for the ….for the…

Well, for a really popular football team, is missing his very first game since 1992!!!

This is the longest I’ve ever gone without posting since I started blogging.

Many thanks to those that have sent me messages asking  if I was alright.   Very sweet.

Perhaps I should call Brett and see how he’s doing…

Dude, pass the NYQUIL




  1. I wish you a speedy recovery! Not a great time of the year to be sick, but, then again, is it ever? Take care of yourself! Susan

  2. Get better and I really am sorry you are not feeling well (now I feel really quilty) but hey, no comparing Favre to you even if he is sick……………your hair is way better. Get well hugs XO

  3. I don’t think I heard a more louder AWWWWWWWWW HOW CUTE when I clicked on your post. My ears still hurt. The girls went nuts over the kitty. My older one cracked up over the Brett Favre line. She watches football with her daddy whereas I don’t.

    My daughter says she can relate to the pain because she just got braces for the first time today. Please get well soon so I can see some kick butt Christmas photos.

    xxoo Terri

  4. Sooooooo sorry to hear. I just knew that the lack of new fantastic posts from you meant that something was up. You were sorely missed but take your time and take good care of yourself…… are a gift and a gem and deserve to be pampered, or at least left to recuperate in peace…….with fond good wishes for a speedy recovery.

  5. Get well real, real soon. I’m being very selfish, but I’m looking forward to your Christmas blog.

    My husband and I were hoping that Brett Favre would make it to 300 games as the starting quarterback, but no it wasn’t to be.

    You take extremely good care of yourself.


  6. Must admit I kept checking your website to find another amazing entry and was
    getting worried!
    Wishing you a speedy recovery so you can enjoy all the Holiday festivities!
    The kitty picture is priceless! How you find these things to share is beyond me, but
    thanks so much for sharing!


  7. Hi Slim, please feel better soon. Being sick is the worst. Just concentrate on taking good care of yourself.


  8. So sorry to hear it Slim. Flu-shot this year? Actually I’m not feeling too bad for you as I am just now picturing you in a lovely bed surrounded by all your beautiful things. Can I come to your house next time I get sick?

  9. Slim! I knew something had to be going on since the tweets and blog have been quiet. I hope you are feeling better. Take care.

  10. I too was getting concerned. And then Rita Wilson was asking on Twitter who liked your site (I raised my hand of course) so I fully expected some spectacular new post any second! But poor little kitty – I hope you feel better soon. My son and husband are watching the Giants-Vikings game (husband Giants fan and son Minnesota fan – where Favre plays) so we are well aware of his absence. Please know you are missed! Btw – my husband swears by Emergen-C!

  11. I’m so sorry! I’ve had it too…miserable….You were missed…Hope you have that out of the way real soon and your Christmas is perfect!

  12. So sorry you aren’t feeling well. What a bummer……I’m a kitty person and flipped over your “sick kitty”. I hope you had him to cuddle up next to you. Please get better soon. Bad time to be ill. Bout to leave Dallas for Austin for a “Hill Country” Christmas. Probably be 80 degrees !! Merry Christmas to you and your wonderful family !!

  13. cracked me up – I did wonder but thought you were somewhere exotic
    stalking dazzling plumage
    so I wasn’t worried-
    a speedy recovery- the old Italian remedy always works for me
    hot lemon water with honey and a bit of whiskey

  14. Awwww…what a cute kitten all tucked in! I’m so sorry you’re sick and please get well soon, we DO miss you! I feel so bad for Brett, not as a person, (current ick factor….) but as a pro. I think he was trying to break the record for most starts. Can someone say karma?
    Get a lot of rest….bit stacks of magazines and toddies too! xx

  15. And all this time, I pictured you at a myriad of holiday parties, test-driving a cadre of holiday-esque martinis. But alas! Have you been copasetic about keeping your head buried under the covers for days? Any mention of food or drink…well…me, too. I send you empathy and healing thoughts, knowing this has really buggered up your holidays!
    May your return be soon and your holidays be bright! Missed you, Slim!

  16. Feel better… but don’t call Brett – he might just email you a naughty picture. Next time you’re in Europe, pick up some Berocca. Seems to help us stay well…(knock on wood).

  17. Don’t worry about any Slimmy withdrawals some of us may be experiencing. Rest. Sleep. Fluids. You know the drill. Take care.

  18. Sorry you’re not feeling well – hope you are revived and feeling better soon – even if you’re sick you are great at finding the best pictures for the moment … i love the ktty picture – precious!

  19. At first I thought you must be on a Christmas shopping binge but then I worried, where was Slim, what was the matter? Then I went to Santa Fe, and upon return, still no SLim! SOme meditate, some yoga, some spin, but some of us start the day with a dose of Slim Paley! Ouch! Get better soon!

  20. I have been looking for you for DAYS and was just about to ask you if all is o.k. Well, now I know why there have been no blogs. Ofcouse I wish you a speedy recovery but also, selfishly, pleeease try to get a blog up sooooon!!!
    P.S Thanks for your great gift ideas from previous blogs, some are under the tree right now! 🙂

  21. Have your people go to Lazy Acres and buy “Wellness Formula” by Source Naturals, it’s an herbal defense complex for your immune system, it will help you get better sooner and if your family takes it they will have better chances of NOT getting sick. Meanwhile, fluids and sleep are your best friends!!

    Take care!

  22. Wow, and I just found your blog, great timing!!!!!
    Just kidding. I know it sounds crazy but just try to enjoy the forced downtime during the busiest time of the year.
    We’re all here sending you healing thoughts and look forward to your return!!!
    Great image, too cute!!!
    Check out my blog post, CAUGHT RED HANDED. It will make you smile!!!

  23. Hope you feel better soon! My menepausal heart raced over your last blog-the black and pink-so beautiful! Loved it! Not being a psycho-really have found you to be a kindred spirit! Thanks for the inspiration!
    Freezing in Chicago

  24. Dear Slim, I have missed your posts so! Very sorry to hear you were ill, if I were close by I bring some of my chicken soup with dumplings, but I am stranded In The frigid Midwest. Hope you are better soon.

  25. Hi Slim,

    It looks like there are a lot of great people sending you remedies. Take care, get better quickly. We miss you.

    B J

  26. Hang in there lady. No one is leaving and we will anxiously wait for you next post when you are able 🙂 PS I think is supposed to rain so will be cozy and get well soon.

  27. This is crazy, I went to my mail box to send you an email, asking if you were ok, then I saw a message of a new post (I’m a subscriber) and I came here to read it. I was worried, but at the same time I thought you were busy with Christmas preparations. Today I was thinking about you and smiling in my car, I remembered reading before at “House Beautiful” that you have covers on the seats of your car. Flowers, right? And my husband was with me and he asked why I was smiling… lol Anyways, I was just missing your posts and your energy, I guess.

    I will be praying for you… take it easy, rest and soon you’ll be 100% again! 🙂

    Many hugs,

    Luciane at

  28. Oh my, so sorry to hear you are under the weather. Traditional Medicinals has a tea called Gypsy Cold Care. Knocks a cold out in no time. Hope it works for you.
    Feel better soon. Sending positive thoughts, white light and all the rest…

  29. Slim – I just saw a photo of Reese Witherspoon at the premier of her new movie. Isn’t she wearing the Zac Posen dress from your Black and Swoon post??? You’re such a trendsetter! Hope you’re feeling better. xo.

  30. Dear Friends
    I’m back amongst the living again 🙂
    Thank you all so much for your well wishes!!
    I’ll be round with a new post shortly-stay tuned.
    Hope your Holiday decorating is in full swing!

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