Salutations and Cinema

I  got up at 6:30 this morning, ran downstairs to make myself a lovely strong cuppa tea and  while I was waiting for the kettle to boil I decided to face the sunrise and execute a few Sun Salutations. It felt so good!  Just as many as it took time for the water to boil but it was invigorating.

 Then, guess what- I lit the fire and jumped back into bed!!  Happiness!

 I think if I were asked to make a list of my very most favourite things in life, having a fireplace in the bedroom has got to be right up there. I had a big bedside stack of magazines beckoning to me (the ones The Magazine Man kindly gave me for my “new super lasik eye”) but alas, as I had a long and important appointment later today regarding plumbing fixtures, the magazines had to wait. I did want to take a few minutes to share with you that we went to see “Alice In Wonderland” last night.  We saw it in 3-D, although not in the IMAX format as unfortunately there is no IMAX theatre in Santa Barbara.

There’s no Krispy Kreme, or Target either, but that’s another post.


But back to Alice; my husband and son really enjoyed it and I did as well, but I must say that I was also a little disappointed.  Why? Mostly because I expected the colours to be much more vibrant! Shouldn’t the colours in a 3-D film just be exploding off the screen? Perhaps our theatre, which is massive- The Arlington in Santa Barbara had a bad copy or has anyone else noticed this??  I’m sure it must be better in IMAX but I suppose I was hoping for at least the luxuriousness of say, Sophia Coppola’s “Marie Antoinette” or a Pixar film.  For that amount of money and creative collaboration amongst the most cutting-edge experts in the business…I don’t know…I just kept wanting to click the “Enhance” button!  Also, why do the 3-D glasses have to be so dark? That obviously doesn’t help.   Anyway, the film certainly does have many beautiful moments and the casting is perfect.  Helena Bonham Carter is fabulous as the Red Queen, Johnny Depp, despite vast amounts of make-up and outrageous contact lenses still manages to convey his always delicate, vulnerable quality and the lovely Mia Wosakowska is the perfect Alice of my childhood memories.  Just one other teeny quibble- sometimes so much is happening that one misses the delicious beauty in Lewis Carroll’s words themselves, but kids will never notice that.   It’s sweet though and other than one quick gouging out of an eyeball- which gets returned eventually, not too scary for small children.

BTW, my husband and son couldn’t have pointed out to me that I still had the 3-D glasses on until we were almost at the car??

It occurred to me that forgetting to remove your 3-D glasses exiting a movie theatre is now the modern day equivalent of having toilet paper stuck to your shoe.

Which reminds me, back to perusing plumbing and toilet catalogues for me…

I hope you enjoy YOUR day!




  1. Slim I saw it last night. Saw the MOMA exhibit of Tim Burton love him, loved the show. Did not see the 3d version was wrong time but read it was not even worth it because only a few shots actually were shot in 3d. I loved alot of it. The big head queen and the mad hatter of course made the film. But alice…looked like she had some sickness with her very pale skin and dark circles, she did not look like a super hero, thought she was going to pass out. i even stared to fall asleep for a couple of minutes….being my point of all this. A good story , script is everything. HOLLYWOOD! Special effects just do not make up for it. Invest in some good writers please! And I am an Art director! Make me never look at my watch, thats a good film…Love Jeff Bridges as Bad , never looked at my watch and no special effects imagine that… sorry had to vent!

  2. Fun post! By the way, regarding the Krispy Kremes, we had one in Waco, Texas, but it didn’t last long! Went out of business within a year or two of being built! Pam

  3. I’m looking forward to seeing it when the kids get out for spring break. Our Krispy Kreme went under as well, but we have VG’s – an institution in Leucadia, across from the beach. My son and I just stopped by to share an apple fritter…

  4. Just got back from seeing Alice ourselves. I felt much like you did… some “wow”(that’s beautiful), some “how?? (did they do that)” and some “now? (is it almost over?)”.
    I think Burton may have just too much quirky darkness in his character to embrace the vividness and light we would have liked to see. My favorite scenes were outside the White Queen’s digs, with all the cherry blossoms. And the Cheshire Cat’s eyes were so fabulous. I want one.
    Of course, MY Johnny D. was so engaging to watch, comme habitude.
    As for Alice, she was, for me, very forgettable. I wanted either prettier or stranger looking, smarter or stronger or more confused or something MORE. She was vanilla ice milk in a tutti frutti sundae.

    • You mean Alice didn’t have enough “muchiness” for you?!
      I love your observation that Burton might just be too dark to deliver “The Light” as it were…

      PS. Perhaps my Teacup pig and your Cheshire cat can have playdates 🙂

  5. I feel your pain, No krispy kreme. But my horror is there were 2 and now there are none. But I did manage to score some in Harrod’s while in London. MB

  6. i started rereading alice in wonderland and other favorites (inspired by seeing the film). i, too, found the film very dark (in color as well as mood), very much like a horror movie, rather than a curious tale of mad happenings in a garden. i had always pictured it in a beautiful. fanciful, english garden. as i said, yesterday, the movie left me wanting the wordplay and comedy of social manners of alice in wonderland as this movie was more of a horror movie good vs. evil with a modern come into your own plot with the feminist throw aside arranged marriage storyline thrown in for good measure. i expect there will be many red queens and white queens come next halloween. i wouldn’t mind being the red queen myself. ‘off with her head’ only if i had a supply of jam tarts, naturally.

  7. My 11-year old son Felix just read your post over breakfast in bed and guess what we’re going to see on Saturday now…can’t wait! He’s a great fan of your plant and flower photos.

    A friend sent me this lovely music video during the night and as soon as I watched it at 7am I switched from sleepy to happy – my kind of sun salutation.

  8. Yes, why doesn’t Santa Barbara have a Target? On one of my many visits there I had the horrible misfortune of contracting a kidney infection, which necessitated a trip to the Emergency Room at Cottage Hospital. They gave me a hefty shot of antibiotics along with some painkillers and sent me on my way with a prescription. I could not find a retail pharmacy open after five and found myself yelling at a complete stranger, “DON’T YOU AT LEAST HAVE A TARGET?” And, sadly, no. So I had to tough it out until the next day. (The in-room massage service at my resort softened the indignant rage.)

    I can appreciate the aesthetic need to shut out big box stores and the more vulgar franchises, but surely not Target! It is a discount oasis when one needs a shopping fix!

    Oh, and congratulations on your Lasik, Slim! Your good experience put it over the top and I have finally decided to take the plunge myself. Can’t wait!

    • I agree- I understand they want to shut out the big box stores, but Hellooo, there is a Kmart in Goleta, which they could replace with Target. Or maybe if they put a Target in Santa Barbara they could fiddle with the logo a bit- make it a nice light rose colour instead of red and maybe wrap a few grape vines around it?? Just putting it out there…

      And Brandi- I’ve never quite gotten over you yelling at me like that , that evening 🙂

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