Friday Favourites is Back! (10)

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Friday Favourite Flower; ENGLISH PEONIES!

Hello my Lovelies! I’m so happy to be back and reporting in with this Friday’s Favourites as I am SO EXCITED about a couple of finds that I can barely contain myself.
I walked into the Roman pharmacy, close to the Spanish Steps, sadly grasping a lock of my hair and over-enunciating “DRY-UH, DRY-UH, DRY-UH!!” to the woman behind the counter.  She went straight to the shelf, handed me a bottle of Rausch Egg Oil shampoo and off I went. At first I didn’t want to get too excited. I told myself it could just be that Italian water is much softer than Santa Barbara’s ( oh hello– Mussolini was gentler than Santa Barbara water), but when I couldn’t stop touching my own locks in London too, I began to feel a real tingle of hope. Upon arriving home, I couldn’t wait to put the shampoo to the test…Hallelujiah!! (sp??)  This is without a doubt, the best shampoo for dry hair I’ve ever tried. Not to mention it’s mostly natural ingredients and it smells like divinely rummy eggnog on your head. Christmas in June anyone?!  Can you buy it in your neck of the woods? I dearly hope so, but if not, I’ve ordered 3 bottles from a company called in Thailand so we’ll see… if their business is still in business after the riots a couple of weeks ago, I’ll let you know if my order arrives safe and sound.



Slim Paley photo

Check out these branches of bouganvilla…Now guess what??  They’re fake!!  Can you believe it? they look so real.  I found them at Pottery Barn.  I think they are great for putting in a big wicker basket or pot on your porch, in your front hallway, or anywhere you feel like a great splash of colour in or around your home this summer.  How about in your fireplace in place of logs, or wound around a hanging light fixture by the pool?  I even cut some blooms off and put them in the lanterns going up my steps. The colour is so gorgeous against white or any shade of blue. Well done Pottery Barn!



After my newly replenished supply of Very Berry Smoothies and Reversy Percy Pig gummies from Marks & Spencer’s in London runs out, I will be heading back to Whole Foods to pick up more of the over-priced but completely addictive Bissinger’s Gummy Panda’s I discovered shortly before I left for Europe. Don’t worry- I’m not going all Kelly Bensimmon on you, I just love a little gummy or two before I hit the sheets. It stops me from going downstairs and making popcorn with truffle salt which results in eyelids puffed up like Laduree macaroons in the morning.  These Bissinger’s bed-side beauties come in several flavours; Pink Grapefruit (yum) with grapeseed extract, Blueberry Acai, Goji Guava with Camu Camu, and Pomegranite White Tea.  They are all natural, gluten free and sweetened with tapioca syrup rather than corn syrup.  They are quite tangy and have no after-taste. Oh, and happiness- I just saw they’re now available on Amazon (although not with Prime free shipping yet- $14 for a 1lb. resealable bag)  Antioxidants via candy- what’s better than that?


Speaking of healthy, regular readers might remember several weeks back I had recommended “Aveeno” face cleansing pads, only to be informed by a friend who is extremely knowledgeable about such things, that they are filled with nasty Parabens.  After speaking with her, and reading more about the subject on her blog, LK’s Grab Bag, I decided to take a ruthless prowl through my teeny, little, wee (barely even there) cosmetic cupboard. Ouch…it turns out my Parabens have Parabens.  Let’s just say that what I’ve bought in the pursuit of beauty ain’t so pretty 🙁

LK suggested I try an organic facial cleanser called Organoderm that ranks like a flipping Virgin on the “Chemical Free Top 40 Charts”   I’ve been using it for several weeks now and lo and behold…I love it! I don’t look like LK quite yet but there’s still plenty left. The completely organic ingredients include apple juice, coconut oil, cucumber extract, Sweet orange oil, watercress, chamomile and aloe leaf juice. Despite all those yummy sounding ingredients it doesn’t actually smell very good, but it foams like a car wash and your face feels super squeaky clean afterwards.  IF you had, for some insanely slatternly reason, perhaps forgotten to remove your mascara before going to bed I would imagine it would probably even remove that. Just a guess on that one. The price is $22 for 8.5 fl.oz. It comes in a pump plastic container and a very little goes a long way.  This is the only product from Organderm I’ve tried thus far, but based on how happy I am with the cleanser, I will be venturing forth to try a couple more. Perhaps LK might weigh in with a suggestion or two.

In any case, please DO check out her blog and DON’T let her being perfect at everything she does (Oh God- if you only knew the half of it) scare you. We can collectively achieve just a small amount of LK-y-ness to feel better about ourselves 🙂 Posts are once a week and you’re always assured of learning something and having a laugh. Pssst-I’ll tell you a secret; She’s really hideous looking, overweight, not funny, rotten at sports, dreadful at Pilates, OK, well she really does SUCK at baking. Just the worst. (and if I think of anything else, rest assured, I’ll add it later)

LK’S Grab Bag

.Don’t you just love the Sound Hound App. on the iphone?? It’s my Favourite App.  Twice when I was shopping in London I heard a great song that really caught my fancy.  All I had to do was click on Sound Hound and it told me what it was and saved it for me til I was Stateside.  Voila; my new Favourite Cool Song;   Drumming Song by Florence and The Machine

Click above

Alright,  I know I said I wasn’t going to… but the flesh is weak and the husband is naughty and he saved all The Housewives of NY for me to catch up on, which I did last night so now I have to go watch the finale.  Have gummy bears ever been more appropo for an event?!  “That’s what I’m talkin’ about!”  Go Countess!!

Happy Friday Everyone!



  1. Welcome home! Friday Favorites on Thurs night — a novel approach. OK just killing time til the GRAND FINALE of those totally crazy NY Housewives — can’t wait.

    • Well, it’s Friday in Europe and besides…it beats Friday Favourites posting on Saturday afternoon!

  2. LK is terrific. She is informative, funny and a bit subversive. She just posted a link to gauge speed traps in your area. LK posts every Sunday night.
    Hey Slim—how come we haven’t seen any recent pictures of that taunter of yours–meaning Lori, the Pilates instructor?

    • SHHHHHHH! I’m hiding from her! I’ve been soooo lazy.
      PS. her name is Kristi, not Lori 🙂

  3. hi slim,

    first off, are those your peonies? then chelsea has nothing on you. is your house painted white shingles? i want to paint my red shingled house white so bad!!! would you please consider categorizing the pics of your house and garden under one label? it would make my life much easier.

    parabens are awful, they are everywhere too, we need to all rise up and revolt! i’m off to see this so called slob lk who can’t bake.:))


    • Hi Janet
      Not my peonies I’m sorry to say. Santa Barbara doesn’t get cold enough to grow them. I took the photo in my friend’s home in England last week. Her garden is NOT to be believed.

      YES! Paint your red shingles white! Mine are white washed, which wouldn’t really work for you as you have a red base. Your garden will look so much prettier against a white cottage and as your interiors, as you mentioned on your blog, are mostly black & white, white on the outside is perfect! Perhaps dark green or black for your trim? A white cottage nestled in an orange grove= Heaven!

      PS- Categorizing my house and garden under one label- wow- that sounds a lot like “work” 🙁 If I can find time to update my blog I’m going to attempt a second column format and add a blog roll- like grown up blogs have. I’m just overwhelmed at the thought of having to change my “Theme” on WordPress in order to accommodate two columns.
      Anyway, enough about me, get thee to the paint store!

  4. The first photo – oh my! it is like a painting, Slim. I am so over the moon for it! Hint: the blueberry gummis are soo good, and you can order them straight from bissingers. I found them on vacation in Newport, Rhode Island, and have been hooked since. I love how whenever you open the bag, the whole room smells of blueberries for hours.

  5. Oh, Slim! I blush… nay FLUSH (would that it be… THE MENOPAUSE??) in the face of your liberal flattery. Your gentle readers are always welcome at The Grab Bag. I shall cross-blog this week with you, giving my readers again a portal to delight the senses, stimulate the creative juices and lounge in the glorious world of all things Slim.

    Once we have all cowered into a retreat from a world full of chemicals and toxins, you can open the gates of The Emerald City and guide us through Oz. Beautifully balanced, don’t ya think?

  6. And I am wanting to explore the egg shampoo, but ingredients aren’t available… we’ll have to do lunch over egg shampoo, Slim.

    And here is what one long-time Rausch Egg Shampoo user has to say… I guess it was even better before… the proverbial, “You shoulda been here LAST week”

    “I was in Germany in 1989 when I first purchased a 200 ml. bottle of Rausch Egg Oil shampoo for the equivalent of about 8 USD. The first ingredient listed was egg, and it smelled like butterscotch. It was truly amazing stuff. Then the Wall came down and Europe went over to the Euro. Rausch changed the formula soon afterwards, using water as the first ingredient and moving the egg down to the thirteenth ingredient (sound familiar?)!
    It still has a lovely butterscotch aroma, although not nearly as heady, and although it’s still a very nice product, it’ll never be the same. “

  7. I almost fell off my chair laughing about your comment on “Laduree Macaroons”
    Only because I could identify! I agree LK ‘s Blog is fantastic…..always some take away value.

  8. nice, I’m heading to the states next week, I’m thinking Gummy Panda’s might be the perfect snack while I’m pulling on the one-armed bandits..

    very cool song!

  9. Great post. So much to check out to purchase online. Hope to be lucky getting the Rausch egg oil Shampoo. Off to Pottery barn, calling first making sure not sold out of that amazing Bouganvillea,
    Must admit I have been enjoying ‘Gummy bears ‘ daily for a couple of months. Soo many wonderful ideas, thanks again for sharing. Until next time ox
    Loved “Grab Bag” Funny Stuff.

  10. Welcome home, and thanks for the new products reviews! Can’t wait to try the facial cleanser – I love LK!! She does all the homework for us and is so thorough, and yes, funny too!
    I’m proud to say that I have 10 buds on my peonies! I wasn’t sure they’d make it, so I’ll take
    pics when they bloom – so excited!

    • Congrats on the Peonies Kelly!!
      Is it true they need ants to help open them up?? Take a peek and see if you can catch them doing their job!

  11. Those florals…. I am in awe, very difficult to believe the bouganvillas are faux! Some new products to try as well!

    Art by Karena

  12. Dear Slim, thank you for your nice comments on my blog,v kind. I am stunned to learn you have children as I had got you down as “sans kids”, as your blog is so beautiful and calm, and you go to interesting places, and post about the most delicious things. I live not far from Beaconsfield, sometimes my older son plays sport against Davenies, which he and his mates unkindly call Daphnies. I will keep visiting your lovely blog as a wonderful escape from BoyWorld. Bx

  13. Hello slim!! what a beautiful and interesting blog you have put together. Spent the afternoon with one of your dear friends and we had such a laugh about the good old days. So good to see you are doing well…the biggest hug to you, sugar……joshua

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