Curiosity Killed the Cat

You know how you can love a million songs, but there are just certain ones that no matter what kind of day you are having, you hear them and you absolutely cannot help but start dancing around like mad?- even if you’re in your car?!

Click HERE for one of those songs

Side note:  The lead singer, an adorable boy named Ben, was my neighbour in London.

Monk Cat

This cat lived in a Buddhist monastery in Siem Reap, Cambodia.  I sensed he was even more chill and sorted than ordinary cats-and that’s pretty damn chill and sorted.  Is it OK to say damn and Buddhist in the same sentence?    Anyway, he has nothing to do with the song other than the fact the band is called “Curiosity Killed The Cat” and it was a good excuse to use my Cambodian Cat photo and carry on the “cat  photo” theme from my previous post for some of you cat lovers out there.  You know who you are!


  1. AS much as I love cats, I am allergic to them. I did dress as Catwoman for Halloween one year, throwing many hazing fraternity boys into a frenzy. Ah, the power of the cat….

  2. I feel so terribly sorry for people who have allergies to cats. They will never know the singular love that only these highly evolved, magnificent creatures can give you.
    I do, however, appreciate The Lady Eve’s attempt to compensate for the lack of cat passion in her life. It’s sweet.

    • That’s some funny shit, right there. I’m fast learning your readers are just as witty as you. Good to know, seeing it is 2013, I’m obviously going to be hanging for many days catching up on your fantastic blog

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