Cool Gifts For Fellows


The Dyson Air Multiplier

I love the look of the new Dyson “Bladeless” fan.  Very cool. I might have a wee crush on the Dyson guy and his voice.  He and Prince Charles . Just the voice.




Mark Birley For Men eau de Toilette from London

Verrry nice.  Hits all the right notes.

My husband has been wearing this for years.



The Bamix Total Immersion Blender:   This is great for those Food Network- loving men in your life! – click on the link below for more info.  Want one!

click here



Apple Magic Mouse So Cool!  $69  I want one of these too!

leica-m8-white-limited-editionFinally,  if you’re in the mood to single-handedly turn the recession around, and your fellow has been awfully, awfully, frightfully GOOD, you might want to consider this little #  (a limited edition of 250 I think?) in his Christmas stocking. I don’t even know how great the photos are- I just love the look of it. $8,999.99.  (But I think you get a white case with that, so practically a bargain)

And Just For FUN for The Man Who Has Everything; except a weird trailer




Click here for MEHRZELLER


  1. What Roarke said.

    Love it all—-the geometric trailer and the air multiplier (love the moniker for ‘fan’) was gasp worthy—-took my breath away. I want me both.

    Nothing, nothing, nothing is sexier than a man that smells good.

  2. Blush. Well, I didn’t say I was buying my husband all those items, but I do keep him in Mark Birley…and maybe I’ll buy him the mouse, hell, maybe even the fan if he’s good 🙂

  3. Thank you Slim! I can check one gift off my list even before Thanksgiving!! My MAC obsessed husband will love the Magic Mouse. Now let’s just hope he doesn’t buy it for himself before Christmas because that camera is not an option nor is that trailor.

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