A Wee Ray of Sunshine and a Tiny Cloud

Cupcakes from Planetcake.com

Please humour me and try to picture these with the previous post.

Pretend like the two posts were one perfect family 🙂

So here’s the deal with the yellow post-I told you I had been working on it for a while but I gave in to the temptation to post it from Austin, Texas because it was the first day of Spring and so damn COLD there!  Cut to; me getting home and finding my “Yellow File” with some lemony yellow goodness I’d forgotten to include.

 So pissed off!  I know I should walk away, but I can’t- you know me…well, you don’t really, but you’re probably starting to get a good idea…

  Anyway,  here’s the rest of the “Yellow” post to brighten your day .


Kenneth Cobonpue’s Bloom chair No pun intended, but this cool chair has really grown on me (athough I think I’d buy it in green)   I’d like to nestle in and read gardening books!

Caesare Paciotti

Slim Paley photo.

So I probably wouldn’t pick this colour either, but I do love Globe-trotter luggage.  At least it would be hard to lose…

Globetrotter luggage

Oh, and not to be a little grey cloud phhphting by in an otherwise clear blue sky, but I was just wondering...

– Would it be possible for Jennifer Anniston and Sarah Jessica Parker to stay home just for one day??  Would that be like,  crazzee??

– And again with The Kardashians!  Apparently we needed to be alerted today that one of them might have broken up with her boyfriend.  Does anyone else suspect THE Kardashians might all just be one desperate Kardashian that yo-yo diets to appear like 3 sisters and get more publicity?

– I also have to wonder how “Private” Celine Dion’s “Private Anguish” really is if she is willing to pose for the front cover story of People magazine to share it with the entire world.  I know this was a few weeks ago, but I’m still anguishing over her complete lack of any sense of irony.

– And while I’m in Slam Paley mode, does anyone else suspect that Balmain are for some inexplicable reason, cutting their pants to fit our arms, instead of, you know, our LEGS? Cause I’m not a big gal, but I’ve tried up to about size XXXL and still can’t get them on.  Whattup with that?

– Which reminds me, I’m also wondering if my pilates instructor, “Ms. Globe-Trotting Pilates Instructor Of The World” has noticed that I haven’t worked out in about , hmmm, looking down, I’d say nine years.  I hope she had a wonderful time causing others great pain in Greece.  She obviously doesn’t care that I have to wear Balmain skinny pants as a shrug.

– I watched Housewives of NY tonight. Call me crazy, but I don’t think those “friends” really like each other…at all. That was scary, and  passive-aggressive Jill ZARin?  Whoah- that might even explain my mood.  That being said, I’m glad I don’t watch TV very much because once I start watching those shows, no matter how horrendous they are, I can’t stop!  I dare not go near “Jersey Shore”  I might end up with a Snooky t-shirt and a blue-tinged fake tan. I watched Lost and would have followed Josh Holloway to the end of the most deserted part of the deserted island.  If there was an Aman Resort there.

– I’m just curious though, while we’re on the subject of YELLOW !  (don’t you love how I stay focused?!)  What shows besides “Modern Family”  and “Jersey Shore” is everyone watching right now??  I feel like I should pick at least two or three to stay vaguely in the loop. I’d love to hear some suggestions.

And to end on a high note;

Mark Jacobs Fall collection is very cool, yet again

Keep it bright people!!



  1. I’m getting happily hooked on your very “up” blog! As for TV suggestions I personally am avid fan of NCSI, CSI LA, CSI Las Vegas, etc etc etc. As well as The Mentalist (Simon Baker is quite captivating) and The Good Wife. Also, is there an email address where I can send you a photo of the only bright yellow (or any yellow) lotus shoe I’ve ever seen — and fortunately was able to purchase for my collection. It is a unique shape and obviously from southern
    China as it has a pineapple embroidered on it! And bright yellow. And thank you for kind
    words about cover of my book Splendid Slippers. It happened by accident. I’d shipped my editor a large batch of lotus shoes to be photographed and she was playing around with them while on a tedious phone call and………………

  2. mmm more yellow! I am loving it…

    xoxo Bardot in Blue

    P.S. I have a beautiful blog button up for you now on my sidebar blog roll over on my site! Stop by and check it out 😀

  3. You can have two yellow posts. In fact you could have weekly themes. That would ensure that all your choices make it.

    I too try to avoid having too many “shows” because I can only handle one or two addictions. I even watched General Hospital for awhile because James Franco was on it. Right now it’s 24 and Human Target. Silly, but the guy is cute. Waiting impatiently for True Blood to come back.

  4. I am watching KELL ON EARTH (surprisingly interesting ), CELEB REHAB , and PROJECT RUNWAY (which is so boring that after writing this I might just delete all the episodes from my Tivo) I just heard about a show called Jerseylicious which I might have to check out….. Love your blog and love that chair!

  5. Love your blog – it’s a dose of sunshine!

    I recommend watching Damages starring Glenn Close – it’s the anti-yellow show.

  6. After reading your “yellow” blog, I went out and bought myself a beautiful bunch of yellow flowers, they look lovely in my hall against the grey walls. Thank you for that idea,keep them coming. As for TV suggestions, The Good Wife, Mad Men and Lost, and if you get chance to see this one over the pond ,you have to watch, at least one episode, Secret Diary of a Call Girl.

  7. You crack me up! Absolutely agree with you regarding Jill Zarin – are they still in high school? A show to watch – mindless and hilarious – The New Adventures of Old Christine. I can’t let go of Seinfeld. =)

  8. We’ll call YOU Mellow Yellow … those cupcakes look amazing. Lots of icing, just the way my son likes them 🙂

    As for TV I am still a die hard fan of Law and Order (I know .. I KNOW!) and am anxiously awaiting the return of Entourage!! Cant get enough.

  9. Love Yellow, yellow, yellow. Love your picture of the daisies and lemons, marvellous.
    Your comments hit home, how often have I and my friends made the same comments about Jennifer, Celine etc.

    Don’t watch too much TV; am an avid reader. That being said I do enjoy “The Good Wife”. Love the intrigue and the vibes going on behind the storyline.

    Keep up your wonderful blog. It really starts my day right.

  10. Love those yellows (just had a pair of ’60’s Yellow Fortuny fabric in just that deep lemon curd shade made into pillows)–this post makes me laugh every time I go back to it. So much fun. Yes, Jennifer Anniston needs to stay home a bit. And why is everyone talking about the Kardasians? I stopped watching TV altogether–what a relief. Thanks for all of you fun posts.

  11. My daughter and I watch most of the Housewife shows… and we both think they are all big messes. Put them in a trailer park and it would just be sad, but with botox and Birkin bags its sad and funny. Just shows that money doesn’t buy happiness or true friends. I watch Psych with the kids (they make fun of the Mentalist as a rip-off of their show), Chuck, and Big Bang Theory.

    I can’t wear yellow because it makes my skin look sickly green, but I love it’s cheerfulness! Bring on the daffodils.

    Thanks for the giggle and great fashions!

  12. I watch The Office religiously, including the reruns. I have a hard time watching the Real Housewives because of the snarkiness. Do these women not see how they come across? Luann (pole up butt for no reason other than she married some cheater) Kelly (because she thinks she is still the high school senior that everyone wants to be) Ramona (must be on drugs) Jill (we get it, you still have money). See I get just as snarky. Don’t even get me started on the youth of America if Jersey Shore is the standard. I must go shower now because I feel so dirty.

  13. I’m afraid I’m addicted to all of Bravo’s Housewife shows! Beverly Hills is next. I also love “Parks and Recreation” and “30 Rock”. Really love your blog and always look forward to reading it!

  14. Really slim, you will have us all LOVING yellow before long. All lined up at the store in yellow buying O.P.I. yellow nail polish. !!!! Great photos,as usual.
    Doesn’t any one watch House ? I am very surprised he has not won an award. Great acting I think.
    Happy mid week .

  15. Oh I love great T.V, so sweet to have something to look forward to every week.

    my favourites: “The Office”, “Entourage”, “Modern Family” (mostly for the younger dad), “Dexter” and “Survivor”

    I’ve also recently started watching “United States of Tara” and “Breaking Bad”, both excellent but a bit crazy and probably not for everyone…

  16. Slim-
    Another great post and very timely. Here in Maryland, the forsythia is in full bloom and provides a truly spectacular yellow to offset the surrounding browns and immerging greens.
    I live vicariously through my friends when it comes to television. Somewhere along the line, we decided to forgo the dish/cable so now even with the ‘converter box’ we get 2 channels. Oh well, it gives me more time to read your fabulous blog and stay caught up with several other blogs of note. (I am however, addicted to Mad Men which I catch on Netflix.)

  17. ‘McLaughlin Report’; ‘ABC’s Sunday Morning with ???…. I hope it will be Jake Tapper’; ‘Meet the Press’; ‘CBS Sunday Morning’; Book T.V.—I’m aware, I’m boring.
    Oh yea–‘Modern Family’.
    ‘The Simpsons’ —however they’re now making Homer a COMPLETE moron with no redeeming features, it seems.
    I need occasional doses of ‘South Park’–if only to see if I’m on track with any P.C. like feelings I need to obliterate.
    I’m always there for ‘Project Runway’–no matter how repetitive.
    ‘House Hunting’ and ‘House Hunting International’—the ruin, I mean house buying, in Fez was interesting.
    I’m tuning in to ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ this season because of the cast.
    ‘Band of Brothers’ was a seminal series, and I am a WWII obsessive, but I can’t go with ‘The Pacific’ yet. Too upsetting–what with the times now. I will watch eventually.

  18. May I add Brooke Shields to that list of yours, Slim? She seems like a decent person, however there is a thin line between getting work and becoming a media hog.

  19. Am I the only addict for American Idol? Soon when that is over, ( waah!) I will move onto DWTS…that’s “breeves” for Dancing With The Stars for all you newbies. Who doesn’t want to see Pamela Anderson clash with Evan Lysachek? These are the only shows I really watch ( except for Housewives…like a train wreck but love). I do want a reality show to at some point have this dialogue: “Wow, why are you being so mean right now?” Answer: “because I want more air time on this freakin’ show!” “yeah, I know. So, do you think this camera angle is good for me?” ” Um, no, you kinda look fat.” Now THAT’s reality! Wouldn’t you kill for some real dialogue? BUt Lynn on Housewives OC is about as good as it gets for CuhRayZee.

  20. Oh, Slim…I absolutely love the platform you have created here…you say all the things I wish I could… only far more brilliantly. And you really do make us laugh out loud! If only I had stayed anonymous. I do know what you mean about Balmain and a few others out there. Seems like every pair of pants I have tried on lately, force me up at least a size but the scale still reads the same. Maybe its a matter of redistribution as most of the fat has been leaving my face lately making me look like I really need to investigate those filler options. And oh yeah, there is also that sad but true fact that muscle weighs more than fat but fits nicely into skinny pants. Whatever…time to ramp up the workouts. Bringing to mind the all too familiar tiny pants experience aside, thanks for brightening my day! ~jermaine~ aka French-Kissed

  21. Dear Madame Eve—
    I’ve just taken up ‘American Idol’ again after bailing the last two years because of Paula Abdul’s constant interruptions and blithering staccato. I’m back on board because a music biz friend of mine insisted I check out Crystal Bowersox. Mark my words—she’s the real deal. She’s got ‘it’. A star is born.

  22. I am almost embarressed to reveal my current DVR list but here goes:

    All My Children
    Oswald (my daughters FAVOURITE show)
    60 minutes
    The View
    Real Housewives of NY
    Curious George (not mine….)
    The Real World (I wish I could say it wasn’t mine…..)
    American Idol
    On Patrol with SBPD
    Celebrity Apprentice
    Sober House with Dr. Drew
    Dancing with the Stars
    Nurse Jackie (The 2nd season just started on Showtime – great show!)

    And honestly, if it weren’t for DVR I wouldn’t record half of these shows as the fast forward button is always on call for most of these shows. And many I delete because the episodes stack up….I know, I know, it sounds like I am making excuses for the lengthy list of TV shows I record. I swear, I do find time to read, I promise!

    And boy do I want one of those cupcakes tonight……………

    • LOL! Mom To Two- I love how long your list is!
      We watched Survivor for years but I lost interest a few seasons back, and then was so repulsed by that hideous little Lucky Charms Leprachaun Russell that I said NO MORE!
      Of course now I’m watching it out of the corner of my eye (my new lasered one) while my husband watches. I’m hoping Boston Rob stomps Russell but I’m starting to get a little nervous after tonight.

  23. Hi Slim-Thank you for the tres jolie yellow entries! You rocked it! Totally uplifting (at a time when we need it I might add) Happy you had a nice trip to New Orleans. Loved the blogs from there as well. TV shows I like are Men Of A Cetain Age (bcuz i love men and am interested in how they think ?!? and am watching the Marriage Ref now too. Jerry Seinfeld started it and its a harmless giggle although a bit dummed down if you know what i mean. Enjoy Spring and watching your pretty plants bring forth new growth!

  24. People already mentioned this, but you must watch Kell on Earth (Bravo) and Project Runway. I think Kell on Earth is ending next week. Also, another very fav of mine is The Tudors –all about King Henry and his seven wives. Next season starts April 11 on Showtime. I’m addicted!!!!!

  25. Love love love THE CLOSER with Kyra Sedgwick……try it, I think you might like it. Love her accent.
    Sounds an awful lot like someone I know!

  26. It HAS been 9 years since you’ve worked out ( unless you still count the stairs to the plane?)! I doubt my fellow “slimsters” will be surprised when I remind you that your gorgeous physique comes as naturally as your wit. Years could pass between your workouts (NOT a recommendation!) and you’d still show those models in yellow how its really done. That said, I know “actual” health matters to you almost as much as wearing the Balmain skinny pants on the appropriate parts of your body, so I have a recommendation. In my professional opinion, to prevent the angst, the worry, the unbearable feelings my absence clearly evokes there is a simple solution. Start taking me with you!!!! 🙂

    I miss you tons!!!

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