A Steady Rain

Went to see Daniel Craig and Hugh Jackman in “A Steady Rain”

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Went to see Daniel Craig and Hugh Jackman in “A Steady Rain” on Broadway last night.

Theater Review A Steady Rain

It’s a melodrama about two Chicago cops whose life-long friendship is severely challenged by dare I say, a whole shite-load of heavy circumstances that strain both the characters and the play to the breaking point.  Having said that, I thought both performances were stellar.  Considering the huge amount of dialogue, the fact that there are only two characters, both on stage for the entire 90 minutes (no intermission) AND neither Craig or Jackman broke from their Chicago accents once, both were very impressive.  I’ve been a fan of Daniel Craig’s for a while but embarrassed to admit, was not familiar with Hugh Jackman’s work. I know, right?- where have I been?  What was interesting to me was that I actually preferred Jackman’s performance, while my husband and son felt the opposite.  Afterwards, with their adorable British and Australian accents, they charmingly auctioned off the sweaty wife-beaters they wore under their shirts in order to raise (a lot) of money for Broadway Cares.  Now here’s where the melodrama really kicks in; My husband didn’t e v e n buy me one.  Whatever.  No biggie.

Noooo biggie at all…

PS. Yet ANOTHER audience member’s cell phone went off during a very crucial scene- WTF is wrong with people?? They remind you at least SIX times to turn your phones off.  Soon I bet they will confiscate all phones going in, give you a ticket for it and you will have to stand in line at the end of the show with your ticket stub to retrieve your precious binky!  Trust me, this has happened to me already in Los Angeles at a movie screening and people were not happy.  Hard to imagine attitude at an LA movie screening, I know.


  1. You were not familiar with Hugh Jackman?!?!?!? I fell hard when I saw his Curly in ‘Oklahoma’ several years ago. Oh my—-never took in ‘The Boy from Oz’, Slim? You see, Hugh is really a song and dance man. But you’re on board now and that is all that really matters.
    Hugh Jackman stopped the show a few weeks ago when an audience member’s cell phone rang. He said, “Do you want to get that?” In fact, on another occasion this happened and Daniel Craig stopped the show which leads me to suspect someone did this on purpose during the performance you saw. Yes—that sounds a bit cynical on my part but then again, hiding your kid in the attic and pretending he’s in a jiffy-pop balloon? I rest my case, Slim, I rest my case.

  2. I know I say this all the time but, this is your b e s t post e v e r.
    And the write up on the play isn’t too bad either.

  3. I would be hard pressed to pick a favorite but I seriously loved Oliver James and Oak Alley. And didn’t we all love ‘things we find amazing’? Remember way back when Slim took her first baby steps with the Japan blog? That was a sweet one.

    • I agree dabbsie , it’s hard to pick favorites. Everyone loved “things we find amazing” . The perfume post was fun … I bought the book and just love it. Oak Alley was beautiful.

  4. Saw the performance 11/22 and consider it a theatre experience of a lifetime. Have seen wonderful productions in the past – but never have I experienced the emotional intensity of being in the 2nd row and seeing the steady rain of sweat, spit and tears from actors like this. LOVED THEM. A note about the auction at the end (which was a delight ! to see them have fun and prance about after the intense show) … when they said they were going to auction off their wife-beaters a woman interrupted and announced “I’ll give you $100.00 if you never call them wife-beaters again”. Hugh handled the comment graciously, acquiesed and said they would auction off their tank tops, and proceeded to walk up to the woman, collect his $100.00 and give her a hug and kiss. Many wonderful memories for me from this, what a privilege to see the actors.

    • I am indeed the woman of whom you speak. Being a supporter of Domestic Violence Solutions, hearing Daniel use that term raised my hackles, leading me to raise my hand. My two sons, 20 and 28, seated to my left, both had that “throw-a-net-over-Mom” look on their faces….until they heard what I had to say. Fear was replaced with pride. My husband, always and ever my supporter, and certainly used to my righteous outbursts, got a kick out of the whole thing. I think Hugh and Daniel expressed their appreciation and recognition of the error of their ways with grace, and I hope that perhaps an audience member or two took away a bit of sensitivity to the darkness of domestic violence.

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