She’s Back! (Part III)

pilates Tahoe

Lake Tahoe

OMG-My infamous globe-trotting Pilates teacher is back with more annoying photos…

and this time she’s brought a friend.



To add insult to injury, a mutual friend that for obvious reasons I would just love to hate, except for the fact that she is so darn lovable.

What, oh what is a marrow sucking, truffle salting, kettle chip munching, martini loving, sloth girl to do?

Make some new friends??  JEESus.

Pass the fricking dip.



pilates in the woods

Pilates in the woods

pilates by waterfall

Pilates by the waterfalls

“HEY-Do you see my wine glass down there??”

One friend can be found here

and the other,







  1. god you could really injure yourself-look at that big log-i’m thinking splinters. ouch. pass me that dip.

  2. For the record, our lovable friend had these pictures taken the day AFTER I left…. I would have been in the waterfall with her if I was there!

  3. Hmmm…It has been a long time since I’ve been to NY, but since the blogger extraordinaire is already there, perhaps she can bring home a good pic for us 🙂

    • Yes, as soon as I finish decorating my barrel for Niagara Falls, I’m going straight over to the roof of the Chrysler building for a pilates shoot.

    • Not only should we encourage Slim to go to the Falls, I would like to see her pose on the Maid of the Mist with a beautiful rainbow encompassing the photos.

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