Paintbox Skies



Santa Fe, New Mexico


What a beautiful place.

 That sky!

or rather those skies of New Mexico

Who could possibly capture them in watercolours??

Not me

I know-sooo lame. 🙁

But we had a fahbulous time and my paints were honoured just to have been brought along.

After all, it’s the thought that counts…




How cheesy would that look in a watercolour-

You’d be like  “Slim-loosen up that turquoise choker girl. Too much Kombucha tea??  Come back to us from Dream-Catcher Land”


These photos were taken with my iPhone because God forbid I should have the camera I carried around for 4 days when a double rainbow appears…



It was slightly more visible on one of my Instagram settings

Please try to imagine this accompanied by the scent of rain soaked sage,

deep rolling thunder and occasional flashes of lightning





More on my trip to Santa Fe in an upcoming post

but now

I’m off to take my Baby Boy to college

I’ll be OK.








  1. Does this make me want to visit Santa Fe? No. Move there? Yes. Insanely beautiful and gorgeously captured.

    Now, I am not a Momma, so I can only imagine how hard dropping off your Baby Boy to college might be but I’ll just send you a virtual hug just in case…
    Bisous from Arles,

  2. We just left Tucson last week dropping off my oldest child at college. I was raised in New Mexico and I can relate to the amazing sky in the Southwest and mostly to the tug at your heart when a child leaves for college. A SF Bay Area transplant and watercolor artist, Pam

  3. Great images, I’ve always wanted to visit Santa Fe, paints or not.
    Good luck on dropping the baby off…my baby boy is going to be 30 in February and there’s something about the “baby” that makes them your baby always.

  4. Lovely pictures. I would love to be there now. Good luck dropping your baby off…my oldest goes tomorrow. I can’t imagine what I’ll be like in two years when my baby goes…This is bad enough.

    • i KNOW that guy!!! I went to college with him and it was such a hoot when he became an overnight e-sation!! he was funny then…. he’s funnier now!! thanks for sharing this little trip down memory with me! Double rainbow, all the waaaaaayyyyy!! :o)

    • This guy is great…love his pure joy…..too funny, and touching too. Especially when you watch his video of his explanation of his reaction. Thanks for posting.

  5. Sooo beautiful! My friend and I are beginning to plan a trip there this year so am excited that you are previewing it for me! Can’t wait to read all about it, and I know there are more exquisite pictures to come. Good luck with the “baby drop”. Won’t be too long for me either with my first. Sniff, sniff. Deep breaths!

  6. THAT was an iPhone photo? Amazing. Love Santa Fe. There is something about both the sky AND the light there. And, I did the Baby Boy college drop off last summer. Honestly, for me, it was harder than I anticipated, and the melancholy lasted for months. However…fast forward to this summer when he returned and lived at home. He brought home all his belongings (stuff everywhere), his social life (in and out WITH lots of “guests”) 24/7, AND a tiny bit of attitude. So, for *some* reason, this year’s drop off was happiness all around! : )

    • oh dear…both of those scenarios are not so great! I hope I pull it off without embarrassing myself (or “Baby”) too much!

  7. My 14 year old just got back from Boy Scout Camp in New Mexico and he said he doesn’t get the big deal about Santa Fe (they drove through and stopped for lunch). I guess he liked the camping out in the wilderness better? I’ll have to show him these pictures – they’re beautiful. (i take my Big Girl to college in 2 weeks… sniff sniff…ok, sob…)

      • I hope you take out your water colors and paint one of those beautiful photographs! I’ve been nesting and organizing my arts and craft supplies since I start homeschooling on Monday. Think of painting like you are back in school again and learning it for the first time!

  8. Thinking of you as you take your son to college… many a teary drive have I had after saying goodbye to my chicks…

    Gorgeous skies… I saw a double rainbow… only once… I will never forget the beauty and the pleasure I felt in witnessing such a miracle… Great shots… have to love those iphones… xv

  9. Gorgeous! What lovely skies and captures. Loved them on instagram (clickinmom42 – that’s me!) Your baby boy to college? Oh boy! I’m a mess about them getting bigger and mine are just in middle and high school. sigh … be brave, sweetie. be brave.

  10. Santa Fe and Taos are incredible, American beauty at it’s best. And to be blessed with another gorgeous son soon to begin the transition into college…magical all around!
    xoxo, Chris

  11. You gave him wings, you taught him how to fly……….now puff up your feathers with pride and watch him soar <3

  12. Wonderful photos. Thanks for sharing.
    Off to university is always harder for us. My view. Do it once or twice and it gets easier. See them graduate once and then again. Their success is also our success.

  13. I wish my son would leave home to go to university. He works and goes to uni part time but lives at home .
    The country around Santa Fe looks beautiful I’ve heards it’s an interesting city

  14. so glad you enjoyed your time in Santa Fe, but I want details: where did you eat? Pasquals? did you try Ten Thousand Waves? did you try any of the natural hot springs? go into a museum? I have so many fond memories of Santa Fe–for 10 years when our boys were small, we headed there and on up into the Pecos Wilderness to stay in a cabin for our vacation…always said that if I was a horse, I wanted to be one there! the skies were ALWAYS cobalt blue and astonishing to us city slickers used to polluted haze…and double rainbows–always a special sign! Last birdie out of the nest? I have confidence that you will be fine! I really enjoy having our boys VISIT. Hubby and I are enjoying having the house all to ourselves!

  15. I always think I take too many sky pictures…but the colors, shapes and weather facinate me!
    These are beautiful, and don’t think you could do better with your regular camera on the Instagram photo. Surreal! Please don’t pick up any dreamcatchers while you’re there….promise me? ; ) Bittersweet time taking your son to college…it does get easier with time. xx

  16. Wow, amazing pictures! And WOW again that you are taking your little one to college. Talk about the phrase “blink and one day they will be all grown up!” So true!!

  17. Bless your heart Slim. We just started the new adventure of first son at boarding school (14) – I’ve been cranky for the last week and it occurred to me that it probably has something to do with my chicks not all being in the nest. He’s even close enough he can be home on the weekends – but it’s all such an adjustment. I wish he was in the family room playing with Legos and asking for chocolate milk.

    Beautiful photographs, as always.

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