MY Pilates Photo NY Today

Ha!  Take that Pilates Superstars!  You’re not so hot…


Oh damn!- I think this photo JUST cuts me off! Wouldn’t you know it- and I so nailed the pose too.


  1. Good Chrysler, Slim… you are always pushing the edge of the envelope 🙂 But wait… what’s that shadowy figure to the right? Looks like… Bart Simpson in a baseball cap atop a fire hydrant? Was he the Best Boy on your photo shoot?

  2. No—I think that is Darth Vader trying to talk Slim down off the building. Or saying “Jump! Jump!”–that being Darth Vader and all..:)

  3. We Know, and we believe you, !!!!!! Lest those two show offs do not ( not saying they are not amazing ) You still have The Grand Canyon , and you can skip !!!.

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