Helpful, if not wildly exciting, travel tips #1

Burma boots photo slimpaley

I’ll admit, not the most exciting photo, but I tried to jazz it up by having the rice fields of Burma in the background.

Tip #1; ALWAYS save hotel plastic shower caps when traveling.

1) They’re perfect for an instant pre-elasticated wrap job on dirty shoes, runners, even boots, on the way home.

2) The shower caps also come in handy for slipping on your feet going through airport security machines. Don’t laugh-who wants to be barefoot on those floors, or get your socks all dirty? The shower caps slip on and off in two seconds, then throw them in the bin once you’ve walked through.





  1. I hoard them now for shoe packing. They truly are the best! Haven’t tried through the airport screening, but sounds like a good idea. Imagine how yucky the floors must be…

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