A Guest Post From Slim’s Friend



Dearest Slim Paley Readers:

I regret to inform you that Slim Paley has gone “troppo” for the moment.  As you know, she is an enthusiastic traveller and as her pal and travel partner, we chose Sri Lanka for this year’s sojourn.  Our plans have changed from day to day. We even dropped one country and chose another. But in Sri Lanka I seem to have lost her to a gentle country of open faces and Dutch Colonial architecture, which was her passion but now her obsession.  It is also a country she visited when she was even a hotter chick than she is now.

Although I have reminded her every day that she might want to think about working on her next post, I can’t tear her away from King Coconut water and Geoffrey Bawa houses.  She is in a bit of a swoon over it all, the swaying palms, billowing mosquito nets, the tea plantations, and a country where the coffee is so awful and the tea so wonderful there is hardly a choice for those of us accustomed to our morning lattes.  Having toured a tea factory, it won’t be long before Slim will be instructing you all on how to make tea, how to taste it and how you should feel after a proper cuppa.


Fields of tea and waterfalls, Sri Lanka

Admittedly, I have also found myself cheerful at the prospect of unreliable or virtually no internet. Slim did help me meet a deadline so I feel obliged to let her off the hook for now.

You can expect some of her most inspired writing and annoyingly wonderful photos (although maybe some of mine may make their way into her blog) and I can assure you it will be worth the wait.

Sending you all glad tidings from Paradise,

Slim’s friend



Always an adventure-Who knew low tide was only in the morning?


Many thanks to my dear friend and travel mate for writing my very first “Guest Post”.  I promise I haven’t gone AWOL amongst the fields of tea. I will be posting very shortly-I have lots to share!




  1. oh you lucky, lucky ladies!

    I took a break from watching the Oscars to read this guest post.

    Between all the glamour at the Oscars and these exotic travel photos, I’m feeling just a bit sorry for myself…..nothing some ice cream can’t fix:)

    thank you Pal for writing this guest post, take tonnes of photos and say hi to Slim!

  2. This was just too cute..you two are obviously having a blast!
    Can’t wait to see more photos…desperately need to see green grass
    and blue waters!!

  3. Very lovely post. thank you pal (that’s what pals are for )
    I am soooo enjoying your trip (loved the vision of 2 stunning ladies walking John Wayne style!)
    Keep having fun, enjoying paradise, and keeping in touch.
    Bon Voyage.

  4. Wow! You two lovely ladies in those hats in that water, what fun you must be having! The pictures, PARADISE! Thank you Slim’s friend for keeping us posted on our gal. Like Slim, you have the gift of gorgeous photography and a way with words. Enjoy your tea and looking forward to hearing more soon!

  5. Sounds like a great journey with great times! The pictures so far are stunning. The 2 friends in the water was taken by another friend? Great picture for reliving your trip! Have fun and thank you for the update!

  6. I am so waiting for the adventures of Myanmar….disgraced to say I have only been to for visa runs when so many of our best builders we have come from there…. ENJOY!

  7. Oh My God, the other day I was watching Rick Stein’s Far eastern odyssey and he went to that house!!!!!!!!!! The man who lived there had him to dinner and was wearing a shirt saying that he was a member of some polo club!!!! If you haven’t seen the series you must- you’d love it sick.

    You’re so close to Australia, you should pop in and say hi xxx

  8. Dear Slim

    Your post brings back many happy memories of a spectacularly beautiful country. We too loved the Geoffrey Bawa houses, one we used to be invited to for dinners had an amazing kitchen, a section of it had a small garden with a tall tree growing up the middle where it was open to the sky. The area where the cooking took place was covered and there was plenty of room for the cook and all his helpers to work there. If you havent tried the dessert wattalapam (not sure of spelling) it is to die for, also just the simple jaggery and curd is wonderful. And yes, they still play polo. Most of the upper class (castes) are very old school and have preserved the British heritage, they even have a ball season and people can really dance, all the old time waltzes, quickstep and foxtrot etc.

    Tea fresh from a tea estate in Sri Lanka will ruin you for tea for the rest of your life. There is nothing as good. The tea they export is not of the same quality or freshness. Our friends on tea estates always left boxes of it with us when they called into Colombo. Yes we loved it and we never ever drank the coffee after the first few weeks! It was kind of muddy and unpleasant. But the fruit and avocadoes and crabs, fish and prawns, also the lobsters, unbelievably good! We used to have a crab man come to the door every month with a sack of live crabs, our cook would examine them and decide whether we should buy. They were amazingly cheap and amazingly good. The poor crab man had missing joints from his fingers as he used to reach into the bag and pull out the live crabs, many of which had huge savage claws.

    • How lucky you are Pamela to have had the experience of actually living in this wonderful place. Thanks for sharing!
      We are enjoying much curd and jaggery 🙂

  9. Oh, my! I laughed about the “high tide” till I hic-cupped (wine isn’t JUST for breakfast anymore!) Wonderful travels! franki

  10. Thanks for a beautiful update. So glad to hear your having fun. I’d love to see photos of your Dutch Colonial finds. It’s a favorite era of mine too. I’m on the mend from flu/pneumonia (!) and it’s nice to have these lovely images to feed my soul.

    • Glad to hear you’re on the mend Ruth-hope you’re feeling much better soon. Will definitely be posting some Dutch Colonial finds.

  11. In spite of soggy bottoms it looks like you’re having a wonderful time! More pictures, please, so we can live vicariously. Enjoy!!

  12. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. You are both quickly making me want to be a more adventurous traveler. (Norway was “wild” for me!) Enjoy your trip and do keep us posted when you have the time. xx

  13. So psyched (and a wee bit jealous) you got to Taprobane!
    Truly, this post made me want to get on a plane right…this…mintute! It shows that you both are loving it all and I can’t wait to hear more when it is possible. Travel safely…

    • Fun, I love a good competition. Heading over to Apartment Therapy to cast my vote for Slim.
      The entertainment Slim has provided me over the years certainly deserves my vote.

  14. Slim,
    What a beautiful country. Happy you found some sunshine and warm weather during the final weeks of winter.

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