Meanwhile, Back in London…

David Bowie

Meanwhile, back in London…

The town was abuzz not only with the 60 year Coronation anniversary, but also the Bowie exhibition at the Victoria & Albert museum.

Needless to say, being the dyed in the wool Bowie Fangirl I am, there was no way we were going to miss the show!

V & A

A beautiful summer day on the steps of the V & A, London

David Bowie

The show was good, slick and definitely worth seeing

David Bowie

In my humble opinion however , it could have been bigger. Granted there was and continues to be SO much great material to document over Bowie’s decades long career, but it’s not like the V & A doesn’t have the room…and I’m sure the budget must have been formidable.

David Bowie Aladdin Sane

Then again, perhaps it’s fitting to leave the show feeling the man still remains a bit of an enigma (aren’t you glad I didn’t say chameleon :-) )

Royal Academy of Arts London

We were also just in time for the Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition Preview party

London Royal Academy of Arts

Where the fashion and art world’s ongoing love affair with fluorescents was to be clocked everywhere.

People,  the “Red Carpet” was green!

fluorescent belt

Even the canapés were served on glowing fluorescent green trays. (fyi-I didn’t eat all those)

Though I felt slightly underdressed (it’s a long story) at least my belt matched the theme of the evening.

Louis Vuitton Summer 2013

Cute young girls in Louis Vuitton SS13 frocks


and stripes were certainly a popular fasion statement.

Screen Shot 2013-07-14 at 11.37.14 PM

A triptych of pics from the party

PrawnsPrawns on fluoro ice.

fluorescent bar

and a glowing green bar

Royal Academy of Arts London

Leaving the party to go to “Le Caprice” off Piccadilly for a late dinner with old friends

Le Caprice London

A restaurant we frequented-yikes, often and more years ago than I really care to divulge, and it’s still as busy as ever.

Though the signage remains the same, the interior has enjoyed a subtle face-lift.

Hmmm…oh forget it. I can go back to the same places, but I’ll never get the old face back, and that’s OK.

No, really, it’s fine. Pass the whine. I mean the wine.

Purple Bentley

BTW, If you were going to buy a Bentley, would you pick purple?!

Louis Vuitton windows London

More fun to be had window shopping in Mayfair


The new Assouline book shop next to Claridge’s Hotel.

Windows Harvey Nichols London

and Knightsbridge at Harvey Nichols


Where I bought this Christopher Kane silk jacket that is amortizing nicely.Harvey Nichols London

More Harvey Nic’s

Black door, Mayfair, London

and simply strolling in the streets of my old ‘hood sharing my old memories with my husband.

Window boxes Mayfair

And lest one precious moment of London time was wasted, a girlfriend and I also took in the arts & antiques fair at Olympia.

Modern art

Where I became quite fascinated with this 3D piece. Doesn’t it look like an aerial view of a crowd of people milling about?

Art, London

Closer inspection reveals it’s simply tiny dollops of layers of paint. Very clever.

Sadly, I’m unable to find my program from the show at the moment so I cannot credit the artist.

Gerard Mas

My friend was taken with this cheeky Bazooka bubblegum snapping Renaissance-looking maiden, carved in alabaster no less, by the artist Gerard Mas.

The subtly veined and translucent nature of the alabaster made her appear unsettling life-like. It also made me want to wear more sunscreen.


Our last evening found us at the ridonkulously chic “5 Hertford St.”  in Mayfair, just off Curzon St.

5 Hertford St. London

The good news is it’s owned and very personally presided over by Robin Birley, son of the infamous Mark Birley who ran “Annabel’s” in Mayfair for forever and a day


The family are true restaurant and private nightclub royalty-oh the stories they could tell! and wow, Birley’s newest establishment does not disappoint.


Robin and Lucy Birley

The decor was conceived  by 80′s & 90′s renowned fashion designer Rifat Ozbek, though I can’t imagine that Robin Birley and his wife (Bryan Ferry’s ex) didn’t also have a strong hand in final ambiance  of the place.


The bar area in “Loulou’s” downstairs

Downstairs is like Safari-meets-The Water Babies. Sorry if that’s a difficult visual to summon up, but that’s how it felt, so overcome was I with the general effect. Upstairs, you just want to live in every single room, sit by the multiple fire places, smoking cigars whilst reading Maugham and discussing the merits of whippets above all other canines with Mr. Birley himself. (Who I just happened to see carrying his one grey whippet down the stairs in his arms, with the other close to heel. It was The Perfect English Moment)

The Bad News is, and this is pretty bloody bad-it’s private.

One must know Some One in order to get One’s self through the very discreet little door of “5 Hertford St”


So, if your travels include a trip to London on the horizon, One best get on the horn and start calling friends, friends of friends, bosses of friends, and listen, if things get desperate, even rebuilding a broken friendship bridge or two if necessary.

This is one of the chicest, coolest places I’ve been to.

And I really don’t think it’s just because I love London so much.

PS. Don’t flipping tell anyone I snapped the photo of the dining room  with the roses above-I imagine they don’t take kindly to people clicking away with their iPhones.


PPS. Can’t tell a porkie-pie, I also snapped the flowers in the Ladie’s room.

Who could resist these and who does it hurt, pray tell??

OK, and really, really, lastly…cause it’s like 2am in the morning here,

Royal Baby in the Bedroom

We’re on High Alert Royal Baby Watch now are we not?!

I shot this little “Instagram”vignette in our guest room in honour of the Big Event.

I love that CNN announced today that ‘Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge are eagerly awaiting the birth of either a boy or a girl!”


Righty ho, time for me to go to bed and dream of England!

What are you doing in your part of the world right now?!


*all photos of “5 Hertford St.” except my first Instagram pic and the Ladie’s room flowers are via “Vanity Fair” magazine.

It’s now even later than 2am so excuse any typos-I might as well be running a nightclub at this hour.

Coat check tag,please. And No, I don’t have any change.


Postcard From NYC


Slim Paley photo

“A Tree Grows in The Upper East Side”


I’m checking in from NYC where we’re attending our older son’s graduation from college. (Tear pops out of eye) I’ve got the extra strength tissues at the ready.

I know many of you have been through this emotional experience before, while others are casting loving glances at your little ones and thinking you can’t even imagine the day potty training will be finished, much less discussing cap & gown pick up.

I hope I don’t embarrass myself.

I really hate crying in public. Seriously. I have tricks I’ve almost perfected at sad movies and plays and can no longer watch anything to do with animals.


Slim Paley photo

It’s a beautiful time to be here. Springtime in NY…

It gives Springtime in Paris a run for it’s Euros.

The weekend weather was perfection. We walked and walked – one of the things about living in NY that I miss the most.



Slim Paley photo of Prada’s windows

Although today it clouded over and rained, just as predicted, I still walked over 6 miles (of course I have my trusty pedometer with me)

As my shoes were totally flat with leather soles, my feet are burning with the heat of a thousand suns and my toes are cramping up like little crippled Cheetos.

Drinking $8 bottles of water doesn’t seem to be helping.

How so many woman in Manhattan walk all these city blocks in teetering heels never ceases to amaze (and slightly irritate) me.



Slim Paley photo

The ‘heel-less’ sky high platform, first seen at Alexander McQueen, is still around.

Not surprising given the obvious  practicality, not to mention never having to worry about getting your heel stuck in the hem of your pants or a side-walk grate.

Genius, really.



Slim Paley photo

Loved this display in Prada of the  paparazzi, I assume perhaps a nod to  the Met Ball last week?


Slim Paley photo

and the Barney’s windows- a tribute to 10 years of Alber Elbaz at Lanvin



The Ralph Lauren windows, while at the other end of the spectrum, are always delicious.

Can I be Ricky Lauren when I grow up? (but  still be married to my husband, though I don’t know quite how that would work)



Slim Paley photo

#1 Son and I walked for hours downtown too.



Slim Paley photo

I snapped this photo only because I felt it incapsulated a little bit of everything downtown- a lot of beauty, a little garbage, promotion of the Arts and graffiti.



Such GREAT people watching too. Probably the best in the country in NY, don’t you think?

Bloody hell, there are a lot of gorgeous woman downtown.

As my mom would say, “Every Dog has it’s Day”


And speaking of’; my moonlighting job as “The Barktorialist” also kept me busy.

Slim Paley photo

Meet “Martin”. She likes to sing when having her photo taken. (and yes, “Martin” is a girl. It’s NY, after all…)


.Slim Paley photo


Unfortunately, because I have a mild aversion to getting arrested, one of  my  favorite NY moments had to go without photo documentation today.

3 New York City policemen locked out of their squad car on 5th Ave. and trying to jimmy the window open with one of those coat hanger/window shimmier thingies.


You can’t imagine how hard it was not to grab my camera (or ask if they needed me to call the police :) )

More than a couple of 5th Avenue doormen were having quite a chuckle at the NYPD’s expense.

And what’s with President Obama coming to NY every time I’m here?!



Finally, I treated myself to updating my make-up collection with a late afternoon visit to Barney’s. God I love the guys that work in cosmetics down there- they’re the best!

Im such  a sucker for getting caught up in the moment when I finally  succumb to the cosmetics department- are you?

I usually sprint through, just to save my credit cards the burn, but once I sit down for an application …it’s all over.


Naturally, I’m firmly convinced I’m going to look like this tomorrow morning


After all, a girl can dream.

Especially in New York.


Wishing you a wonderful week and please, one last reminder that the “Circle of Mom’s” Top 25 Design Bloggers” contest closes at 4 pm tomorrow.

If you’d like to help me win this year , just click HERE to place your 1 click vote. It couldn’t be easier.

Thanks to all of you who are voting and voting daily!- xoxo

PS. please excuse any spelling or grammatical errorz on this post- It’s been a long day and I’ve still got a lot of make-up to remove :)



Sizzle And Slush

street food, NYC

Winter in Manhattan

Ugh.  I’ll never eat again.

 I followed a fantastic lunch of whitefish salad, baguettes, and deep fried crispy baby artichokes from EAT today by dinner with good friends at Centolire at 86th and Madison.  OK, I will not eat until at least dinner tomorrow night which is at Peter Luger’s- a famous steak restaurant in Brooklyn that I’ve never been to before.

It was a much nicer day today, still cold, but the snow held off and it was great to walk around the city again.  Being Ash Wednesday it was somehow reassuring seeing that many people still attending church on an early mid-week morning. For a moment I thought I had missed some city-wide new style memo that crossed all age, gender and cultural barriers.

Windows NYC, slimpaley.comSlim Paley Photo

The windows at Bergdorf’s were fabulous as you can see, but alas- I find this a most difficult time to successfully shop.  All the sale merchandise is woefully picked over, spring collections are still just trickling in, and unless you are lucky enough to actually have a cruise or trip planned to a place involving white sand and turquoise waters, it’s hard to get excited about the cruise collections. Not to mention the horror of contemplating trying on bathing suits ( never pleasant at the best of times) when you’re layered in sweaters, scarves, boots, a winter coat and worst of all sporting a pasty white winter body.  The equation just doesn’t work for me.  Instead, I treated myself to a really good facial at Takashamaya and just enjoyed some window shopping, splotchy red face and all.

Windows NYC, slimpaley.comFab windows, but is it just me, or do a couple of these mannequins look like dudes?? Especially the one on the far right…

Windows NYC, slimpaley.comA little difficult to get good photos with all the reflections in the windows, but the displays were really gorgeous and highlighting a spectacular  collection of International Hats and Headdresses from Stacey Miller  (

Windows NYC,

Windows NYC, slimpaley.comThe vivid colours were such a pretty contrast with the slush on 5th Avenue today.

Headdress in Bergdorf’s window from Stacey Miller……………Photos of Bergdorf’s windows by Slim Paley

Night All!