Happy Thanksgiving To Everyone!

Slim Paley Photo


The table is done, and just in the nick of time.  My theme this year was “More is More”; inspired by wanting to use my cranberry glass collection after a long hiatus, as well as the lushness of the garden still, even though the cold is finally here in Santa Barbara. Despite the chill in the air, it was a gorgeous sunny day and just as I was finishing my floral arranging, I was blessed with the stunning golden light that November brings…

Slim Paley photo

thanksgiving table

Only the pink lilies and small orange chrysanthemums (Omg- I just spelled that right the first time!)  needed to be bought for the table. Everything else came from the garden.

umm…except the pomegranates… the figs are from my garden though, I swear.

One of the flower boxes where the ruby coloured leaves and plum ‘daisies’ grow

(little “Polaroid photos all taken with iphone”Shake it” app.).

Slim Paley photo

The smaller table at the window seat serves as the buffet

(or the place where those misbehaving at the grown up’s table are banished :) )

Still have a few little pears hanging on to my Weeping Silver Pear trees…

The Silver Pear Allee

Ignore the fact there is no water coming out of that damn font. I swear the birds deliberately poop right in the spray holes

Oh…wait…but I’m thankful to have so many beautiful birds in my garden

Slim Paley Photo

For Peaceful Homes, and Healthful Days

For All the Blessings Earth displays

We give Thankfulness and Praise


Wishing everyone a Healthy, Hearty, and Happy Day!!