Hey 2013!


I’m not ready to say good-bye to the holidays! waaawaa (hot tears crystalizing) The welcoming glow of the Christmas lights, the comforting decadence of home-made eggnog, the omnipresent scent of cedar & cinnamon as I walk through the door…parting tis not sweet at all…

In fact, why can’t we have our Christmas lights up all winter long?! Who was the big Grinch that decided that was just outré ? Probably the same wet blanket that mandated no white trousers after Labour Day or long hair after 40.

Well, let it be known, I mean to be a flame-spitting hellion in 2013 and break all the rules ( I’ve been breaking at least two of them for much longer than I care to admit anyway)

I’m still in Sun Valley and loving every frigid minute of it. Two nights ago it plummeted to minus 12 degrees at our property! To be outside for just a couple of minutes was positively giddifying. The landscape was sparkling like diamond dust, the air itself glistening, no longer the invisible element. Even though I had to sleep in my long johns, as the cold was finding every possible avenue of entry, it was still pure magic.

God bless youth, my younger son and his friend decided it would be the perfect night to take a jacuzzi. Outside.

890A5740I went out for two seconds to check on them and spotted these tracks on the jacuzzi porch.

890A5744 The boys came in shortly after.

890A5749By early morning you could see another set of interesting tracks leading down to the partially frozen river. The big ones on the left are my snow shoes but the single line on the right is an animal. Upon closer inspection they appeared to be left by a light footed deer wearing Manolo pumps, possibly Louboutins, definitely sober. No tracks back, so…did she jump into the frigid water? The first broken heart of 2013?


890A5599More of my tracks along the side of my house. Gawd, I’m sporty. It’s a whole New Me in 2013.

But let’s not speak of resolutions just yet-it’s only the 3rd. You know how I hate to be rushed.

890A5563my fellow ‘shoers’

890A5631Let’s just have one more hot toddy on my  birchbark screened porch and ponder how cold it must be on the ski lifts right now :)

I heart Sun Valley

Happy 2013!



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Slim Paley photo



One of the most vivid cinematic memories I’ve retained from my childhood was the first time I went to see “Mary Poppins”

I was utterly gobsmacked  that Mary could  turn spoonfuls of medicine from one bottle into multiple flavours and colours-what a nifty and useful trick!

But most of all, I was totally entranced by the concept of sitting on clouds.

So much so, in fact, that there’s probably been but a mere handful of times (or should I say a spoonful :) ) that the memory hasn’t floated back into my consciousness  whenever I’m passing through clouds while flying.

I cannot tell a lie…

 I’m always looking for Mary.

Slim Paley Photo

A cirrusly beautiful sky above downtown Santa Barbara


What in the world would Mary have made of our present day “Cloud”s?

Actually I should think Steve & Mary would have gotten along very well, don’t you think?

I was at a dinner party the other night when the subject of ‘Clouds’ of the internet variety came up.

I must admit that I was left feeling a wee bit overwhelmed and a tad paranoid after about 5 minutes.

Who is reading what’s stored in my “Cloud” of choice? Will my information be sold, stolen or tampered with? Have I chosen a secure enough cloud?

and damn it if when the two words “secure” and “cloud” came together; guess what I was visualizing as I raised my  glass to my lips and feigned understanding of how cyber space really works??

Will I ever grow up?!


 from “The Pearl” Brian Eno


Cute idea for a play house but I’d hate to have to clean it

The designer Iris Van Herpen obviously has a thing for clouds

And no one did ‘ethereal’ better than Alexander McQueen

Slim Paley photo

Almost 6′ high these sculptural mirrors by designer Christopher Guy  add 3-D drama to a modern space.

..It seems I can’t pick up a shelter or interior design magazine without seeing clouds of every permutation .

Roche Bobois

“Clouds” by Kvadrat

Artist Berndnaut Smilde creates momentary cloud art with the aid of a fog machine but captures them for posterity on film

 horse in the clouds…

Dior Couture

Iris Van Herpen

.An ethereal table setting, I would imagine for a wedding.

Who knew Baby’s Breath could actually look  good?!

Slim Paley photo

I’m thinking Van Cleef & Arpels but I think my husband has secretly dis-connected the Van C & A. neurons in my brain.

Ayala Serfaty

Cloud Lounge Chair by Debbie Palao

plates by JD Wolfe Pottery via Etsy

Slim Paley photo

A raucous thunder & lightening storm rolls across the lush jungles of Sri Lanka.

Incredible to behold as we sat outside under shelter, savouring sweet wine and tear-inducing chocolate mousse.

A permanent memory to be sure.

Iris Van Hepern

Mario Testino photo

Zeppelin light fixture

Claire Anne O’Brien knitted stool

Dark cloud

Iris strikes  again

Michael Casker photo

Cloud as pet.

Doesn’t eat much but tends to be temperamental  and difficult to train.

Perhaps she is looking for Mary too…

Did you know we should all be looking to experience a cloud phenomena known as “The Morning Glory”?

Have you ever seen it? Perhaps if you live in Australia you have…

The Morning Glory Cloud Phenomena 

and this new book is supposed to be very good if you like to have your head in the clouds;


.Keep your head up :)


The Ice Man Cometh Not


Slim Paley photo


Yes, some of you might remember this photo from around Christmas time last year.

I snapped it from the window of my home in Sun Valley.

Enormous icicles were hanging all along the north side of the house and the snow was deep.

This year, thus far…snow, snow, where did you go??

There’s nary a flake to be found.



Also from a post last Christmas, but well worth repeating;

The amazing Freddie Mercury singing “A Winter’s Tale”

Talk about chills!



Oscar de la Renta silver beaded tassel earrings $395



Giorgio Armani SS 2012 finale



So pretty, so easy!



Stocking stuffer from Buccellati




These are very cool

cast glass logs, that look like giant crystals


Jeff Benroth glass logs

(I saw some similar to this at Ruzzetti & Gow, NYC




“Snowball” votives available at Bloomingdales

Corto Moltedo clutch





PS. I know what you’re thinking- Slim, you missed a day on the Advent Calendar!

What you’re forgetting is that next year is actually a Leap Year and therefore, I didn’t really miss yesterday’s post.

Don’t think about that too hard. You’ll get brain freeze.


Day 22ish 23 People- time to get serious!