A Hat, an App and The Fab Four…

watercolours slimpaley.com

Newport RI. slimpaley.com

It’s Friday and

I’m in love…

with a new App that I must share, in case you haven’t discovered it yet.

 It takes your photos, like the one above

Waterlogue copy 2

and does this.

bookshelf slimpaley.com

Painted in Waterlogue slimpaley.com

and this. In like 10 seconds.

It’s called

Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 12.43.31 PM

 Here’s the link;  WATERLOGUE

Amanwella, Sri Lanka slimpaley.com

The Amanwella hotel, Sri Lanka

Waterlogue slimpaley.com

The watercolour I did not paint when I was there.

The Ivy slimpaley.com

A very blurry and rushed iPhone photo

Painted in Waterlogue slimpaley.com

just became a little more interesting.

Here’s Waterlogue’s story;


vintage ice machine slimpaley.com

Original iPhone photo

ice machine slimpaley.com Instagram

makes its way onto ‘Instagram’

Painted in Waterlogue Slimpaley.com

and then ‘Waterlogued’

I’ll admit it’s a bit of a cheat, and certainly doesn’t come close to a real hand-done watercolour (except, ya it does!) but it’s so much fun!

Perhaps it might even inspire one to really paint.

marble kitchen  counter slimpaley.com

Our kitchen counter

Painted in Waterlogue

becomes a sweet little vignette

slim palsy beach house

A bedroom at the beach house (photo via House Beautiful)
Painted in Waterlogue


There are plenty of options to play with; depth of colours, brush strokes etc.

 for example,

Waterlogue info

but don’t let this scare you in any way- click 3 times Dorothy and bam, you’re an artist.

It’s THAT easy.

beach house slimpaley.com house beautiful

Another pic from the beach house (photo via House Beautiful)

Painted in Waterlogue

You can get as abstract as your little artistic heart desires

Waterlogues may be instantly emailed, tweeted, Tumblr-d, Instagramed, even sent as snail mail postcards directly from your account (for an additional $1.99)

The Front Porch, Sun Valley, slimpaley.com

  “The Front Porch” store in Sun Valley, Idaho

Painted in Waterlogue slimpaley.com

I really like this one, even if I do say so myself, but that’s part of the fun.  You never know how the pics will turn out. Some photos I think will be great don’t translate well and vice-versa. I’ve only just begun to play.

‘Waterlogue’ may very well have created their ultimate monster in me.


Lastly, as my post title promised, a flashback…

Not sure how many of you caught the Grammy Awards last Sunday, but much ado was made of Pharrell’s choice of “chapeau”

Now I’m not one to toot my own horn ( except every possible chance I get :-) ) but the moment I spied that HAT I was transported right back to 1980′s London faster than you can say “Kajagoogoo”!

I couldn’t resist chiming in to the Twitter Universe immediately ( I believe I was the first to call it-cue horn) to inform all the haters that, in fact, Pharrell was sporting an uber cool vintage Vivienne Westwood/Malcom McLaren “Buffalo Girls” hat.

Yes, I’m that old and also apparently proud of it on occasion!

Pharrell's Vivienne Westwood hat

Pharrell's hat

These were early, East Coast feed tweets, People!!

BTW, Ronan never tweeted me back. Whatever…see if I watch his new show now.

Although I realise Malcolm McLaren & Vivs Westwood weren’t as well known Stateside, if you’re young and even vaguely interested or, um, perhaps just wish to ignite old memories too, you can click to view the original video HERE

As I hash-tagged in my tweet…nothing’s ever really new, just re-intrepeted.

Pharrell  Beatles special slimpaley.com

PS. Pharrell wore THE hat again the next night at the taping of ‘The Night That Changed America; A Grammy Salute to the The Beatles’  which I was most awesomely lucky enough to attend.

The Beatles 50th anniversary show , slimpaley.com

And what an brilliant show it was. I don’t want to spoil the surprises-just watch if you possibly can. It airs February 9th on CBS-50 years to the day The Beatles first appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show.

50 years.

George Harrison slimpaley.com

Have a FAB weekend and we’ll chat again…

in February!



PS. I have no affiliation nor receive any free stuff from Waterlogue


PhYsiCaL GrAffiTi

Slim Paley Photo

Sunlight catching the coloured pencils on my desk.

Whatever possessed me I don’t know, but while I was in Sun Valley last week I decided  I would graffiti my yoga mat.

Before we go any further, let me share something with you:

Be extremely careful opening large, waterproof felt pens at high altitude.

We’ll leave it at that.

Slim Paley Photo

 After I cleaned up and started to draw, the most amazing thing happened. The early morning light began throwing wildly vivid rainbows through the beveled windows of the dining room onto my “canvas”!  The photo above is not enhanced in any way.

I took this as a message from Heaven.

Basically, the message was this;

“SLIM!, Standard & Poors is about to downgrade the credit rating of the country for the first time in 70 years, so enjoy any and all forms of Art where you may find them”

Can you believe it??

From there, I began to ponder the true definition of “Art” and if, in fact, graffiti really could be considered a true art form.

From  “Art In the Streets” at the MOCA in LA

Though steeped in controversy, I believe it is, and a rather primal one at that if you think about how earliest man was painting on his cave walls.

Which might beg the question; Was he painting on his own cave walls, or someone else’s cave walls??

The age old rub with graffiti…

Personally, I enjoy a bit of well done graffiti in a very urban setting, say NYC, but I’m slightly horrified by it in a small town like Santa Barbara, and that’s not a case of “not in my town” as I lived in NY for many years and I love the city. Can’t wait to be there in just a few days!

“Bloody Tears” bracelet in silver and fluorescent enamel, by Delfina Delettrez for OPENING CEREMONY

(Eerily close to what transpired in my dining room :) )

Shoe designer Nicholas Kirkwood celebrates artist Keith Haring

Moschino’s doing it.

Slim Paley photo

Slim’s doing it…

and as really long time, faithful readers of S.P. know- whatever Slim does…

Karl does…

that little scamp..

Someone tagged  Daphne Groeneveld

Playa Vik Jose Ignacio

“Graffiti-esqued” walls are showing up in hotels

as well as underfoot

 modular area rugs ByHenzel.

Monday, August 8th  (tomorrow!) is the last day you can catch “Art in The Streets” at MOCA

If  you can manage to make it there

your entrance fee will be graciously picked up by BANKSY

You can see the trailer for Banksy’s 2010 film about Street Art “Exit Through the Gift Shop” HERE

.A little “graffiti” I wouldn’t mind owning…

Basquiat squared.

Miu Miu

96 Marks Place, the original building on the cover of Led Zeppelin’s “Physical Graffiti” album

Even old luggage titans like TUMI  are tagging

The Novogratz’ enlisted street artist Matt Siren to create this bedroom on the first episode of their new show on HGTV.

( hope they’ll be showing more of their adorable kids on the upcoming shows, don’t you?)


Banksy in NYC

Keith Haring

Nicholas Kirkwood’s Keith Haring shoes

(Special order only.  D’yathink?!)

Check out the Sumi Ink Club in LA  ( “All ages, all humans, all styles” ) Cool.

.Playing Safe for the home or office;

Flaunt your points on this very cool chalkboard pingpong table by Puma

and graffiti to your little vandalizing heart’s content :)


I love the whole vibe; the huge circular fire pit (including the genius round log holder), graffitied corrugated metal walls, & multi-coloured chairs.  Fun!

I’ve had this image on my inspiration board forever-I think it might be a hotel somewhere in South America.

 Free water-proof felt pens for the first caller.

Vivienne Westwood, a graffiti soul if ever there was one.


If it’s on canvas and worth a zillion $, can it still be considered “Street Art”?

Have to admit I love the combat of the graffitied wall and old classic floor tile.

Slim Paley photo

It’s not quite finished yet, but I needed to use it this morning!

 I started off with the best intentions of channeling Basquiat and Haring and crew, but somehow ended up with a rose… then vines & hearts…I guess you just can’t teach an old tagger new tricks :)

.I leave you with permission to draw on your walls,

and this little video I first posted in July 2010, but I like it for this post!

Color Me Crazy  by Sarah St. Clair Renard

Are you getting your felt pens out yet??!



Pink & Orange

Jill Sanders Spring 11



Slim Paley Photo

My friends know well my love of Pink & Orange :)

Hiking Romero Canyon in Montecito

Holy shit . Goodness Gracious Yikes! It’s Friday already?? How’d that happen?!  Let’s see…I had company all week, worked on the design for our new Boy Barn, went for a great hike, watched the season premiere of Housewives of New York City (double yikes)…and BAM here we are already!  I guess what I’m trying to confess is that I didn’t pull a “Friday Favourites” together for you this week.

Instead, I’m  sharing a delicious confection of one of MY VERY FAVOURITE colour combos

and a sweet new song by Lykke Li;




Slim Paley photo



via Hollywood Forever, Kevin


Marc Jacobs





.Missoni, Yves Saint Laurent & Marc Jacobs


Artist Tina Steele Lindsey





Van Cleef & Arpels


Phillip Treacy


Blast- I’ve lost this credit :(

(4/19 Found it! Lee Mindel)


Jessica Stam




Slim Paley

Invitations for an Indian Themed Graduation party



Monica Belucci for Dior





Anna de Rijk


Slim Paley Photo

Another beautiful gift from a friend


Marc Jacobs

Pierre Hardy


Louis Vuitton Summer 2011


Slim Paley Photo



Schuyler Samperton



Artist Kathe Fraga


Liza Bruce’s home in India

Marissa Berensen by Henry Clarke


Slim Paley photo

Saris for the tables for the Indian party

Pucci Perfume


Marc Jacobs


Matthew Williamson for Bulgari


Slim Paley photo

Ranunculus from my garden


Earrings by Jar

YES please



Katy Barker

Love this!


Vivienne Westwood

It’s a look


Be still my Bohemian heart

Kendall Conrad bag


Wishing Everyone a Wonderful Weekend

I’m off to triple the family fortune in Vegas :)




Tartan Around With Plaid

.Max Doyle

Louis Vuitton Winter

 Happy New Year Everyone!  I’m back from Cold Mountain.  Expecting my frozen feet to warm up again any day now.  I actually invested in an electric foot warmer, which just arrived today,  but I’ll save that for Friday Favourites if it works well.  For some reason (possibly that I haven’t made any yet) I’m not ready to talk about New Year’s Resolutions, new starts or becoming a better human in 2011 yet.  I don’t want to suggest that my New Year began inauspiciously but when I removed the fur slippers I’d been wearing in Sun Valley all day, there was a mouse turd stuck to my foot.

I think I read somewhere that’s a Scottish sign for Good Luck.

How’s that for a smooth segue into a post about Tartan?!


Slim Paley photo

Sunlight streams in over vintage wool blankets, Sun Valley

British Homes & Gardens

Slim Paley Photo

A corner of our mudroom, Sun Valley

Photo Roland Bello

Vivienne Westwood rug

Slim Paley photo

Vintage chaise, Ralph Lauren olive green corduroy & plaid blanket, Sun Valley

Dior Winter

Dior Winter

A gift from the Highlands 



MAC Winter/Holiday collection

Commes des Garcons on the runway…

and…uh…camping glamping  (sometimes I worry I don’t make enough of an effort :()

Lynn Yaeger – She always makes the effort

This is one of my most favourite pieces in my closet- a layered tartan kilt by Jean Paul Gaultier.  Had it forever and a day.

Ruffled tartan wallpaper by Vivienne Westwood

Karlie Kloss wearing Celine jacket, Carolina Herrera dress

Carolina Herrera

Ralph Lauren

another great Scottish import.

Slim Paley photo

I warned you I’d recycle my Sun Valley dining room table in the Plaid Post

Holiday window at Bergdorfs via Habitually Chic

Ralph Lauren eyewear

Ralph Lauren

Just trying to compile a comprehensive post

Tulle skirt Ann-Sofie Back, Jeremy Scott boots

Commes des Garcons

 Maybe I just need to make a little more effort avec mes chapeaux

My Holden Caufield hat


Photo via The Gardener’s Cottage .

.Or get wheels on my heels

.Via Design Fetish


I hope your first week of the New Year  got off to a great start!

PS. Go see The King’s Speech if you haven’t already.



Baby It’s Cold Outside


Stills from “True Grit”

Slim Paley photo

I’m back in Sun Valley! Yay!  This means, amongst other activities (well, to be honest, not a lot of other activities :)) we’ll be catching up on all the new movies. I still haven’t seen Black Swan yet. It opened here today, but at the moment it’s 4 males and me in the house, so there’s a lotta football, ESPN and colourful swearing roaring up from the ping pong room.  First on our film agenda today was “True Grit”.   I’m not familiar with the original, starring John Wayne, but my husband says the new one has to be one of the most inventive remakes he’s ever seen. Of course all my men love the Coen Brother’s films and the little girl, 13 year old Hallee Steinfield, is really quite astounding. Jeff Bridges chews up the role of Rooster Cogburn in such a way that makes you wonder  how in the hell it took so long for him to win that Oscar.  Never would I have predicted that a film full of foul, cranky, stinky, amber-toothed drunken cowboys could have held my attention that long.

*and on a fashion note;  I wore long johns to the movie and Rooster Cogburn was wearing long johns too.

Jeff Bridges as Rooster Cogburn

I just lerv when my clothes coordinate with my movies :)

On my way to True Grit

But you know what the movie really put me in the mood for? (besides whiskey, a shave and a long hot bubble bath?!)


What do I just happen to have in my closet here in S.V.? Shearling. Shearling boots, shearling hats…why, I even have a hooded, shearling poncho.  Don’t worry- I won’t be wearing them all at the same time.

Nor will I wear a tutu to Black Swan. Though I can’t promise I won’t leave the theatre with an exaggerated outward turn to my step :)

but I digress.

Let’s bundle up…


Photo  Marie Claire

Burberry Prorsum Shearling jacket, Just Cavalli bag, Hermes cuffs, styling; fahbulous 

Alexander McQueen

Shearling Birkin.

Shearling & Stilettos

Marni clogs



Burberry Prosurm

Marni bag


Vivienne Westwood

Martin Margiela coat, Marni gauntlets


Slim Paley photo

Our porch in Sun Valley today

Baby It’s Cold Out There!!!


Coen Brother’s True Grit Trailer (Click here)