Black & White Stripes Redux

wicker basket with towel

Poolside, the Tintagel Hotel, Colombo, Sri Lanka

It seemed everywhere we turned in Sri Lanka, black & white stripes beckoned.

Slim Paley photo

The Tintagel Hotel

Slim Paley photo

Lobby of the Tintagel Hotel

We were so inspired!

Of course I had to answer the call.

Now as shopping meccas go, Sri Lanka’s not, well, Mecca, but I did manage to purchase a few things.

I found a great woven cotton black & white striped tablecloth and napkins (which didn’t make the post due to laundering concerns, having been packed with the black rubber coasters I bought that turned my bag into a tire factory for the rest of the trip ( picked up in our first port of call too. A lot of them.)

Well, honestly, who knew they would smell so pong-y?!

(have you read “King Leopold’s Ghost”?  A startling book about the history of the rubber trade in the Congo).

cold soupsSlim Paley photo

Gazpacho & stripes.  (Note rubber charger :))

Galle, Sri LankaSlim Paley photo

We loved the black & white striping at The Kahanda Kanda Hotel, Galle, Sri Lanka

 apparently somebody else was also digging the combo 

and didn’t attend his “Lizards #101 Blending In” class.

 Ralph Lauren does it beautifully

Going to be pulling out my black & white shirt with the itchy collar and soaking it in Downy til it cooperates.

I even ordered these straws. Probably won’t use them with the tablecloth, but…

Never say never.

I did buy coasters made out of tires.

PS. Straws can be ordered here

Paradise Road, Colombo, Sri LankaSlim Paley photo

Paradise Road, The Gallery Cafe, Colombo

19th century Swedish corner bench via Balsamo Antiques NY.

Amelia Handegan

Great little pop of blue from the bedside lamps!

black stair railings

My beach house stair railings from the second floor

Love this mix in AD

.Cute idea for a tea towel bar.


Slim Paley photo

Tea towels from “Bed Bath & Beyond” $9.99


travel, Sri LankaSlim Paley photo

Gourdon, France

credit unknown

black & white stripes with wicker always works

photo of Miranda Kerr

been there.

Natasha Poly. Isabel Marant jeans

if memory serves I had a few of these little crocheted numbers growing up.

A far cry from last week’s Costco porno dummy suit (still sitting in my car)

Growing up,  my mom  used to say with a sigh; “Every Dog Has His Day”

( my mom’s from Dublin, she has 50 million of these expressions)

I never really liked that one because I never understood it,

 and now that I do , I still don’t like it :(

but it did come to mind when I saw these

swimsuits hand crocheted in Australia and  available on Couture Lab .




black & white stripes

Slim Paley photo

.D Will Black & White stripes inspire you, or are you all about COLOUR for Spring & Summer?

How about combining colour & stripes and having it ALL and we’ll just thumb our noses at those “Dog Days”?!

S.P. photo

If you’re so inclined, you can find last year’s Black & White Stripes post  here

Stay tuned for more travel and “Springing into Summer” posts soon!