Hey 2013!


I’m not ready to say good-bye to the holidays! waaawaa (hot tears crystalizing) The welcoming glow of the Christmas lights, the comforting decadence of home-made eggnog, the omnipresent scent of cedar & cinnamon as I walk through the door…parting tis not sweet at all…

In fact, why can’t we have our Christmas lights up all winter long?! Who was the big Grinch that decided that was just outré ? Probably the same wet blanket that mandated no white trousers after Labour Day or long hair after 40.

Well, let it be known, I mean to be a flame-spitting hellion in 2013 and break all the rules ( I’ve been breaking at least two of them for much longer than I care to admit anyway)

I’m still in Sun Valley and loving every frigid minute of it. Two nights ago it plummeted to minus 12 degrees at our property! To be outside for just a couple of minutes was positively giddifying. The landscape was sparkling like diamond dust, the air itself glistening, no longer the invisible element. Even though I had to sleep in my long johns, as the cold was finding every possible avenue of entry, it was still pure magic.

God bless youth, my younger son and his friend decided it would be the perfect night to take a jacuzzi. Outside.

890A5740I went out for two seconds to check on them and spotted these tracks on the jacuzzi porch.

890A5744 The boys came in shortly after.

890A5749By early morning you could see another set of interesting tracks leading down to the partially frozen river. The big ones on the left are my snow shoes but the single line on the right is an animal. Upon closer inspection they appeared to be left by a light footed deer wearing Manolo pumps, possibly Louboutins, definitely sober. No tracks back, so…did she jump into the frigid water? The first broken heart of 2013?


890A5599More of my tracks along the side of my house. Gawd, I’m sporty. It’s a whole New Me in 2013.

But let’s not speak of resolutions just yet-it’s only the 3rd. You know how I hate to be rushed.

890A5563my fellow ‘shoers’

890A5631Let’s just have one more hot toddy on my  birchbark screened porch and ponder how cold it must be on the ski lifts right now :)

I heart Sun Valley

Happy 2013!



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Sun Valley Shopping Serenade

Slim Paley photo……………………..Front Hall  Sun Valley

Slim Paley photo…………..Winter from the porch

Slim Paley…………………………………….. Spring skiing. Sun Valley, Idaho

.It was fun to finally get back up to Sun Valley again this weekend.

Spectacular weather, gorgeous cornflower blue skies and just enough snow left on the mountain to have a great ski day without the huge crowds.  As I’m still getting used to my single eye lasik surgery, I chose not to ski (even though these conditions are perfect for a woos skier like me)

 Oh, let’s be honest- when I get up there and nestled into my cozy house, or walking around in town, I can’t be bothered with all the schlepping involved in getting myself together to ski for just a couple of days.  Is that so wrong??!!  Our younger son and his friend had a great time  “shredding” the slopes and I love their ruddy cheeks when I pick them up at the end of the day.  Of course I never get those. I just get a runny nose, red eyes, severe helmet-head and shaky thighs.

So instead, I was once again selfless and devoted my Saturday afternoon to doing a little reconnaissance shopping for this post.  We’ve been Sun Valley-ites for many years now so I often get inquiries as to what to do, where to shop, where to eat… It would be an awfully long post if I included everything in one go, so herewith, are just the results of yesterday’s wanderings within a two block radius (I told you I was slow)

Naturally, the first stop is ALWAYS my favourite bookstore ;

Slim Paley photo

Although I miss the decrepit charms of the older locations, The Iconoclast in it’s newest setting is still, in my opinion, the best book store in town.  They have fantastic inventory, helpful, enthusiastic staff and have managed to retain that overwhelming feeling of excitement when you walk through the door.

 Need it. Want it. Gotta have it!!

Slim Paley…………………….Oh Happy Happy Joy Joy!

Slim Paley …………………….Chock-a-block Children’s section

Fun special events and a small cafe for those family members who are a little quicker with their book choices than others.

A pretty hip selection of magazines

and some interesting ‘Staff Picks’

BTW, have you read “The Lost City of Z; A Tale of Deadly Obsession in The Amazon” yet?  I enjoyed it very much. It tells the true story of the famous Victorian explorer Percy Fawcett’s  final expedition into the Amazon along with his young son and son’s best friend. 

Fawcett was obsessed with finding the lost city of El Dorado (The City of Gold) and had been to the Amazon several times before, but with each expedition the city eluded him.  He was convinced this final attempt, following intricate maps and codes he had created to keep other explorers at bay, would end in success.

  In the Victorian era, when adventurers were the rock stars of the day and Fawcett was one of the most highly respected of them all, the whole world watched and waited…but the trio was never to be seen or heard from again.  Heeby-Jeeby inducing accounts of insects, fevers and oozing pustules…all those icky adventure bits that make you squirm while happily tucked in your cozy bed instead of some steaming tent in the Amazon jungle.

  God I love my flannel sheets when I read these kind of books :)

Continuing down the street from The Iconoclast you’ll find a string of lovely shops including;

Slim Paley

Pure is a lovely one stop shop for lotions, potions, and make-up.

Cute little manicure sets at Pure $25

.Directly across the street from Pure sits “The Open Room” again, in a new location, much bigger and brighter than it’s previous spot.  Lots of goodies here for the home and garden, ranging from tableware, linens, and cushions to outdoor furniture.  Local craft persons are featured – but not like, you know, Dream-Catcher crafts.  I fell in love with the large photo of old Havana below but it was a little out of my Saturday Strolling budget.  Instead, I settled for a Man In the Moon Face Squishy Stress Ball for my desk that my son tried to hide because “God Mom- that’s like so disTURBing”   (Do you ever notice how many things are “disTURBing” to teen-agers??

Unique hand-thrown porcelain by local ceramic artisan Lauren Street.  (Dishwasher, oven and micro-wave safe)

Don’t think I wasn’t tempted to save these for the last installment of my Black & White posts!

Slim Paley………I had to take this photo from the side to minimize  reflections, so I didn’t really do it justice.

“Golf Saleta, Havana” by Andrew Moore Chromogenic print (1999) Edition  #2/5  40″ X 50″

Spring porch

SFP Studios” in the same complex as The Open Room had a wonderful exhibit of photos shot in Africa by Stephanie Perenchio.  I peeked through the windows but unfortunately  the studio was closed by the time I arrived. 

Again in the same complex (Lucky for all the other shops!)

Ciro Market & Wine Merchants; wine bar, food to go, live music (wonderful pianist and guitar player) and a fantastically delicious restaurant.

‘Must Have’ are the homemade Truffle and Parmesan Crisps.  OH. MY.

Slim Paley

Delightful take-out from Ciro - Large entree (which serves two) plus two sides, dessert and a bottle of vino for $32.95

giant killer bread sticks

A little further down the road you will arrive at Tully’s, THE place to get your Frapp on or some sweet hot chai tea after skiing.

Slim Paley

Slim Paley photo

Right around the corner from Tully’s is Elizabeth Lucas Home.  Elizabeth has been a popular retailer and interior designer in the area for many years.

She has a great selection of pewter and Simon Pierce stemware

Autumn on the porch

And lastly, although not in the same block as the above shops, but within walking distance (just passed Atkinson’s grocery store)  is  The Picket Fence.

Recently renovated, The Picket Fence has grown into a much larger and beautiful space that includes two floors of wonderful finds for every room in your home, including kitchen and bath.

They also have a great selection of books, and carry Diane James silk flowers.

I’m a big fan of Diane James silk floral arrangements.  They are incredibly realistic, very well made and let’s be real, sometimes there just isn’t the time to pull living arrangements together, especially for vacation homes and areas where it is difficult to find fresh flowers year-round.

This little “Monkey Tree” looks so realistic I want to plant it by my front porchWell, that’s all the shopping investigative work I had time for before picking the boys up from the mountain. Please note that I didn’t mention clothes, not even once. But there are some fab clothing stores, as well as really great jewelers, eye glass shops, and of course sports outfitters.  I promise to get around to more Sun Valley shops and restaurants, as well as fun things to do as we draw closer to summer.

Speaking of clothes,  I would be terribly remiss if I didn’t warn you that I wore my Target denim leggings for the first time on Friday (after I posted) and  was hugely disappointed. They stretch out BIG TIME but don’t bounce back.

I’ve seen elephants with tighter knees.

Sorry about that.  Next time I won’t post about $12 steals until I wear them first.  :(


I don’t find the Stress Balls disturbing, do you?! (I got the one on the back left)

Hope YOU had a great weekend!