Get Schooled


Question #1: What’s the worst thing about traveling?

If your answer is “PACKING” you get an “A”

If you squeezed in 2 answers, including “Airport Security” you get an “A +”

Question #2: What’s the BEST thing about traveling?

If your answer’s “Learning”


(If you answered “shopping” you’re a naughty, naughty student but I love you and you may sit beside me in class)



Imagine our delight in discovering this unusual little hotel in Portugal earlier this year.

Tucked away in a very quiet but convenient neighbourhood in the heart of Lisbon,

“Hotel da Estrela” has stayed true to the school it once was.

Even a good portion of the staff are students from a neighbouring hotel & culinary Institute.

890A3606Two views of the “study room”


890A3602The Honesty Bar


I dihn’t see you take that 2nd glass of Port!

890A3609Halls are hung with old maps and cool art, even the baseboards are blackboards where inspiration may be chalked up daily.


890A3783How fun is this custom carpeting in the rooms?!  (yes, that’s my foot- for scale)

Screen Shot 2013-05-13 at 9.49.21 PM

While not overly luxurious (which would feel weird in this funky/modern school ambience) the rooms and bathrooms are large, well appointed (though the giant showers could use a soap holder ) and reasonably priced. The staff are young, eager & courteous.

Coming home late in the evening even requires banging on a massive wooden door, just to add to the feel of missing curfew!

Full disclosure; we did not eat in the restaurant, as my friend’s friends who live in Lisbon took us out to dine at night.

890A3628Plus these egg custard pastries are mandatory every day. It’s a Portuguese law.

94d2548a7fe1fcf431df6dffe5eff4c4Chanel Resort 2013

Be True to Your School


For more information on “Hotel da Estrela” 


For more chalkboard fun check out; Chalkboard China ( I just love them-if you click on the link you’ll see why :) )

Candle-Colletion-Blog-Ready3Chalkboard candles & Chargers both from Chalkboard China



* Ciate Chalkboard nails here (available in the U.S. in June 2013)

** Tutorial on chalkboard tags here

Screen Shot 2013-05-13 at 10.03.39 PM

Glazed apple for teacher here

Lights Out


Feeling Very Delftish

blue & white tile

Watching Downton Abbey makes me think of Port. Thinking of Port reminds me of my trip to Portugal a few months ago and how crazy delicious the port wine was.

But that’s another post, as well as a glimpse into my thought process, which no, doesn’t always lead to alcohol.

This post is about Delft. Or perhaps I should say “Delft-ish” inspiration, as I don’t want anyone busting me on these images not being genuine Dutch Delft, a connoisseur of which I’m definitely not.

I do like me a good delfty object though and I can certainly appreciate how the blue & white of Delft can really make a room sing.

Prada Delft tile handbag

Or a bag. Like this Prada one.

train station, PortugalDuring our say in Portugal we had the pleasure of visiting the lovely little town of Pinhao, where the rustic scenes of this gorgeous wine making region are represented on the walls of their quaint train station.

Delft certainly seems to be having A Moment, or am I the only one noticing?

001fullscreenRoberto Cavalli Resort 2013

blue & whiteCheck the boots!

blue & white tile I’m totally in love with these Delft On Acid limited edition tiles by South African artist Ruan Hoffmann available thru

great traditional kitchenand you can’t beat a spot of delft for old world charm, here mixed with great panache with dark wood, rough plaster walls and the sleekness of modern components.

blue & white plate wallpaperDelft wallpaper via Studio Ditte

blue & white tile

DelftThe combo of Delft with peach tones=perfection

tumblr_mfhnaqUNBW1r2k6djo1_1280Carolina Hererra is channeling Delft for Spring 2013

Tadashi Shojiand Tadashi Shoji


opening-mondrian-sohoThe Mondrian Soho, NYC is in on the moment.

blue & white table settingGlorious. Especially if your frenemies are opposite.

J.Crew pajamas dang, I’ve lost the credit for these cute jammies.

*OK- Here’s the link to the PJ’s J.Crew



Chanel Skyline

nailing delft tones

222857881530307937_54eks0Jk_fAlways gorgeous mixed with sea grass and large palm fronds, but then again, you had me at seagrass & large palm fronds…


delft bike


Screen Shot 2012-12-18 at 8.34.13 AMKarolina Kurokova steps out in Cavalli

vivienne-westwood-mens-spring-2013-delftware-slippers-8Vivienne Westwood


Norman Parkinsonphoto by Norman Parkinson

gaston y daniela1

Screen Shot 2012-12-18 at 8.32.51 AM

Historical blue Portuguese sideboard by Heritage

Screen Shot 2012-12-17 at 8.22.44 PM

I don’t know that I could put this much effort into graffiti that can just be licked off, you?

I guess that’s why I’m not a cake icing graffiti artist and Shelley Miller is.


29. carolina herrera bedroom patricia herrera jonathan beckerCarolina Herrera’s daughter in a sublime tableau of red & blue delftishness

Screen Shot 2012-12-17 at 8.28.21 PMTory Burch Spring 2013

delft wall, PortugalMy girlfriend admiring the gorgeous tiles of the Pinhao train station. I just noticed how her scarf ties in with the wall border.

154107618470582322_3lxvDL5m_cimage via Pinterest

tumblr_lsgyj1uArm1qcgtroo1_500Gaultier, of course


The Blow away vase by Moooi


OK, I’m off to yoga and then I might even treat myself to a spot of Port.



Oh the Wonders I’ve Seen…


Roses, Hotel Costes in Paris last week.


Hi there! Remember me??

I’ve had another grand adventure and finally back home to put pen to paper, so to speak.


In Lisbon, I found some of the most beautifully cobbled  streets in the world. (Sorry Prague :()


Traveled by an old wooden boat through the Douro wine region of Portugal



Devoured Portugal’s famous egg custard tarts for breakfast and dessert

Every day.

No, seriously, every day.

You only live once. Reason enough to visit Portugal.


Experienced a true Princess Moment (albeit on a shockingly bad hair day)


Learned about Lusitano horses and wine…


The procedure for uncorking very old bottles of port


and, as always, continued my quest to find the World’s Worst Dessert.

So far, no luck.


We hobnobbed with jockeys


A bag in the Longchamp shop on Rue St. Honore’

Did a wee bit of shopping in Paris (It was Fashion Week after all :) )

Saw Kate Moss twice in one night


and enjoyed some world class people watching…

all of which I’ll share with you over the next few weeks.

Just as soon as I get unpacked and plow through the mountain of mail that faithfully greets the weary, wine-soaked traveler.


Despite the grey skies, it’s nice to be home.

I’ve missed you!