I’m Still Here…Just Away


Believe it or not, I’m still the proprietor of this blog.

I haven’t quit, misplaced my muse, or simply done a runner…

though I did skip town  :-)


Girl’s Trip!!


So things around my bedroom looked like this

jewelry.slimpaley.comand this

jewelry.slimpaley.comand this

For days…

goldjewelry.slimpaley.combecause what better time to totally organize all your summer clothes and every single piece of jewelry you own than right before going away for 3 weeks?

(I’ll spare you the pics of my emptied & reorganized drawers as they won’t provide the same thrill factor for you as they did for me)


OK, maybe just one. It’s too exciting!

My thought process being I wanted to be totally & meticulously prepared for this trip as well as come home to a beautifully  organized closet.

Everything sorted, grouped and instantly accessible.

IMG_9283.slimpaley.comMy jewelry in the hotel room this morning.

Let’s move on, shall we?

Dubai.slimpaley.comWe rendezvoused in Dubai.

A city of conundrums & contradictions.

luxurycars.slimpaley.comToys parked outside the Burj Khalifa/Armani Hotel


These old boats, a veritable kaleidoscope of patina and charm, dock directly across a busy road from the Spice Market where baskets of cinnamon bark, cardamom pods and nuggets of indigo jostle for precious space amongst teetering stacks of rayon ‘Pashminas’ and plastic Louis Vuitton umbrellas. In the distance, barely visible here (alas, another post) staggering skyscrapers from The Future are here now and battling for supremacy.


Indigo & rose hips

The Dubai Mall slimpaley.com

Lady hips & more modern shopping

IMG_8995As I said, conundrums & contradictions…


The Burj Khalifa-Armani Hotel  (also in another post)


Next port of call; Colombo, Sri Lanka.

We flew right over Thiruvananthapuram.

I just wanted to say that  :-)


Lots more coming, including good travel & packing tips!

Internet & phone service is sporadic so please bear with me if your comments don’t post right away.




Header image via Flickr

Jean Genie


I‘m packing again.

Hey, Life is short.

Last time I checked, I wasn’t getting any younger and there’s a great big world out there.

Given the disparate nature of my two destinations; London and Morocco, packing has been a week long Herculean task.

 First of all, London in late February… Dude, definitely not Santa Barbara weather. But with boots, coats, sweaters…Mon Dieu! How to save luggage space for all the souk spoils of Marrakesh?!

And then the wardrobe to indulge my Talitha Getty/Marisa Berenson  Moment?

STYLE_Inspiration_Morocco_PostPhoto of Marissa Berenson by Henry Clarke

tumblr_m2wu7jPHGu1qkzwano1_500Talitha Getty in Marrakesh circa 1960′s

I am NOT coming back from Morocco without sandals, spearmint tea & spices, black soap and my Riad rooftop photo. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, as I receive multiple last minute warnings from friends (I guess I should’ve enquired sooner) that Morocco gets COLD the moment the sun sets and rain is likely this time of year, I’ve repacked my bags more times than the guy in ‘Midnight Express’

And of course, the eternal question of JEANS

How many is too many?

890A0259Perhaps there are some I can take and leave there, thus freeing up room in my homeward-bound bags?

Uhh, NO.

 Because as you can see, I really like my jeans.

Call me crazy, but I actually become quite attached, despite the fact I now split them into the following categories:


“OK, No Wine for a Week”

“Who Cares? They’re So Comfy”

“@#^&  it. Pass the Wine”

“I Still Love You After all These Years”

“Sexier Than Sweatpants”

“Still Good From the Side”

“Was I Drinking When I Bought These?”

and, my newest category;

“Muffin Top Madness”


890A1806Jean shopping Paris

la-modella-mafia-The-little-black-jacket-from-Chanel-Sophie-Hulme-x-STYLEBY-photographed-by-Oliver-Stalmans-styled-by-Colombine-Smille-11 2Photo Oliver Stalmans, Stylist Columbine Smille

In a Perfect World we’d just cut out the bits that don’t fit :)

 a few more fav’s

20120922-063239Jeans, heels & false eyelashes-Done!

22711Flare_0314WebAdd a Birkin? Even better


25121710392599284_IfWgk6JH_cI have this jacket!  Alas, this isn’t me.

20121011-073047Elle McPherson

20120314-024330Daria Werbowy

If you could have just ONE constant in your wardrobe what would you choose??

It would be jeans for me, no question.

(& Uggs)

OK, so I better go finish packing. I might be pulling an All-Nighter.

Have a great weekend and let’s chat after the Oscars!


Hello, Au Revoir…

Slim Paley photo

I‘m back…

Figured I should give you one pretty rose photo before revealing the mess that is me in the midst of packing below




But I have to go again.

Tomorrow morning!

I know what you’re going to say;

“Slim, don’t you ever stay home??”

and the answer, this year at least, appears to be no.



I just  LOVE to travel, what can I say?!!




You’d think, by now, I would have this whole packing thing down to a science.

You would be very wrong.

Some people have Parking Faeries (like one of my best friends-it’s crayzeee how she finds parking spots)

Some lucky people no doubt have Packing Angels

I, on the other hand, have The Devil sitting on both shoulders;

“Pack it! PACK IT!!  and pack that and that and that too!”

“You can’t go there without those!”

“What? You’re seriously for real not taking that??”

“What if it snows while it’s raining and then the sun comes out? Who’ll be wet, cold, sunburned and frostbitten  then”

“Omg. WHAT if you see Sawyer from Lost? and you’re wearing…T H A T


So basically I pack like I’m taking a 2 month cruise through all 4 seasons, with several formal dinners to attend,

 eventually  landing on a deserted island where I’ll need to bring everything;

 copious amounts of reading material, laptops, i-toys and cameras, but still leave lots of room in the bags for shopping.

Because yes, I will find shopping on the other side of the deserted island.

Probably a bar too.



So to that end, I’m trying for the first time the “POSH~POCHE”  method of packing that a friend recommended to me recently.

Actually, the same friend who has the Parking Faerie. :)



Posh~Poches come in several different styles and sizes.


Posh Poche suggests rolling your clothes and laying them side by side in the bags so you can see everything at once.

You can see I don’t follow directions that well.

I’m tired, very, very tired – I will try better the next time.

I like the idea of packing an entire outfit in one poche,  having smaller poches for lingerie, scarves and, ahem, foundations 

Large poches for suits and bulky sweaters,

and one saved for laundry.


I’ll let you know how they work out for me on this trip.



I’m propping my eyelids up with toothpicks at this stage so

.Good night All,

I’ll check back in in a day or two once I get to my first destination.

I really do have so much more to share :)