“Let All The Children Boogie”


Today I must wish David Bowie (My First Love) a very Happy 66th Birthday!

And with his birthday comes some very exciting news; the release of a single from his brand new album due out in March (his first in a decade)


Hear it once and tell me if you don’t want to just keep replaying it again & again.

My love affair with David began when I was 14 yrs. old. The memories that flood back when I play Bowie (which I do on a regular basis, “Hunky Dory” being my all time favourite) are so achingly visceral I could still be sitting in my childhood bedroom. How sweet would that be sometimes?!


Along with Marc Bolan and Robert Plant, David was always there for me throughout those (mortifyingly late) hormonally tempestuous times.

 Bolan was my escape to all the platformed 70′s glamour that I dreamed awaited me the moment I eventually bolted small town life.


Robert Plant was, well, Robert Plant. 

Screen Shot 2013-01-08 at 1.37.52 PM

Honestly, this was going to be a quick post until I stumbled upon the Robert Plant Tumblr – wtf-reedonkoolus. Don’t even go there if you want to get anything done today.

Don’t look up Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour Tumblr either.

davidgilmour6Just saying.

david-bowie-young-americans-bigbut David… oh, where could I ever begin with David?

He was my boyfriend and my girlfriend. Emotionally ensconced in my heart and head, he was my soulmate and divine inspiration. While other girls imagined Carol King, Joni and Carly were reading their innermost thoughts, my friends were kooks, genies and spiders from Mars. Hey-I was 15. While teachers admonished, David’s lyrics ran through my mind;

“And if the homework brings you down then we’ll throw it in the fire and take the car downtown…”  yeess!


When bodily bits didn’t sprout on schedule and pimples Vesuviously erupted at the most inopportune of times, David’s gaunt visage gazed reassuringly down at me (Plant-y looked slightly put off and I don’t think Marc cared a bit.) With his gorgeous bones, snaggle teeth (which sadly he fixed, for which I eventually forgave him ) and long skinny legs, my one dimensional poster hero brought me countless hours of unconditional happiness. My gawky, stick insect, over-bited, still-waiting-for everything-to happen-self pretended not to hear my parents incessant “Turn that music DOWN!!” as David and I fought the world together…while figuring out what we were going to wear.  



My grief was deep the day Marc Bolan tragically died. So terribly young.

and I still love Robert Plant. He’s remained cool despite, let’s face it, having turned into the Cowardly Lion. (Honestly, I can’t even include his photo now after the young one above)

but Bowie,

ap-people-david-bowie-4_3_r560He’s still the real deal.

The new video is very odd. Of course and thank goodness.

“Where are We Now” available for download on iTunes now.

Try clicking on the arrow below if the above doesn’t work for you;

Thanks for the memories D.B.



*”Let All the Children Boogie” lyrics from “Starman” David Bowie.


That 70′s Post


Slimmer, Paler, Slim Paley


Me at 14 or 15 yrs. old

I was working in an art gallery/tea house on Sundays and I’m going to say this was taken at the end of a really long day.

(btw, why were all our photos so badly cropped in the 70′s? just wondering…)



Today I’m taking a stroll, or rather a drive, back to the 70′s

to celebrate the release of my dear friend Rita Wilson’s brand new CD

Rita Wilson AM/FM

The album is a fab collection of Rita covering some of her favourite songs from the 60′s & 70′s.

You must get it- it’s fantastic!

and I’m SO not saying that because she’s my friend!


Now we all know Rita as a super talented actor and producer, but I bet it might surprise you to learn she is also a really great singer.

 I know, right? (but I’ll let you in on a little secret- she bites her thumbnails. Quite a lot.)

  Don’t we all feel a little better now?!


Just check her version of “Good Time Charlie’s Got the Blues” out here;




Rita WilsonPhoto Steven Sebring

..Rita’s song choices will resonate with anyone who grew up, or shall we say ‘passed through’ this era and I can guarantee you’ll be singing along with every song.

This is a definite ‘Embarrass Yourself in the Car’ CD.

Bring it on. Hell, hang some Pukka shells from your dashboard.

Will you ever see those people driving beside you again?  Chances are slim.


I love the premise of the album;

The 60′s “AM” songs are the ones you listened to from the back of the car while your parents were driving;

songs filled with an innocence about what the future held in store for you.

As the 70′s arrived, you’ve shifted to the front seat. You’re driving and controlling the FM station now-and did we work those dials, ladies, or what??!

The  songs become more poignant, the message that love doesn’t always work out begins to resonate because, damn it, HE still hasn’t called…



Slim Paley & friends

Me and my friends in the 70′s. Names will be omitted to spare the not-so-innocent :)

I’m on the far left. I always stuck my tongue out to cover my big bottom lip & overbite.

Man, I loved that long denim jeans skirt.

While we’re on the subject of the 70′s and driving …

I”ll share the story of my mom picking my friends and I up from school and us begging, as usual, to be driven past the house where several of the Cute Older Boys we  swooned over all lived together. The regular drill of course, for any of the ‘Normal’ parents was to drive slowly BY the house, usually throbbing with the bass of Led Zepplin or Pink Floyd, in hopes we might catch a glimpse of a truck being worked on in the drive, perhaps some corkscrew curls haloed in the blue glow of a TV through a open window…

No ‘Normal’ for my mom.

 She pulled INTO the driveway and started honking the horn.

Honestly, we were so traumatised that to this day I don’t remember exactly what happened after that.

Funny Mom.



Watch Rita talking about her first album



and then we’ll drive a little farther, shall we?


Did you steal splashes from your Mom’s “Jean Nate’”?





Did you cry because you were too puny to wear “Big Boy Lees” with the leather patch & have to suffer the humiliation of VINYL patch “Little Boy Lees” like me?



Did you imagine you would look just like Christie Brinkley after a summer weekend of using

“Lemon Go Lightly”


Lemon Go Lightly

only to go back to school on Monday with hair the actual COLOUR of a lemon??




Yardley Pot o' gloss


Did you swoon over your first pot of Yardley’s “Pot O’ Gloss” and can’t you recall that delicious scent even now?

How many pots did you leave in your cut-offs and find melted to the pockets

and how in the hell did we forget so many incriminating things in our cut-offs when the actual pockets hung down longer than the shorts?!)



Love's Baby Soft


Remember what appears now (at least to me) the wildly inappropriate  “Love’s Baby Soft” ad.

Was that girl 9 or 19??  But we LOVED our “Love’s Baby Soft”!


And may we have just a moment

Robert Plant


Robert Plant

or two,

or three, for our Robert Plant posters??


Robert Plant




My favourite models were Lena Kansbod


And Lisa Taylor

How iconic this photo became.  She just looked so…wonderfully American.



Just like Rita!

Rita WilsonPhoto Steven Sebring

I think this song might be my favourite.

Seriously, how can lyrics about a telephone repair man be this romantic and beautiful??!

“And I need you more than want you…and I want you for all time…”  sigh.

Jimmy Webb, the composer of the song is playing the piano on this track-just gorgeous.




Well, I certainly had fun putting this post together. I could have gone on and on.

Do you remember the 70′s as fondly as I do?

I might have to go for a ‘Part II’ in the near future…I mean we didn’t even touch on Disco!

Find “Rita Wilson AM/FM” on Amazon,  Barnes & Noble, and lots of other places.

It would make a great little Mother’s Day gift- have I ever steered you wrong?

and please, don’t forget I’m still in the damn contest so VOTE people! It’s ONE click HERE 


Peace Out


Bringing Up Boys


My Old Soul..

Our older son turns 20 today.  Our first born, of the golden hair and disposition to match, is no longer a teenager.  He is now an amazing young man; wise beyond his years, kind, inquisitive, fun to be with, and though the flaxen hair is gone, the sweet temperament remains. The boy was born an old soul. So call the Cliche Police but the twenty years has flown by and me, the girliest of girls (well, besides the swearing and frog catching- me, not the boys) never did get to experience braiding hair, playing with dolls, choosing dresses and sparkly shoes, or arguing over diaries with daughters.  Instead, my years were filled with;

Couldn’t resist this music for this post


Chaperoning first dates…

…Some more innocent than others…

Praising first swimming lessons…

Decorating Pirate ship rooms…

and outsmarting Leprachauns

Using telepathy to help guide balls over nets…

Dressing Power Rangers, Pokemen...

…and Ninjas!

Hooking up hoses…

silently mouthing lines in plays…

Making hot chocolate…

Capturing Moments

and still more moments…

Even the dog was a boy. Hell, so were our rabbits…and the infamous, beloved hamster Gomez, who disappeared from his cage one day. My distraught son and I slept on the kitchen floor in sleeping bags, ringing ourselves with peanut butter and apple slices in a failed attempt at recapturing the AWOL rodent.  He was apprehended a couple of months later, sauntering down the upstairs hall in the middle of the night as if he owned it, standing upright I might add, like he was simply out for his evening constitutional. God only knows what he had been eating all that time but he certainly wasn’t any worse for wear.

…and still, always mom with the camera!

…and the scrapbooks


Holding my breath…

Catching my breath…

Seeing them soar….


…and tucking them back in

Making sure a helmet was worn at ALL times (especially when the seat was up :) )

…and always most of the time trying to remain calm :)

and finally wondering now, as my birthday boy shaves his beard and my baby boy starts creeping up over 6′ 2″ how could I have ever even imagined MOI having girls??!


Wishing all parents with little ones…  Days as long and sweet as the summer days when we were very young-

Everlasting and brimming with promise and pleasure.


And Happy Happy Birthday to my Golden Boy :)

Painting by Archibald Barnes.