Happy Labour Day Weekend!


Happy Labour Day Weekend!


The weekend that officially licks the stamp, seals the deal, clicks the “send” button on Summer.


And me, with all these lovely, summery images & ideas still left to share…

And possibly one of the greatest summery songs by one of the greatest summery bands;

So you have to promise to listen, nice & loud as always, while you stroll leisurely through this post…

(there’ll be a test to make sure you were listening afterwards!)

bouganvilla covered terrace

Well. We’ll soon be kissing these scenarios good-bye, won’t we?terrace with lanterns

( 2 images from Tumblr )

890A8404and no longer running out to my garden to gather roses for the table

(OK,  laying it on a bit thick here-hopefully we still have a couple of months left of roses in Santa Barbara)


I never got to finish the ultra impressive “SUMMER ICE” post I was working on.

(Martha, you can breathe a sigh of relief my friend-the above was my very best effort- they were supposed to be ice balls but the two halves wouldn’t stick together. It looked so easy in the Japanese video)


I wanted to say what a nifty idea this was-freezing aloe vera juice into ice cubes to soothe nasty sunburns.

Particularly great for using on your kid’s friends so they go home and say “Timmy’s mom makes aloe ice-cubes for sunburns!! “

and you just sound like the best frickin’ mom ever.

PS. I never made them.


I also never told you about my trip to the city of Orange recently where the temperature reached a 100 degrees and as I stepped out my car I spotted this super cool old fashioned ice-dispensing machine. Instagram American Graffiti moment. IF I were old enough to even remember that movie, which, no way, I’m not. My husband told me about it.


Oh, I had so many summery images collected

canoe as table


Some, like maybe this one of Daria Werbowy, you could have lived without. But if I’m in testy mood, I’m dragging you with me.

We’re a team here-you’re in or you’re out, you know that.

beachy bracelets

Skinceuticals Sunscreen, Slim Paley photo

I had a whole summer skin products thing I was working on…

but I’ll just say; for me, this was the best face sunscreen I found. Broad spectrum, very lightly tinted, thin consistency (though slightly oily, not a bad thing for me) and a whopping SPF 50 without feeling like you have a mask on. Also comes un-tinted.


Did I get a chance to write my post on “HAMMOCKS”?


Well, that post is still coming, maybe even tomorrow, so don’t try and stop me.

Bloody Labour Day.

And did you know that this past Friday, the 30th of August, was “National Marshmallow Roasting Day”?

Swear to God.

 I even had a “Roasted Marshmallow Post” so here it is, somewhat condensed;

Screen Shot 2013-09-01 at 12.17.52 PM

Roasting by the river’s edge in Idaho.


Toasted Marshmallow Milkshake (with Greek yoghurt!) HERE

mulit-prong marshmallow roasting stick

Help me find these??


Some perfectly roasted giants mallows I posted on Instagram last month.


Aqua Creations’ Origami LED “Marshmallow” lamps are folded from a single sheet of paper.


covered porch, Sun Valley, Slim Paley

The antique lantern in my covered porch in Sun Valley always reminds me of a toasted marshmallow.


Marshmallow outdoor furniture

marshmallow shaped hanging light


and if  you’re cramped for space, how cool, er hot, is this wall mounted barbeque from Sigma Focus?!


Screen Shot 2013-08-29 at 10.39.11 AM

bracelet & watch

striped shirt

and when all else fails…





Top photo Kate Moss by Patrick Demarchelier


White Christmas



Oh my, look at the clock-it’s almost the next day… I’m posting as fast as I can!

I braved the Southern California elements today and hit the shops for some last minute Christmas shopping. Although that’s all relative isn’t it? To some, 6 days before is still early.  I know it’s all so convenient to shop online and God knows I’m no stranger to the concept, but I’m making the effort to shop locally as much as I can this year. We need to keep our local shops going in this sluggish economy!

Next year I’m starting my shopping much earlier. In fact, I’m going to have it all done by Thanksgiving. (Readers from last year and the year before don’t say anything. If you’re my friends, just go along with this because I really mean it this time.)


Slim Paley photo

I might go with a predominately white theme next year too, just to change it up and simplify things.


Well, maybe just in the dining room…


Arts & Decoration magazine



This is so simple and so pretty, I’d really like to try it.



Salvatore Feragamo

Now this is my idea of good tinsel!




And I know you’re saying “Really Slim?? Fluffed Marshmallow and Whipped Cream flavoured vodka??”  and I say “Hello ‘Bevmo’s’?? What time do you open tomorrow?”  

Sure, I might not finish both bottles this year.

That’s the good one of the good things about Vodka-it  freezes beautifully.




These are SO not my nails, but I wish they were and if they were, I would wear this polish. Like little marshmallows.  PS. Apparently you can find the GIANT marshmallows I talked about this summer at Ralph’s. 

Who’s your Marshmallow Mama??


My newest obsession?

These DIVINE white scented wax ovals encased in porcelain from Diptique. Hang them in your cupboards, or stash in drawers and suitcases. $45




Valentino leather and tulle wrap sandals

There are many forms of Heaven 



photo of Scottish Shortbread via Twinklebakes.com

Oh how I adore shortbread (I’m having major sweet-tooth tonight it appears!)

My dear friend swears by this recipe so I’m going to try it even though I don’t bake:

Whipped Shortbread
2 cups butter
1/2 cup cornstarch
1 cup icing sugar
3 cups flour
Beat butter 10 m
inutes on high speed.
Gradually add cornstarch beating continually add icing sugar then flour.
Chill for an hour.
Roll into balls or pat down onto floured counter and cut into shapes. 
Bake at 325 for 10 to 15 minutes.
Keep an eye on the cookies for the last couple minutes of baking!
You want to see next to no color in them.
If they get a toasty colour, they are overcooked and will be dry.

Suhweet Dreams Day 19!


White Water Glafting



Slim Paley Photo

Thanks so much again to all of you who contributed book suggestions to the previous post. I’m really looking forward to going over all your comments again and compiling a list when I get home.

In the meantime,

I’m off White Water Glafting for a few days.  You heard me.

Glafting is the new Glamping.

 Sure, I know what you’re thinking…Slim- you don’t strike me as the sporty type, but believe it or not, I live for danger.

 Besides, I’ve done this before, although the river wasn’t as high the last time



and the apparel ante has been seriously UPPED on this trip…


Resulting in some agonizing chapeau editing

Slim Paley Photo


Love these OMO nylon pants, but $1,700??


The adventure includes yoga, fishing, great food and drink, and most importantly, a glamorous toilet (nicknamed “The Groover”) precedes the party to each campsite.

 Happiness is a well guarded Groover :)


Slim Paley photo

Nothing like a friendly game of Bananagrams after a day battling the elements


Slim Paley Photo

Did I mention the river is high where we’re going??

We’ve been told hiking alongside the river is also an option,

however the concern that lunch will be devoured by the Rafters before the Hikers arrive at camp has already crossed my mind.



So just in case, I’m bringing giant marshmallows for fireside toasting

The days are warm but the nights are still cold


Slim Paley photo

Have you seen these? They’re about 3 times the size of regular marshmallows- Now that’s my idea of multi-tasking.



Slim Paley Photo

So off I go into the wild blue yonder

Wish me luck & I’ll

See you in a few days.



No “Deliverance” jokes please :)


Friday Favourites (5)


Slim Paleyphoto

I’m most happy to report that this little guy has usurped the gigantic spider’s real estate outside the window at my desk.  He is here every day with a partner of equally vibrant plumage, which leads me to wonder if perhaps they are two males? Aren’t the females usually more modestly attired??  I’m not a bird person at all, so if you told me this was a baby peacock I’d believe you.  In fact, I like to believe it is :)

What GORGEOUS weather we’ve enjoyed in Santa Barbara the last couple of days!  It feels like summer full throttle, although perhaps not quite as much as NYC which topped out at an amazing 90 degrees on Wednesday, but I’ll take our high 70′s, thank you very much!

I really cannot believe Friday is here again so soon, but the good news is I’m excited to share with you some fun and, as always, completely random  favourites this week;

My favourite new Uggs (yes, Uggs! $120) Finally, a pair of sexy summer Uggs- Husbands rejoice!  (alright, so they’re not heels, but it’s a start…)

Slim Paley photo     ……………

Fabriano Mediovalis stationery (single deckled cards 2 1/2 X 3 3/4, 100 pcs)

I’m a paper freak so I love these little cards I found  Upstairs at Pierre LaFond in Montecito, CA.  (There are also several places to buy them online)  They are great for hand-written place cards, gift enclosures, even for miniature water-colours or sketches when traveling.  Keep several in your handbag for note sharing- along with a burnt umber ink calligraphy fountain pen. Your thoughts and directions, heck, even telephone numbers will carry so much more impact…So much chicer than “Bumping” iPhones!  (Not that I know how to bump my iPhone – do you?!  I wish I did!)

Slim Paley photo

I’m also loving these Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Cleansing Pads I picked up at Target.  They are just ever so slightly exfoliating (and I mean ever so slightly) but they are really nice for cleansing without leaving your face feeling super dry.  They are very thick and big!  Too big really. The Thrifty Good Wife side of me is tempted to cut them in half, but the Virgo germophobe side worries that the cut ones would contaminate the rest of the container.  I wonder which side will win out?  Meanwhile, Aveeno, if you’re reading this- WHO has this big of a face?  Please make them smaller and give us more in the jar.  Thank you.

Slim Paley Photo

Oh these are good!  Sweet, but good. Especially the Toasted Coconut flavour.  I found them in at Atkinson’s grocery store in Sun Valley, but they came all the way from Vancouver, BC. from Butter Baked Goods. Idaho can’t be the only place they’re sold in the States so keep an eye out –  It’s always fun to find something a little out of the ordinary to bring when you’re going to someone’s home


Calling all Tea Party-ers!  But let’s not talk politics!  How funny are these tea bags from a German company ca

Pret-a-porTEA Tea Bags

Tea Party anyone?llLet’s just promise not to talk politics!  How funny are these?!  They are available online from a German company calledDonkey Products.com. Unfortunately, it appears to be the only place to buy them, at least for the moment, and my German is about as stellar as my Spanish, which means I can’t get past “In den warenkorb” and “Zur Kasse gehen”.   Help? anybody??   I can’t figure out if they are telling me to put the teabags in my shopping cart, or turn myself in. Never been so terrified to click before.  But  look at Audrey- so cute!!  I want one!



I’d like to take credit for these flowers, but alas, they’re from Dandelion Ranch , my favourite place to have flower arrangements delivered from (in the Los Angeles area)  Dandielion’s flowers are inventive as well as pretty, nothing run of the mill here, even the containers are creative.  Not to mention their staff’s abundance of patience when I’m trying to control every aspect of an arrangement from 90 miles away.  Love that :)



The carousel in front with over 150 scents

Sorry, I admit it, I’m completely obsessed with perfumes. Look, it could be worse- it could be jewelry.  Have you tried Memoire Liquide yet? They are wonderful- SO many scents that you can mix, create your own concoctions- one could spend hours at their counter.  I first discovered it at Fred Segal in Santa Monica and bought the little set of 3 bottles- fantastic for evening bags and travel as they are very small and have roll on applicators.

From the LA Times:

Memoire Liquide

Sisters Robin Coe-Hutshing and Jennifer Coe-Bakewell started custom blending scents in 1984 at their small fragrance counter in Fred Segal Santa Monica. Today, they own Studio Beauty Mix, the apothecary-style, multi-line beauty product store at Fred Segal, which also houses the Memoire Liquide counter where scents are blended into perfumes, lotions and body washes.

Coe-Hutshing has filled the fragrance bar with more than 150 perfume bases, which are, in turn, composed of multi-note scents that she has named to invoke a memory or capture the notion of the scent. “Sensuel” is one of those multi-note scents and includes red tea, sandalwood and musk, a mix that reminds her of a stay at hotel in Kyoto, Japan, with sandalwood floors and the faint smell of incense in the air. “That was a really good vacation,” said Coe-Hutshing, who also developed all the Stila fragrances and has consulted with various beauty companies including Estée Lauder and Bath & Body Works.

Like “Sensuel,” every multi-note scent can be worn alone or layered with others. Coe-Hutshing said that customers tend to choose three or four blends, but there is no correct number. “There’s no answer to how many scents is too many.”

I haven’t tried the newest collection yet, but I’m loving the descriptions;


Memoire Liquide is available online, but I would suggest playing at one of their counters first.   Fred Segal, Bloomingdales, and Henri Bendel’s are a few of places you may find it.


.Lastly, perhaps I’m very late to this party but OMG- my mom bought me a pair of these LaCross eyebrow tweezers with a built in LED light- GENIUS!!  Available all over the place online.

Wishing you a wonderful Friday!  (Anyone else get shpilcus (SP? My Yiddish is right up there with my German and Spanish) watching Housewives of NY again tonight?  You know I never ever understood those girls in school who wanted to physically “fight” each other…until now.   What did Kelly Bensimmon say this week?  “Like you have to feel sorry for models- Like they have to be on their own like so much of the time”  What?? Really?? And why is that?   So Hilar.  Sue me, I’m hooked!

.Lastly, perhaps I’m very late to this party but OMG- my mom bought me a pair of these LaCross eyebrow tweezers with a built in LED light- GENIUS!!  Available all over the place online.

Wishing you a wonderful Friday!  (Anyone else get shpilcus (SP? My Yiddish is right up there with my German and Spanish) watching Housewives of NY again tonight?  You know I never ever understood those girls in school who wanted to physically “fight” each other…until now.   What did Kelly Bensimmon say this week?  “Like you have to feel sorry for models- Like they have to be on their own like so much of the time”  What?? Really?? And why is that?   So Hilar.  Sue me, I’m hooked!

Favourite Friday cartoon from The New Yorker


Sweet Friday to You!

Spun Sugar

pink roses, slimpaley.com
Slim Paley Photo


SAs you can see, I’m still in a sweet and sentimental mood from yesterday and thought what a perfect day to post a few of my favourite spring “confections”.  I am LOVING all these gossamer layers, tissue thin fabrics, and spun sugar colours.  And if I can remember (anybody??! Help!) whose shoe this above, it is definitely on my wish list.  As is almost the entire  Nina Ricci  collection, and whilst I’m having sugar spun dreams, I might as well take a heaping spoonful of the Chanel collection as well- yum!

Missoni Spring 2010

Indian art, Slimpaley.comSlim Paley Photo of an Indian fabric painting

Chanel Spring 2010

Fendi Spring 2010

Alberta Ferretti Spring 2010

Nina Ricci Spring 2010

Nina Ricci Spring 2010


Givenchy Spring 2010

Elie Saab Spring 2010

I took this photo from the new Laduree book “Sucre”.  My friend Katy who lives in Paris just sent it to me.  It is completely divine- the text is in french, the photography is swoon-worthy, and the packaging (the petite book is softly padded, and comes in the Laduree pistachio green box) is nothing less than what you would expect from one of the prettiest shops in the world. Merci Katy !!

Chanel Spring 2010.

Chanel spring 2010

Katy also sent me this from her iphone the other night – the colossal  tower of ice cream they serve every night at Le Grand Venice restaurant in Paris! I had to think of Chanel Spring collection.

Chanel Spring 2010.

If I were a fairy this would be my summer house