The Day After

The kitchen bathed in glorious Fall light.

Did you have an enjoyable Thanksgiving Feast? I hope so! We certainly did. As you can see, the “dry run” flowers I bought over a week ago from the Farmer’s market lasted beautifully. Gerber daisies might not be the chicest bloom on the block but they’re like the good, steady husband of the flower kingdom-long lasting, reliable and always there when you need them. No flaky boyfriend type flowers to be found in mid November anyway-unless of course one is willing to pay dearly-but what else is new with flaky boyfriends??

We cooked a massive ham, scalloped potatoes, steamed brussel sprouts and candied bacon sautéed in lashings of butter, and my husband & younger son made a banana cream pie from scratch. In between the 700 games of football on yesterday. It was awfully sweet, in more ways than one. They made a crust my husband described as thicker than a deck of cards, but seriously, how bad can graham crackers, sugar and butter taste?!

We also had gorgeous heirloom tomatoes from the market that needed to be eaten quickly so I thought this delicious, Hawaiian inspired tomato, fresh pineapple & garlic chip salad would be nice with the ham.

Recipe from Food & Wine magazine HERE

Tomatoes the size of steaks. yum.

I concocted a glaze for the ham by heating Hediard’s Red Currant  fine jelly until it melted, then adding freshly (and this is a must) squeezed orange juice and Cointreau to taste.

OMG. I can’t begin to tell you how good this is, especially for being so ridiculously simple. I’m sure Martha would sieve those bits of orange out before serving, but whatever. This would be divine with Cornish game hens & duck as well.

If you cannot find “Hediard’s” red currant jelly, I’m sure Wilkin & Sons would be good too.


After dinner and dessert, there was a rousing game of “Scrabble” in which my father took umbrage at me using the letters “H” & “O” to spell “Ho” (to make two words for 15pts)

Dude, it’s a word;

 Merriam-Websters Dictionary; Ho (used as a call to attract attention, sometimes specially used after a word denoting a destination): Westward ho! Land ho!
(used as an exclamation of surprise or delight.)
or, according to;

A word Santa Clause says three times when he sees your wife, mother and sister together in the same room.

Ahhnnd we laughed…well, I did. Dad was not so amused.

So another Thanksgiving has come and gone and we all know what that means…

Are you partaking of “Black Friday”??   I can’t imagine anything I’d rather do less, but I will definitely be supporting “Small Shop Saturday” again this year. If we don’t all do the same,  I fear every main street in every city and town across America will soon look exactly the same. It’s starting to get that way already. More importantly, small, local shops are owned and run by our friends and neighbours- let’s do everything we can in this tough economic climate to help them stay open.

Christmas gift ideas coming soon.

You don’t actually expect to see them more than a month out do you?!

PS.   Please check out my piece in the December issue of “C” Magazine this month :)

Ho Ho Ho!





Slim Paley photo


Cheers Friends!   Guess what? I’ve officially been writing my blog for exactly ONE YEAR this week!!  Even though my first several posts were baby steps, few and far between (albeit a baby with a little potty mouth-but hey, no one was reading it yet) I’ve learned that sometimes, in the infamous words of Nike, you have to dive in and  “JUST DO IT!”   I’ve also realized it’s never too late to try something new, it’s OK to learn as you go, and you can teach an old dog new tricks.



I began this endeavor- I’ll refrain from using “JOURNEY” out of respect to ‘American Idol’ and ‘The Bachelor”  (although I’m not above performing a little Rose Ceremony with myself later :))  with no expectations  or knowledge of the blogging world, and no plan, other than to be eclectic.  I find myself without words (almost) for just how much I appreciate all the fantastic support I’ve received.  Though I haven’t posted as often as I’d originally intended, I must admit I’m quite chuffed with myself to be celebrating one entire year. I might even have a glass of champagne tonight and I truly wish that you could all join me!  It’s been such great fun getting to “know” SO many lovely people.

Not to turn this into my Oscar speech, but I especially want to thank all my fellow bloggers that have linked to Slim Paley since I began. I don’t think I would have continued without so many gracious, talented people supporting me ( any chance of helping me out with exercising??)  The kind and inclusive nature of this community has been a humbling and unexpected surprise.   At the risk of revealing the Wizard behind the curtain, as soon as Older Son returns from college I’m hoping he will help me to configure a new two column format so that I may finally and joyfully create …drum roll…. A BLOG LIST OF MY OWN!   I chose this current WordPress template as it accepted my high resolution photos. I didn’t know from Blogrolls, buttons and links.

I would also like to say a huge THANK YOU to the generous and prolific Heather Clawson at Habitually Chic for the wonderful post she wrote about S.P. way back on January 2nd- it was really instrumental in sending so many new readers my way. What a great way to start off the New Year- receiving a gift from someone you have never met… and I love all my Habitually Chic friends!

But wait…don’t start playing me off with music  just yet…

Lastly, but never leastly (I say it’s a word) Thank you SOOOOO MUCH to my family, especially my amazing husband who has truly been my biggest champion (not to mention the countless late nights of click, click clicking beside him in bed.  Sure, there was some stink-eye shot in my direction once and awhile- the man is not a Saint )  Older Son helped me to get started, his brother eventually came around to not being mortified, even leaving a comment or two, and the loving and constructive encouragement of my friends has been …well, let’s just say, my blog runneth over!!

Thanks so much,  each and every one of you-  It’s been more than my pleasure to have made your acquaintance :)

Lots of Love



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