It’s The Homies, homeys…

890a1791Guess what. It’s that time of year again

I have the flu, just found two more grey hairs in my left eyebrow

(OK, 3 if we’re really splitting hairs)

and “The Homies” are back!

(actually, they started 5 days ago so I’m kinda getting creamed)

For readers new to my blog in the past year, The Homies are like the blogging world’s “Oscars” and “Slim Paley” is nominated in the “Best Home Design & Inspiration” category. Of course there’s no money or statue involved but it’s really nice to receive recognition for all the time we bloggers invest in writing our blogs.

Now, just because I’m under the weather and getting old and grey, don’t think I’m looking for sympathy votes. Simply hoping that if you DO enjoy reading “Slim Paley” you will please take a minute to register your support by voting for me.

 The 6 blogs with the most nominations move on to the finals. We can do this!!  Voting closes at 11:59EST Feb. 8th.

I Pinky Swear  you will not receive any unwanted emails from Apartment Therapy.

 Could the 3rd year be a charm for me?? That’s up to you!



I’ll be back with a post very shortly.

Thank you!!