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I’m absolutely stark raving mad about WOOD, particularly old wood,  so compiling the images for this post was a labour of love for me.  The photo above is of our octagonal porch in Sun Valley.  The floors are reclaimed  wood, with a stone border running round the perimeter. The walls are “papered” in real birch bark with thin switches of willow where the sheets of bark meet. Finding a tradesperson to do the installation was more difficult than, well, childbirth would only be a slight exaggeration, but where there’s a will there’s a way, right people?! Besides, you forget all about it when it’s over :)   The speakers, electrical outlets and switch plates were all faux painted to disappear. My painter did such a great job but I’m not going to show you because I’ve been told to stop pointing out my “fauxed” stuff to everyone or there’s no point in “faux-ing” it.   (Maybe I’ll sneak you a picture later) The fire place is river rock and metal with a very large single beam of old wood for the mantle. The light fixture is antique.  One of my carpenters made the little octagonal table for me and the furniture is just indoor/outdoor wicker. In the summertime the windows can be removed and the room becomes a screened porch.  I love to sit out here with my tea in the morning, watching the squirrels pick the bark off the railings we paid extra to find with bark,  and listen to the river rushing by.  Heaven.

Click here for the best “Wood” song ever

Norwegian Wood


Slim Paley photo

The house during construction.  The octagon porch is to the far rear left.

Slim Paley photo

Squirrel handiwork on the porch in Sun Valley

Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto‘s 172 sq/ ft. bungalow with several different living levels.


“Conversation Unique”  by Yvonne Fehling and Jennie Peiz (Gallery S. Bensimon)

DSquared Eau de Toilette for men

Slim Paley photo

A boy’s bathroom in Sun Valley.

The backsplashes and counter are zinc, vintage trough sink from the U.K. All the wood is reclaimed. The sink fixtures are copper plumbing pipes  plated in nickel. (See early S.P. post “Pssst- Wanna Buy a Faucet?” Sept.09,  for more S.V. bathroom photos)

Stella McCartney wood cage handbag

How splendid is this?

If I were a chic little Fairy with modern taste I would live in it!

Anyone know what hotel this is in NY?? I lost my credit- perhaps The Crosby St.?

Wood iphone cases at;


Shoe photo from Italian Vogue

Matteo Thun for Rapsel

Wooden radiators by i.radium.


Slim Paley photo

A bedroom in Sun Valley.

Steeply pitched roof lines starting low on the bed wall and soaring toward the fireplace on the opposite wall help to create a very cozy haven.

Feu de Bois candle by Diptique

This is one of my favourite scents (burning wood) by Diptique

Rapsel wooden sink

wooden toilet seat cover

Yvette Laduk wool blend rug

Slim Paley photo

Front Porch in Sun Valley.

Alexandre Moronnoz‘s park bench can be added to and twisted at any given point to make legs or armrests



Nasomatto Perfumes

Slim Paley photo

Wild flowers in an old wooden…thingy-  Sun Valley