Jean Genie


I‘m packing again.

Hey, Life is short.

Last time I checked, I wasn’t getting any younger and there’s a great big world out there.

Given the disparate nature of my two destinations; London and Morocco, packing has been a week long Herculean task.

 First of all, London in late February… Dude, definitely not Santa Barbara weather. But with boots, coats, sweaters…Mon Dieu! How to save luggage space for all the souk spoils of Marrakesh?!

And then the wardrobe to indulge my Talitha Getty/Marisa Berenson  Moment?

STYLE_Inspiration_Morocco_PostPhoto of Marissa Berenson by Henry Clarke

tumblr_m2wu7jPHGu1qkzwano1_500Talitha Getty in Marrakesh circa 1960′s

I am NOT coming back from Morocco without sandals, spearmint tea & spices, black soap and my Riad rooftop photo. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, as I receive multiple last minute warnings from friends (I guess I should’ve enquired sooner) that Morocco gets COLD the moment the sun sets and rain is likely this time of year, I’ve repacked my bags more times than the guy in ‘Midnight Express’

And of course, the eternal question of JEANS

How many is too many?

890A0259Perhaps there are some I can take and leave there, thus freeing up room in my homeward-bound bags?

Uhh, NO.

 Because as you can see, I really like my jeans.

Call me crazy, but I actually become quite attached, despite the fact I now split them into the following categories:


“OK, No Wine for a Week”

“Who Cares? They’re So Comfy”

“@#^&  it. Pass the Wine”

“I Still Love You After all These Years”

“Sexier Than Sweatpants”

“Still Good From the Side”

“Was I Drinking When I Bought These?”

and, my newest category;

“Muffin Top Madness”


890A1806Jean shopping Paris

la-modella-mafia-The-little-black-jacket-from-Chanel-Sophie-Hulme-x-STYLEBY-photographed-by-Oliver-Stalmans-styled-by-Colombine-Smille-11 2Photo Oliver Stalmans, Stylist Columbine Smille

In a Perfect World we’d just cut out the bits that don’t fit :)

 a few more fav’s

20120922-063239Jeans, heels & false eyelashes-Done!

22711Flare_0314WebAdd a Birkin? Even better


25121710392599284_IfWgk6JH_cI have this jacket!  Alas, this isn’t me.

20121011-073047Elle McPherson

20120314-024330Daria Werbowy

If you could have just ONE constant in your wardrobe what would you choose??

It would be jeans for me, no question.

(& Uggs)

OK, so I better go finish packing. I might be pulling an All-Nighter.

Have a great weekend and let’s chat after the Oscars!


Casual Sparkle


Firstly,  apologies to my legion of male readers- but this post is pretty much exclusively for the Laaydies It’s a real quickie though. I’ll be back tomorrow with a little Christmas wrapping and decor. Because, God knows, I like to leave … Continue reading

Indebted To Denim

Slim Paley Photo ………………Denim Skies over Austin Texas at SXSW10

Photo by jewelry designer Erin Balint

What, pray tell, would we ever have done without our jeans??  Ever since that first pair of “Little Boy” Lees with the mortifying vinyl instead of leather patch (Leather patches started at 27″ waist and had only a single instead of double  orange thread inseam. Forever burned on my psyche; the important stuff  the “Mean Girls” took note of in high school), never has one single item of clothing in my closet been reached for so often.  From the days of sneaking jeans to school in a brown paper bag, to wearing them with sky high heels in nightclubs (finally a leather patch- take that Mean Girls ) to my more demure phase of slitting seams and adding antique lace panels- I’ve always loved my jeans!

   I’ve cut them, rolled them, painted them, patched them…made so many slashes in one pair it was like trying to get my legs through a slinky… Oh those were the days!  From Lees to Levis, Calvins to Gucci (but never, God forbid Jordache), Seven for Mankind, Earnest Sewn, Citizens For Humanity, True Religion, A.P.S., Paper, Denim & Cloth, Bishop…how many pairs of jeans have we bought over the years?! 

Don’t we all have our “Fat” jeans and “Skinny” jeans, “Weekend” jeans and “Look Good But Can Only Hold my Stomach Like This For a Few Hours” jeans? Let’s get real-who needs a scale if you have just the right pair of jeans to keep you honest?! 

And how many times have we answered the eternal question “What are you wearing?” with “Just jeans“??  

I rest my case!

Herewith, some cool dungarees;

.The Tell Tale Leather Patch


Didn’t  we all do this, much to our parent’s horror? (and of course, much shorter in the back :)

Our tanning regimen was pure baby oil, iodine and album covers wrapped in foil, held up to our faces to bake like so many frozen french fries propped against the hot brick of the school wall (No, it was lunch time…really!) 

The intense scent memory of melting Yardley lip gloss, clove and violet gum, and broken Pixi sticks leaking sticky powder into the minute rolled up “pockets” of cut-offs floats back to me like the notes of a song (“Brandy” perhaps?!)


Elle May 2010

Yardley Pot O’Gloss

Dolce & Gabanna Spring 2010

Caeser Stone

Ralph Lauren Spring 2010

Jean Paul Gaultier

Antique denim blue dhurrie

Ralph Lauren

My favourite piece from the collection




Ralph Lauren

Diane Von Furstenberg bag.

Ralph Lauren Paint.

Photo Dawnofannewera

Roco Rockin’ his denim jumpsuit on Davies St in Vancouver (he’s even got pooper picker upper pockets on his jumpsuit).

Cassi Laceless Wingtips from Free People

so cute!.

Blue Marlin Table Mercury Originals.


Prps Jeans made in Japan.

.Marc Jacobs Spring 2010.



Denim blue & salmon Dhurrie

Joe’s Jeans $90 at

Gap Babies

Alda Denim Necklace.

 Love my Ralph- always in his jeans!.

.Pierre Hardy for the Gap.


PS.  Pinky swear  you’ll never let your friends wear Mom jeans.

In fact, don’t let your Mom wear Mom jeans. (please watch- not new but still so funny!)

Prps jeans

I miss my vinyl Lee patch now :-(