The Night Before the Night Before


Well, we’re almost there!

In just a couple of hours it will be Christmas Eve, at least here in Southern California, where as you can see it’s been


(on my gift wrapping at least)

I felt in need of a change this season so I veered away from my usual ‘au natural’ wrapping theme and decided to go for a White Christmas instead. Bushels of white cotton batten, fake snow, glitter, glue and some very sticky fingers later…


Believe it or not, the snow stays on these presents even if you turn them upside down thanks to the Scotch Super 77 multi-purpose adhesive.


First I lightly sprayed a corner of the gifts (wrapped in plain white kraft paper) with the glue, allowed it a minute or two to become tacky, then built up a ‘snow drift’ with the cotton batting. Then, a second light spray and the addition of the two different types of fake snowflakes I found at Michael’s and Target, mixed with white packing ‘peanuts’ that we chopped up in the food blender (am I kind of crazy? don’t answer that) . A final light spray of glue, again just on the corner, to secure a gentle sprinkling of sparkly, glitter flakes and the presents are complete. FYI, I did do this outside on a drop cloth because of the mess and fumes from the aerosol adhesive.

890A5028The silver balls work by battery, so they’re great to run down the centre of your table mixed in with fresh greenery or to hang on the front door in a wreath or garland. (also from Target)

890A5048It ‘snowed’ in our barn this year too! :)

I leaned my antique water wheel from Sri Lanka up against the wall and wrapped it in fairy lights. So cozy.


So, that’s it for me. The wrapping is finished, the tree adorned and the dining room table is set. Both my boys are home for the holidays-YAY! (though one is sick-we’re actually hoping it’s food related and not the flu :()

Tomorrow, all going well and to plan, I’ll be back with pics of our tree and the table.

Safe Travels & Sweet Dreams my friends!