Tartan Around With Plaid

.Max Doyle

Louis Vuitton Winter

 Happy New Year Everyone!  I’m back from Cold Mountain.  Expecting my frozen feet to warm up again any day now.  I actually invested in an electric foot warmer, which just arrived today,  but I’ll save that for Friday Favourites if it works well.  For some reason (possibly that I haven’t made any yet) I’m not ready to talk about New Year’s Resolutions, new starts or becoming a better human in 2011 yet.  I don’t want to suggest that my New Year began inauspiciously but when I removed the fur slippers I’d been wearing in Sun Valley all day, there was a mouse turd stuck to my foot.

I think I read somewhere that’s a Scottish sign for Good Luck.

How’s that for a smooth segue into a post about Tartan?!


Slim Paley photo

Sunlight streams in over vintage wool blankets, Sun Valley

British Homes & Gardens

Slim Paley Photo

A corner of our mudroom, Sun Valley

Photo Roland Bello

Vivienne Westwood rug

Slim Paley photo

Vintage chaise, Ralph Lauren olive green corduroy & plaid blanket, Sun Valley

Dior Winter

Dior Winter

A gift from the Highlands 



MAC Winter/Holiday collection

Commes des Garcons on the runway…

and…uh…camping glamping  (sometimes I worry I don’t make enough of an effort :()

Lynn Yaeger – She always makes the effort

This is one of my most favourite pieces in my closet- a layered tartan kilt by Jean Paul Gaultier.  Had it forever and a day.

Ruffled tartan wallpaper by Vivienne Westwood

Karlie Kloss wearing Celine jacket, Carolina Herrera dress

Carolina Herrera

Ralph Lauren

another great Scottish import.

Slim Paley photo

I warned you I’d recycle my Sun Valley dining room table in the Plaid Post

Holiday window at Bergdorfs via Habitually Chic

Ralph Lauren eyewear

Ralph Lauren

Just trying to compile a comprehensive post

Tulle skirt Ann-Sofie Back, Jeremy Scott boots

Commes des Garcons

 Maybe I just need to make a little more effort avec mes chapeaux

My Holden Caufield hat


Photo via The Gardener’s Cottage .

.Or get wheels on my heels

.Via Design Fetish


I hope your first week of the New Year  got off to a great start!

PS. Go see The King’s Speech if you haven’t already.