The Turning

flowers from my garden,

It’s here.

 Autumn has officially arrived.

I will acknowledge its presence and no longer be cranky with those who wished the warm weather away.

I’ve perused the gross weight of all the September issues, witnessed Halloween & Thanksgiving decor in stores for myself and weakly bleet “UNCLE”

Ya got me.

As you may have noticed, I even changed my header photo. Now if I could only figure out how to nix the turquoise banner for a more autumnal shade I’d be good.

WordPress, please heed my cry for help!

Light on the dining room wall, Slim PaleyTruly, I knew It was almost here with the subtle shift of late afternoon light in my dining room. After living in this home for over 20 years we’re like old friends that finish each other’s sentences.

“Slim” (said the house) “Stop trying to act all ‘India Hicks’ with the giant palm fronds still on the table. It’s the end of September. Get over yourself”

Like I said, Very old friends.

white roses.

And while I for one will still lament the all too soon passing of our summer, I’ll readily concede there are no other seasonal contenders when it comes to the beauty of Autumn light. I could basically just run around my house with a camera from 4pm to 6pm from now through November and be a very happy glamper.

Lost in Arles via Lost in Arles blog

Then there’s the whole “leaf changing thing”

Which I guess is okay if you go in for that sort of stuff…

Another big check in the plus column?

dolce-gabbana-rtw-fw2013-runway-60_112954382617Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2013

Hellooo Fall Fashion!



Louis Vuitton Fall 2013

Louis Vuitton Fall 2013

Not to mention (always followed by a mention)

A bed & a book

that my flannel sheets will soon be making their eagerly awaited comeback.

Oh Happy Happy Joy Joy!

Truth be told, I could blissfully sleep in flannel all year round.

Of course I wouldn’t still be married, so there’s that…

49032504Photos via here

 I totally adore the colours of Fall

24401145How divine is this copper & rust mixed with palest cream & blush?

I’m So copying. With flowers and a make-up palette. Stay tuned.

Screen Shot 2013-09-24 at 7.41.40 AMphoto Sarah Maingot

Shorter days and cooler nights invite us back to long heavenly soaks in the bath.

Never a bad thing.

Fall. Slimpaley.comAnd Fall food is as comforting as all get out. Soup’s on? I’m there.

be81dd751d0fec8be52948e3190ed470Grilled onions with thyme & cream. Recipe here

Angels on Horseback

A version of “Angels on Horseback” with Medjool dates, water chestnuts & pineapple wrapped in bacon, marinated in soy sauce & pineapple juice then baked. Yum.

Howard Slatkin bar

Libationally (I say it’s a word) it’s fun to adapt your bar, like this one in Howard Slatnik’s home, to the cooler season’s more comforting requirements.

vintage books. Slimpaley.comAnd I must admit, Fall certainly does invite one to hunker down and enjoy more cozy reading time…



pretty light, gorgeous colours, long baths & flannel sheets. A good meal, a great read, cashmere & a comely cocktail…

I do believe I’ve just talked myself into being very happy that Autumn has arrived!

Check it! I could be on “Super Soul Sunday”

I have a motivational speaker lurking inside of me!

omg. That explains my inexplicable weight gain over the summer…

Phew. Just found the silver lining!

Happy Falling Leaves To All



Red & White Stripes Redux


It’s that time again!

When I go to my “happy place” with the annual red & white stripes post.

And what better day than on the eve of celebrating America’s Independence?

I have so much to be thankful for living here and not, say, in Egypt right now.

Not that I’ve ever even been to Egypt, so it’s not like it was a close call or anything,

but still…

I’d love to go there someday. Prayers for the situation there to settle peacefully and soon.

and now let’s get back on a much lighter note,

Red & White stripes window shopping Marrakech

 I’ve always got an eye out for a good red & white stripe when I’m traveling.

I’m delighted by what the smallest dose of it can bring to a room.

On my recent trip to Morocco I spotted this lovely display in a great  shop in Marrakech.

They had wonderful linens, textiles, place mats etc. so I hope someone will leave a comment reminding me of its name.

*LATE ADDITION: The music I forgot to add last night! Great summer song

(must be turned up really loud)



An All American classic porch vignette


Ice cream filled watermelon rinds via Bakers Royale


Glasses via

989f5c6dd5b7364ae47a332308c41e40via Pinterest

How cheery is this kitchen wall painted like a dish towel?

If you’re in a bad mood in the morning in a room like this there’s pretty much no hope for you.


I spotted these cute “vintage” serving boxes in an antique store in Carpinteria and bought the entire stash of them. Perfect for popcorn or hot dogs and chips by the pool.  I propped them on my cotton throw/tablecloth in the “new” conservatory (which has basically become my new office!) for this photo.

Ask me if I painted the vintage lamp hot pink for the conservatory yet.



Screen Shot 2013-07-03 at 5.16.59 PM

OMG Ines-copy me much??

ED0112_Provence_001-400-lgnand Ines de la Fressange’s home in Provence

Screen Shot 2013-06-30 at 7.22.12 PMimage via Tumblr

Costa Nova, Portugal

great bunk bedsLovely to make up the bed with crisp, cool rouge stripes in the summer.

Screen Shot 2013-07-03 at 1.49.06 PM

cotton sheets via West Elm


 Stripes Then. Jean Shrimpton


Stripes Now. Kate Moss in Dolce & Gabbana


photo Cihan Alpgiray

Screen Shot 2013-05-19 at 8.30.34 AM

Adorbable striped ‘kini from Ete via Moda Operandi

Screen Shot 2013-07-03 at 4.50.31 PM

Or a one piece from Golden Goose Deluxe Brand




le Bristol hôtel, ParisI shot this photo in the courtyard of hotel le Bristol in Paris last summer.

I highly recommend it for the perfect combination of luxury & friendly ambience. Not too stuffy for kids and wonderful restaurant, bar & room service.


It’s amazing how well red & white stripes work in old world interiors as well as new.

They can feel totally Euro or quintessentially American. Take your pic.


They’re the Switzerland of stripes.

Screen Shot 2013-06-30 at 7.45.59 PM



OK, so I know this is not red & white exactly but how could I not put these 5 photos together? I wouldn’t have been able to sleep otherwise.

It’s not easy being me.




No stripes at all here in fact, but don’t you think this room was “inspired” by Matisse’s “Checkers”?!

BarbaraElle7French Elle Magazine

But back to  red & white stripes

Consider the turban.


Screen Shot 2013-06-23 at 3.14.05 PM

Conversely, the Converse


How about Roasted Strawberry & Toasted Coconut popsicles from Joy The Baker

Snow cone machine, Williams & Sonoma

Or classic snow cones (snapped at Williams & Sonoma)



And just in case you missed it the first time; my Red & White Stripes post from last July.

Timeless is timeless after all.

HAPPY 4th of JULY to All You Wonderful Yankees!

Be safe and joy-filled this holiday.

And thanks as always to the troops that afford us this day to celebrate.

xx SP

More Stripes for the die-hards;

“Red & White Stripes (II)


Mandarin & Midnight

oranges in wooden bowl


Tangerine & Noir

Mandarin & Midnight

Kumquat & Charcoal

Persimmon & Jet

Ebony &…

OK, let’s just cut to the chase…

Orange & Black

 It’s a great combination isn’t it?

So let’s not just save it for Halloween.

The black part of the equation is easy. Orange may be introduced as simply as above,

 with art, flowers, fruits, veggies in the kitchen, throws, books, glass or pottery in orange hues, candles, candy in a bowl,

leaving a luscious Leica laying around…

orange Leica

A minor touch of orange carries major impact!

and if you don’t have the element of fire in a room, orange is your man.


To further prove my point;

tumblr_mebiurvIM31rbsp5ao1_1280Love the art propped against the fireplace in this contemporary space.

orange roses slimpaley.comThese are Von’s roses, not from my garden.  No scent, but they lasted about 9 days! Viagra roses.

268949408967282370_THIuSsGo_fTake note how many of these images have some form of natural wood working beautifully with the orange & black combo.

134127529_CtdQBZ7D_cSuch a cool kitch!


Amanda Peet’s entry hall via Vogue

Do I see Viagra roses?

Here, natural wood, orange & black are adding a contemporary pop to an otherwise traditional room.

orange flowers,

 I want to hang a hammock inside somewhere, don’t you?!

Public bike

How about a sexy Public Bike propped casually against your wall

Michael Smith

This is a favorite photo so I’m sorry I don’t have the credit.

The coziness of a sleeping nook, dark wood and the arched leaded window are all so charming.

The Barn, Hermes blanket, slimpaley.comHere fiery orange & deep charcoal in my “Boy Barn”

It will be finished…eventually. You know how I hate to be rushed.

700_roman-williams-stiller-libraryBen Stiller’s library by Roman-Williams

black bookcasesBlack bookcases are terribly chic.

Splashes of orange tones highlight them to dramatic effect in these three photos

one_kings_lane_scents_rusticand Hermes blankets always make Mommy happy.


Pumpkin blankets and crisp black lines help to make this bedroom a triumph.

Oh, you naughty young Parisian man in Hotel Costes! How did you get on this post?!

c0fb762f6ef0f4e96eac0a238136cedeI like the warmth of this living space looking out on to the snow and pines, but can you tell what’s going on on the ceiling?



and a touch of plum in these two pics60728294945475067_c7cdaavm_f


LOVE this bold, fun room, especially the burnt orange velvet cushions on the African bead chairs.



Go bold


Go baby steps

but do think about giving orange & black a go-go (been watching Madmen much?!)


CELEBRATE: Going For Gold


I hope everyone has been enjoying a happy holiday season.

Finding some quiet time to tuck in with a good book and a mug of hot chocolate, or perhaps catching up on the latest movies? There are so many good ones this year.

As you can see I am back in Sun Valley where the evening landscape is very Seuss-ian. Whoville indeed!

 As we’re just one day away from saying au revoir to 2012, and ringing in a brand New Year I’m wondering;

Where are you and how will you celebrate?!

I send you off on this post with one of my all time favorite songs ; Strange Magic by ELO

IMG_8859A small slice of my friend’s stunning holiday table, one of the prettiest I’ve ever seen.


Did 2012 zip past like a blur of light for you as it did for me?

890A5188Some green,gold & purples (except you can’t see the purple here so you must take me at my word) on my mantlepiece at home.

40425204_UEdNttTG_c copy

I love this simple but dramatic idea for a New Year’s Eve table

Screen Shot 2012-07-09 at 2.20.19 AM

as well, this very chic champagne ‘bucket’ custom designed for  Ruinart champagne.

tumblr_m4s9vlnDGY1rvlgs5o1_500and if there’s one night of the year when you can really go for gold, it has to be New Year’s Eve, right?!

Screen Shot 2012-12-30 at 12.22.53 AM


Gustav Klimt

cover_xl_klimt_1211281027_id_569313BTW, if you are a fan of Gustav Klimt at all you must see this BIG,  brand new stunning edition by Taschen ($200) commemorating his 150th anniversary.

Screen Shot 2012-12-29 at 5.41.16 PMGold confetti champagne ‘flutes’  from “Indigo” via Canadian House & Home


Screen Shot 2012-12-30 at 8.49.18 AMWhite & gold- so chic for entertaining, especially in winter.


Screen Shot 2012-12-29 at 4.30.08 PM

Bag by Kotur


May your New Year be filled with the light of faeries


and bodacious confection

cococover3Coco Rocha

Several gold stunners sure to attract their fair share of miners at any New Year’s soiree’

196258496232672663_xtg2m8f4_cTom Ford

Screen Shot 2012-12-29 at 11.33.42 PM

Karmen Pedaru

Screen Shot 2012-12-30 at 8.39.48 AM

Tom Ford



Herve Van Der Straeten 24-karat gold plated cuff $630 via

49047083413626501_gOFzyu9H_cKate stepped out in gold lame this season


From the Burberry campaign

Screen Shot 2012-11-19 at 10.10.53 PM

890A5074An ornament on my tree

Screen Shot 2012-12-29 at 4.30.37 PMTory Burch evening clutch

Screen Shot 2012-12-30 at 8.40.51 AMLaduree

It’s all over too soon, isn’t it?

890A5504Golden light upon the midnight snow on my front porch, Sun Valley

Wishing each and every one of you, my wonderful & faithful readers, a safe & joyful New Year’s Eve and may your 2013 be chocked full of good health, happiness & humour.

Thanks so much for all your great comments and support over the years (!!)


Now, let’s get this party started!!





Don’t get me wrong.

It’s not that I don’t love the whole GREY/BEIGE/GREIGE  thaing that’s swept through the global design community and settled upon us like a tasteful, gunmetal scrim…

but right now, with it being summer and all, I’m feeling much more of a


in my heart.

I want to bring all this lovely colour and light into my home for these long summer dayz…

How about you?

Come, let’s listen to cool new music and get  some  Zingy  inspiration together!


“Golden Light” by TwinShadow


“Aurora” crystal via




.Theresienthal crystal



Melodious Cacophony 




..Anyone can throw together a bright & charming splash of summer flowers in a simple mason jar


The Moroccan sensibility is perfect for creating a colourful yet chic ambience

Have you seen Maryam Montague’s new book;


Slim Paley photo

It’s full of fun ideas, and you may also read her blog HERE



A modern take on the traditional Suzani pattern



C’est Moi!



.Often simple is best!


Kallianthi Fabrics


Roche Bobois  (Also having a sale right now)



Art by Kathe Fraga- explore HERE





via Remodelista





Love this tunic!.


Dior Summer 2012.






Slim Paley Instagram photo

My new Pottery Barn (on sale now!) cushions make me and my porch very happy



Sherbet colours





…and then the Jewelry Fairy came and put a Tamara Comolli  bracelet under all our pillows!



Tanja Lippert

Exuberent! Exhuberant  Exhuberent  #@$%^%^&#






Have a Zingy Weekend