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One of the most vivid cinematic memories I’ve retained from my childhood was the first time I went to see “Mary Poppins”

I was utterly gobsmacked  that Mary could  turn spoonfuls of medicine from one bottle into multiple flavours and colours-what a nifty and useful trick!

But most of all, I was totally entranced by the concept of sitting on clouds.

So much so, in fact, that there’s probably been but a mere handful of times (or should I say a spoonful :) ) that the memory hasn’t floated back into my consciousness  whenever I’m passing through clouds while flying.

I cannot tell a lie…

 I’m always looking for Mary.

Slim Paley Photo

A cirrusly beautiful sky above downtown Santa Barbara


What in the world would Mary have made of our present day “Cloud”s?

Actually I should think Steve & Mary would have gotten along very well, don’t you think?

I was at a dinner party the other night when the subject of ‘Clouds’ of the internet variety came up.

I must admit that I was left feeling a wee bit overwhelmed and a tad paranoid after about 5 minutes.

Who is reading what’s stored in my “Cloud” of choice? Will my information be sold, stolen or tampered with? Have I chosen a secure enough cloud?

and damn it if when the two words “secure” and “cloud” came together; guess what I was visualizing as I raised my  glass to my lips and feigned understanding of how cyber space really works??

Will I ever grow up?!


 from “The Pearl” Brian Eno


Cute idea for a play house but I’d hate to have to clean it

The designer Iris Van Herpen obviously has a thing for clouds

And no one did ‘ethereal’ better than Alexander McQueen

Slim Paley photo

Almost 6′ high these sculptural mirrors by designer Christopher Guy  add 3-D drama to a modern space.

..It seems I can’t pick up a shelter or interior design magazine without seeing clouds of every permutation .

Roche Bobois

“Clouds” by Kvadrat

Artist Berndnaut Smilde creates momentary cloud art with the aid of a fog machine but captures them for posterity on film

 horse in the clouds…

Dior Couture

Iris Van Herpen

.An ethereal table setting, I would imagine for a wedding.

Who knew Baby’s Breath could actually look  good?!

Slim Paley photo

I’m thinking Van Cleef & Arpels but I think my husband has secretly dis-connected the Van C & A. neurons in my brain.

Ayala Serfaty

Cloud Lounge Chair by Debbie Palao

plates by JD Wolfe Pottery via Etsy

Slim Paley photo

A raucous thunder & lightening storm rolls across the lush jungles of Sri Lanka.

Incredible to behold as we sat outside under shelter, savouring sweet wine and tear-inducing chocolate mousse.

A permanent memory to be sure.

Iris Van Hepern

Mario Testino photo

Zeppelin light fixture

Claire Anne O’Brien knitted stool

Dark cloud

Iris strikes  again

Michael Casker photo

Cloud as pet.

Doesn’t eat much but tends to be temperamental  and difficult to train.

Perhaps she is looking for Mary too…

Did you know we should all be looking to experience a cloud phenomena known as “The Morning Glory”?

Have you ever seen it? Perhaps if you live in Australia you have…

The Morning Glory Cloud Phenomena 

and this new book is supposed to be very good if you like to have your head in the clouds;


.Keep your head up :)


A Wee Ray of Sunshine and a Tiny Cloud

Cupcakes from

Please humour me and try to picture these with the previous post.

Pretend like the two posts were one perfect family :)

So here’s the deal with the yellow post-I told you I had been working on it for a while but I gave in to the temptation to post it from Austin, Texas because it was the first day of Spring and so damn COLD there!  Cut to; me getting home and finding my “Yellow File” with some lemony yellow goodness I’d forgotten to include.

 So pissed off!  I know I should walk away, but I can’t- you know me…well, you don’t really, but you’re probably starting to get a good idea…

  Anyway,  here’s the rest of the “Yellow” post to brighten your day .


Kenneth Cobonpue’s Bloom chair No pun intended, but this cool chair has really grown on me (athough I think I’d buy it in green)   I’d like to nestle in and read gardening books!

Caesare Paciotti

Slim Paley photo.

So I probably wouldn’t pick this colour either, but I do love Globe-trotter luggage.  At least it would be hard to lose…

Globetrotter luggage

Oh, and not to be a little grey cloud phhphting by in an otherwise clear blue sky, but I was just wondering...

- Would it be possible for Jennifer Anniston and Sarah Jessica Parker to stay home just for one day??  Would that be like,  crazzee??

- And again with The Kardashians!  Apparently we needed to be alerted today that one of them might have broken up with her boyfriend.  Does anyone else suspect THE Kardashians might all just be one desperate Kardashian that yo-yo diets to appear like 3 sisters and get more publicity?

- I also have to wonder how “Private” Celine Dion’s “Private Anguish” really is if she is willing to pose for the front cover story of People magazine to share it with the entire world.  I know this was a few weeks ago, but I’m still anguishing over her complete lack of any sense of irony.

- And while I’m in Slam Paley mode, does anyone else suspect that Balmain are for some inexplicable reason, cutting their pants to fit our arms, instead of, you know, our LEGS? Cause I’m not a big gal, but I’ve tried up to about size XXXL and still can’t get them on.  Whattup with that?

- Which reminds me, I’m also wondering if my pilates instructor, “Ms. Globe-Trotting Pilates Instructor Of The World” has noticed that I haven’t worked out in about , hmmm, looking down, I’d say nine years.  I hope she had a wonderful time causing others great pain in Greece.  She obviously doesn’t care that I have to wear Balmain skinny pants as a shrug.

- I watched Housewives of NY tonight. Call me crazy, but I don’t think those “friends” really like each other…at all. That was scary, and  passive-aggressive Jill ZARin?  Whoah- that might even explain my mood.  That being said, I’m glad I don’t watch TV very much because once I start watching those shows, no matter how horrendous they are, I can’t stop!  I dare not go near “Jersey Shore”  I might end up with a Snooky t-shirt and a blue-tinged fake tan. I watched Lost and would have followed Josh Holloway to the end of the most deserted part of the deserted island.  If there was an Aman Resort there.

- I’m just curious though, while we’re on the subject of YELLOW !  (don’t you love how I stay focused?!)  What shows besides “Modern Family”  and “Jersey Shore” is everyone watching right now??  I feel like I should pick at least two or three to stay vaguely in the loop. I’d love to hear some suggestions.

And to end on a high note;

Mark Jacobs Fall collection is very cool, yet again

Keep it bright people!!


Friday Favourites (2)

Slim Paley Photo

Our last night in New Orleans.

We roll (literally) out of here in the late morning and on to Austin, Texas (another quiet, Doesn’t Know How to Party town) for SXSW.  That’s the South by Southwest music festival for those of you as unfamiliar with it as I was, just a couple of years ago.  This will be our second SXSW adventure-the first was fun, although once we arrived we realized it was not really age appropriate for our younger son. It was one of our dodgier ‘good parenting moments’, oh, I’d say right up there with me taking him to see “40 Year Old Virgin”, sitting in the middle of the row and having to leave less than 5 minutes in.  Awkwaard.

 But I wax nostalgic…as fate would have it, he got sick in Austin anyway (God punishing me??) so we spent a good deal of the time in the hotel room while my husband, our older son and his friend enjoyed the festivities.

Quite frankly I’d rather have room service than see Iggy Pop’s 60 year old abs anyway.

 The most exciting part was actually being bed-wall to bed-wall with Hilary Clinton in the hotel and having all those secret service agents outside our room 24-7.

Not that Hilary was there for SXSW, although I’m sure Bill would have been down with it.

Speaking of Austin…Sandra Bullock and Jesse James…Really?  REALLY??

But gosh- I’ve gotten side-tracked from Friday’s Favourites haven’t I?!

The Laura Plantation

Although not nearly as big or breathtaking as its neighbour, Oak Alley, just down the road, The Laura Plantation more than makes up for its lack of stature with a rich and colourful history that is equal parts disturbing and fascinating.

 Yes, I dragged my boys to Oak Alley again! but this time we stopped and took the complete  guided tour of The Laura first (it’s not possible to go thru it otherwise) Everyone was very quiet with their own thoughts for awhile afterwards.  Our Favourite?  The tour guide “JOEY” was fantastic.  You felt that you were in the presence of someone who sincerely loved and took pride in what they were doing. What a treat nowadays.

 Please go.  Ask for Joey.  Tell them Slim sent you. :)

Slim Paley Photo

The sun bursting through the clouds on the way to The Laura Plantation.

I don’t wish to tout my own horn, or camera as it were, but since I started Slim Paley, the most common question I’ve been asked by far is “What camera do you use to take your photos?”  It’s a Leica D-Lux 3 which I bought probably close to 4 years ago for aprox. $400.  Since I was asked again just the other day, I decided to check it out on Amazon and I was completely shocked to find that the least expensive one I could find was $1,600.  I don’t know how this could be possible, as I’m not well versed in cameras I don’t understand how it could go up that much in price.  I hope I’m mistaken, but if not, then I would suggest looking at the Leica D-Lux 4, which I assume is the newer model and retails for $799.  If anyone out there has a better lead on the D-lux 3′s please chime in!

On a much more affordable front;

Favourite Lipstick of the moment; Nars Mitzi in the sheer texture.  Fantastic, easy to wear colour for day and night with a great texture.  Can’t imagine it not working for most fair to medium skin tones.  I love a lipstick that you don’t even need a mirror to apply- this is one of those.

Fall 2010/11

Favourite new designer;  Haider Ackerman.

Photo by Bruce Weber

Lastly, while it can’t be classified as “A Favourite” because it hasn’t even been published yet,  Deborah, The Dowager Duchess of Devonshire is coming out with her new autobiography titled  “Wait For Me” in September.  I can’t wait! (seriously, no pun intended-you say Mitford Sisters and I’m there with my pre-order)

Pre-order on

Have to wrap it up now.

 I’m running on fumes &cholesterol and I still have to pack for Austin.

Happy Friday!!