Dispatch From NYC #1

“Swimming with the Louboutins”

While I’m sorting out my formating issues during the next couple of weeks I’m going to have some fun and share much shorter, more frequent posts.

Little visual palate cleansers if you will.

Today I hit the visual motherlode at Barney’s NY where the window held  a giant aquarium filled with lovely pink fish and yes, Louboutins!

 LOVED THIS!  God knows I’ve had more than one night I’ve wished my  pink Louboutins were sleeping with the fishies!

Now that’s creative.

and look who else thought soThe adorable Bill Cunningham, who told us he has never watched the fabulous documentary about him. Can’t say I’m surprised.

A fun day in NY!

The calm before the storm??


Friday Favourites (#99)


.Slim Paley Photo

A Welcome Visitor to My Garden this week



Alright, so it’s not really my 99th “Friday Favourites”… I was just trying to sound productive.

Life is hectic at the moment, but I still wanted to share a few things this Memorial Day Weekend.

The weather is gorgeous in Santa Barbara. Fingers & toes crossed it lasts all weekend long both here, and where ever you may be.


#1Friday Favourite ;
Bringing the garden inside for summer

Slim Paley Photo

Basil and Italian Parsley growing in my kitchen window box

Frozen basil lemonade

 Four cups crushed ice, lg handful basil leaves. Juice of a lemon and a lime, simple syrup to taste, blend and serve. (via Andrew Zimmern Tweet)


S.P. photo



 My sister sent me this today; it really made me laugh;


ATD- at the doctor.

BFF-best friend fell.

BTW-bring the wheelchair.

BYOT-bring your own teeth.

FWIW-forgot where I was…

GGPBL-gotta go, pacemaker battery low.

IMHO-is my hearing aid on??

LMDO-laughing my dentures out.

OMMR-on my massage recliner.

ROFLACGU-rolling on floor laughing and can’t get up.


Our Mom’s response made us laugh even more;  “But I’ll never remember all of those!!!!!!”

Love ya Mum!! :)




Unfortunately, no Chelsea Flower Show for me this year, but I did get an Opening Day peek from my friend who attended,

and therefore, so do you!



Slim’s Friend’s Photo

The Thailand exhibit


Zandra Rhodes and her jeweler at Chelsea





I know I’m really late in getting this recommendation up, but better late than…

(Did I mention I’m a huge proponent of “The Slow Movement”?!)

If, by any chance, you haven’t caught this ENCHANTING documentary yet, please, puhleeze go see it post haste.

Trust me on this one, you’ll not be sorry.  Bill Cunningham is an absolute JOY and the film is a delight- I had a smile on my face all day.

Watch the trailer here;

Bill Cunningham’s NY




And to leave you on a really ADORABLE note;

 You must watch this sweet little video;

Cat mom hugging her baby     


Group Hug!!

Have a wonderful, Safe, Memorial Day Weekend!!