It’s The Homies, homeys…

890a1791Guess what. It’s that time of year again

I have the flu, just found two more grey hairs in my left eyebrow

(OK, 3 if we’re really splitting hairs)

and “The Homies” are back!

(actually, they started 5 days ago so I’m kinda getting creamed)

For readers new to my blog in the past year, The Homies are like the blogging world’s “Oscars” and “Slim Paley” is nominated in the “Best Home Design & Inspiration” category. Of course there’s no money or statue involved but it’s really nice to receive recognition for all the time we bloggers invest in writing our blogs.

Now, just because I’m under the weather and getting old and grey, don’t think I’m looking for sympathy votes. Simply hoping that if you DO enjoy reading “Slim Paley” you will please take a minute to register your support by voting for me.

 The 6 blogs with the most nominations move on to the finals. We can do this!!  Voting closes at 11:59EST Feb. 8th.

I Pinky Swear  you will not receive any unwanted emails from Apartment Therapy.

 Could the 3rd year be a charm for me?? That’s up to you!



I’ll be back with a post very shortly.

Thank you!!


Tangerine Mimosas All Round!

Tangerine  Mims All Round!!



OMG-   I made it!  I’m IN!

THANK YOU SO VERY VERY MUCH to everyone that voted for me!!!  I recognized so many familiar names and “faces” over on The Homie nominations and I can’t tell you how touched I am. You guys are The Best-  You really are My Homies!!  Not only did you help me make it into the top 6 9  (hey- whatupwidat BTW??)   but I received the largest amount of  nominations!   I’d also like  to thank my director, my make-up team, my lawyers…oh, and most of all, my MOM for finally being persuaded to enter her “Passport” information and place that swing vote for me!!  It’s fricking AWESOME!



OK, so you know when I said that part  before  about “I’d just be so happy to make it into the Final 6″…

Not taking that back, don’t get me wrong, but….


You know me,  you know where I’m going with this, right?!

What if…


Slim Paley photo

If I could just win the $50 grand prize we could all have caviar with our mimosas!!!

All you have to do is click HERE and vote for Slim Paley again, or for the first time, if you haven’t voted yet. The Good news is  it’s much easier this final go round! ;  I take that back- today the site’s been so shaky  Evi Quaid’s getting jealous.

When you get to The Homies Contest on Apartment Therapy, you will see this:

To vote again now if you’ve already signed in and voted once before  click; SIGN IN .

If you do not have an account,and are voting for the first time please click; REGISTER

You might have to click on the “Vote below” directly underneath the list of finalists to refresh the actual voting buttons- or you might not, depending on the site’s mood that second :)

I really apologize for all this boring information- I feel like  Jeff at Tribal Council!


Once again, Thank you so much for all your support and quite frankly all this fun!



I’m sending you  flowers from my garden with  heartfelt gratitude


Slim Paley Photo



In the meantime, I’m going to be doing a lot of this;



Oh, I almost forgot… Good Luck to all the other contestants…NO, really

I dedicate this post to every school volleyball, basketball & baseball team captain who picked me last :)





The Homies 2011

Slim Paley photo

The Kitchen Fireplace, Sun Valley




It’s that time again!

I know we’re just fresh off the flush of the Golden Globes and all, but THE HOMIES are ON over at Apartment Therapy.

What’s that you say??  Hey-I didn’t know either, until one of my readers was sweet enough to nominate me today, but  it’s already been going for 3 days!

Nothing like arriving at the Beauty Pageant late, with your wig all askew and pantyhose on backwards, but there you go…


I’m asking for my very first shameless favour from you since I started Slim Paley – If you wouldn’t mind taking the time to register a vote for me, I would be ever so appreciative.  I won’t pretend it’s easy (OK, maybe it’s easier if you haven’t had a glass of wine)

This is what you have to do (to be my best friend forever…or, until the most popular boy in class likes you better than me :) )

First go here:

Scroll down to the bottom of the page (WAY DOWN – cause Helloooo- alot of other people got here first) and click “register to leave a comment” (or Sign In if you are already registered at Apartment Therapy).

After you have registered (and confirmed your email) OR signed in, please leave the following comment EXACTLY as it appears below:

Name: Slim Paley

Click Submit Comment.


I realize this takes a few steps and a few minutes out of your precious free time, so I THANK YOU  IN ADVANCE so much!!

xx Slim

PS. Most of those other contestants- they stuffed their bras…I’m just sayin’  :)



Slim Paley Photo

Roses & Apples from my garden