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21 thoughts on “Slim’s Pickings

  1. Some really great blog sites. Makes me want to completely make over my house … closet … and go on some fabulous vacation all the while eating cup cakes. Oh yes .. and buy all new cosmetics!! Thanks for sharing. Very nice addition.

  2. Such an honor to be included here as an entry on Slim’s Pickings! A heartfelt thank you…I would return the favor except I am also technically challenged. Will be launching a new blog soon on 3.0 with professional tech help, so hopefully the hired intelligence will also upgrade FK to 3.0 and show me the ropes so I can be a better friend to all of my blogging buddies. Now off to take a look at some of the other pickings I’m not yet familiar with.

  3. hey slim,

    i’m honored to make the cut. those are some pretty impressive blogs you have me mingling with up there. thank you for including me and i will keep celebrating mediocrity one post at a time.


  4. I have to tell you that I am so excited about your vision. You are the first person to use the classic impressionists with the florals. These great artists have always been my inspiration. I feel like we are symbiotic souls in a way. Thank you for appreciating masterful beauty, which by the way, is all inspired by the best artist of all… Mother Nature.

  5. Thank you for including Splendid Market. I always love your posts – your links between fashion and nature and your witty sense of humor are exquisite. Always a pleasure to read a post from Slim Paley.

  6. Wow! What an honor to be one of your “Picks!” We love your FABULOUS blog — it’s such a treat. And while, thus far, we have only indulged our love of design on our blog, we count on yours for our dose of other beautiful things, especially off-the-charts fashion. Because, really, where would any of us be without our shoes… Thank you, thank you!

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    • Thank you so much Julieta!! I am honoured to be awarded :) I love your blog and all your recipes!

  8. Hey Slim,

    I was just “surfing” around your blog and noticed you added me to your blog roll. That’s so kind of you! Thank you so much. It’s a honor being here.

    I hope you’re having a beautiful and sunny day.


    Luciane at

  9. What a delightful spirit you have! You are helping me in my effort to begin a blog about “touch.” I’m a psychotherapist with an embarrassing amount of years of experience. Many of your thoughts, pics, remarks etc. are related to TOUCH. Lots of oxytocin !!! I’m writing a book on this subject and you are an inspiration. Thank you, Pat Dunn

  10. I am clearly very slow on the uptake but have only just discovered my blog on your illustrious list. I am extremely honored to say the least! I continue to be an avid fan of your very entertaining blog. All good wishes. Sharon

  11. Very touched to be included among this lovely group. Adore the musings of Miss Faux Fuschia, Janet at The Gardener’s Cottage, and Vicki at French Essence, among many others here. All of these inspirational bloggers are gracious, gorgeous and full of wit and humour in equal measure. Just what we need on a daily basis.

    However, your blog, Miss Slim, is still one of the loveliest. Every time I see it I want to pack my bag and head off to Sri Lanka, Sintra, Paris, Manhattan, or the Maldives…

    Inspiration, indeed.


  12. Slim,
    Thanks so much for including Northern California Style in Slim’s Pickings! I can’t quite believe I’m there with all these wonderful blogs. Slim you have been an inspiration to me as a blogger and a friend.

  13. Just discovered your fabulous blog, Slim….so great! There is so much to capture in photographs here in Vancouver as you know. Wanting a new camera….can you tell me what you use for your wonderful photos?
    Thanks so much!

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