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Pool at the Amanbagh, India.




In my continuing quest for ‘middle age’ inspiration, I was excited to read of Diana Nyad’s new autobiography


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October 21, 2015

“I was 64 when I became the first to swim the 110.86 miles from Cuba to Florida, something I failed at when I was 28. The truth is, I am a better athlete in my mid-60s than I was, even as a world champion, in my mid-20s.

The cliche is that we reach our prime in middle age because we are mature; we have found patience and perspective. We recognize that our time is more and more valuable with each fleeting year. We tap into a well of experience and open-mindedness.

All of this is true, but I also believe we can retain our physical vitality into our middle and even older years.”

Diana Nyad

To read the full article (not too long, for all us Short Attention Span Theatre goers) : Why 66 is better than 28 

Then for a real eye-opener, read the comments.  Are you fricking kidding me?? What is wrong with some people??

And btw, even if she is an elitist, which is not, in my (correct) opinion, how she comes across at all in the article, hasn’t she earned just a little bit of head-swellinization??




“If you told me I’d be left stranded in the wilderness for many months and could choose at which age I would attempt to survive the ordeal, I’d pick this very age, 66.”

I’ve just ordered her book for my Kindle. Simply knowing it’s on there is already inspiring me.

I walk by it and smell the chlorine.


Diana’s blog and website: 


Tell her Slim “I’ve been in the water a grand total of 94 times in my life” sent you 😉




’cause, you know…the hair…


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baby Slim





Burt in ‘The Swimmer” – how could I resist??!




In a previous swim… Byron & Bo








Top photo of pool at the Amanbagh hotel, Rajasthan, by Slim Paley.

Swimcap photo, Pinterest

Burt Lancaster- Still from the movie “The Swimmer” , Google

photo of Diana Nyad via her website.

Westworld photo- too old to trace!






  1. I loved Burt in the Swimmer. What an oddball movie. I still remember it, especially when flying over Los Angeles

  2. I took swim lessons @65 and now I am 70 but do my laps and one of my biggest accomplishments was getting over fear of water…The water makes me feel young and slim of which I am neither…kudos to Diana

  3. Hi Slim-
    Diana Nyad could brag all she wants- she has earned it. And,yet, she doesn’t. I so dislike those miserable ignorant wags who troll the web looking to add their snarky comments about others (of which they have no knowledge).
    And don’t you just love her name? It is lost on those poor lost trolls. Keep writing these blogs. I love that you posted a photo of Burt in “The Swimmer”. Just last week a friend and I were discussing the merits of this quirky film! Synchronicity!
    Your Loyal Fan,

  4. Oh yes she definitely has bragging rights. Good grief!! An amazing woman and thanks for the Burt bonus!!

    The Arts by Karena
    Artist Lesley Schiff!

  5. It’s spring here and the public pools are now open and this post has made me want to go and swim some laps. Nothing like gliding gracefully through the water – better than a sweaty exercise class. Only down side is that chlorine is not kind to hair.

  6. A lady in my Yoga class just learned to swim this summer. She is 80 years old! She does the American Crawl with such ease with the correct breathing. Me, I use a noodle. Lancaster in The Swimmer–who could ever forget that movie.

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