Toiletries Basket/ Stuff That Really Really Works

In the Toiletries Basket;  A few items that seriously, really, truly work.

Email Diamant  red toothpaste.  Really red (well, bright raspberry colour) really makes your teeth look white.  What it does is turn your gums slightly pinker and adhers to any spots you might have missed in brushing, much like those little dye tablets the dentist used when you were a kid.    Makes a bit of a mess in your sink and dyes your toothbrush bristles pink too.  Who cares? It works. I always look for it in upscale pharmacies when I’m traveling or in NY (You can get it in Vegas too- at that huge mall that doesn’t have a single bookstore).  About $14.00



Mario Bedascu Drying Lotion.   Fantastic for drying up spots/zits/blemishes really quickly.  Tiny bottle, travels well, lasts forever.  Don’t leave home without it.


Clubman Moustache Wax OK, this stuff – geeeenius if you have really unruly eyebrows.  Am I revealing too much?? I just wish my eyelashes curled half as much as the ends of my eyebrows.  It comes in different colours but neutral is the ticket.  A little dab’l do ya and you have to work fast.  It comes with a cute little brush too.  Smooth on with your finger tip and then brush into place. Those suckers are down for the night!  About $4.00 on Amazon.


Bliss   Problem Salved 20-in-1 wonder balm another genius product that is just fantastic for traveling, having in your car, heck- have one in every bag- it’s not expensive.  It helps insect bites from itching, dry cuticles, removes little mascara mishaps, really helps smooth eyebrows too, although it’s NO Clubman Moustache Wax but it will do in a pinch.  The most amazing thing it does though is help with blisters and I swear to God, COMPLETELY stopped mid-toe thong pain when I was at Magic Mountain a couple of weeks ago.  I was walking for hours (don’t ask… I’ve never felt more thin or glamorous anywhere in my life) and my feet were killing me in rubber thongs.  Then I remembered the wonder balm in my bag- HAPPINESS!!!  It was like a miracle.  A MIRACLE I tell you.  People even started to look thinner.


I’ll never travel without it.

Do YOU have any FAVOURITE products that are either obscure or totally live up to the hype??? Share!


  1. I’m going to take the ‘dab’l’ as the subliminal message I feel Slim is sending to me as permission to purchase all these items listed. I found all of them on Amazon.
    My two cents would be ‘Lac-Hydrin Five Moisturizing Lotion’. I have seen many dermatologists for eczema / dry skin problems and have used prescription strength creams but to no avail. ‘Lac-Hydrin’ is the only skin cream I can tolerate. It works miracles on chapped dry hands, especially hands that are being compulsively washed as a result of pig flu fright. It is fast, too. I discovered it when I was given it in the hospital and until recently you could only find it in hospital pharmacies. CVS Pharmacy is now carrying it.
    Thanks again, Slim, for another great blog.
    Dab’l Dabbsie

  2. Who doesn’t love to get tips on making our mirror smile back at us? Well at least not ignore us. All the products sound great. I have had that tooth paste in the past. I think I bought it in N.Y. Have just come to the last of Clinique pore minimizer/T-zone Shine Control. I will never be with out it , truly works.
    My new find OSIS+ dust it. (23 light control ) check it out …Whew!! It’s a light powder which you sprinkle in roots of hair. Fabulous body. Wonderful for those who have a tendency to oily locks.

  3. oh this is a fun blog idea…

    I’ve tried that red toothpaste and agree with Slim, it is amazing! unfortunately I can’t find it anywhere in Canada, and forget to look for it when I’m in the States:(

    I also love “Clinique Pore Minimizer Instant Perfector”, I just put a very small amount on my cheeks and t-zone. It really does minimize the appearance of my pores and keeps my face shine free for hours! It comes in a very small tube but mine lasts about 3 months.

    I also love PanOxyl 10% Bar Soap, I unfortunately still break out on occasion and this has really helped me deal with this problem. It is a little bit drying, but I have oily skin so this is not an issue with me (it also comes in 5%, which is less drying). I should warn that the 10% version will bleach colored face clothes so be sure to use white ones!

    and my last rave would have to be “TIGI Curls Rock Curl Amplifier”, I have curly hair (need I say more?) and this is by far the best product I’ve found for battling the problems associated with my curls.

  4. I’ve never been able to walk into a drugstore without buying something. I’ve said this before, but I have found one of the best ways to get to know a people when traveling is to check out their drugstores. You learn a lot about the culture.
    I also recommend Desert Essence Natural Tea Tree Oi Facial Cleansing Pads. These are marvelous .
    Very refreshing, especially on a hot day. You find these at Trader Joe’s.

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