The Ultimate List




It’s a challenge for me just to get past the first 3, but I’m starting tonight.  Are you in??

Let’s compare notes periodically to see how we’re all doing.


PS. I am adding meditating to the list.

PPS. Actually, I’m going to replace ‘Clean More Often’ with meditating.  Because I think we should keep it at 10.

PPPS. I have so much more to say… but I’m trying my best to be good at #10 right now.



  1. I’m in ALL the way!! I have tried over the past year to meditate every day, then life “gets in the way” (which is exactly why we should meditate, right?), Come to think of it, I think all the items on your list have been part of my “to do list”. Comparing notes will be a great way to stay on track for me.Time to get on with it!!!

    P.S A friend told me that writing down 5 things every day that you are grateful for, will slowly change your perspective on EVERYTHING. Can be as simple as grateful for the Negroni (wink, wink), or the smell of fresh coffee in the morning. I’m going to add this to my to do list!

    P.P.S SO glad to have Slim Paley back in my “in box”, you have been missed!!!

  2. # 2,3,5 are my constant pursuits. Fish poop in water so always have a hard time with drinking it even if it is bottled. It is so hot here in Tucson it is hard to exercise outdoors and not interested in gyms with all the Barbie Dolls. Excuses excuses and everyone has one. I just have to get with the program and act like a responsible grownup. Nothing appeals to me more than my lux bed and a good book or fun magazine.

  3. That’s a tough choice for me because #6 would be Therapeutic Housecleaning. It sort of clears my head at the same time. 🙂

  4. You dear Slim are a breath of fresh air. So very happy that you are back. You are truly inspiring and real. No pressure though 😜 In regard to The List, If only…..

    • Hi Karen
      The reason is that I unplugged Mail Chimp temporarily . To be honest, I need a refresher course from my son on how to use it again. So at the moment, only regular posts are sending out emails , not Daily Paleys.
      I’m glad you love the list though- I do too!

  5. Do *more eating* & *more drinking* count? 😬🍸🍕

    p.s. Slim, would you mind conveying to *Mr. Paley* that we miss hearing his thoughts on the NYC radio dial? 📻🇬🇧

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