Sunday Chatter

Always nice to come home to Santa Barbara!

  As I do have a lot of catching up to do and tomorrow is Monday (argh), not to mention THE Hockey game that starts in a couple of hours, I thought I would write just a wee post about some completely random thoughts that passed through my  melon as I was traveling yesterday;

-And yes, that’s right, you heard me- I’m going to watch the Olympic Hockey game between the U.S. and Canada.  I can’t remember the last time I was this excited about a hockey game.  Actually, I can’t remember the last time I was ever excited for a hockey game.  OK, I cannot tell a lie- this is only the third time I’ve ever watched a hockey game, but unlike American football, at least it’s easy to figure out what’s going on. I hope Canada wins.  Sorry, I’m just sayin….that would be pretty darn exciting for the Canadians.

But back to travel for a moment

-Is it fair to call a seat “reclining” if it moves less than 4 inches??  I’d say that’s more like a “Barely Discernible Tilt”

-Does it drive you insane that when the moment they announce pre-board  70% of the passengers, despite not having small children, need of assistance, or first class-tickets all run up to gate like they’re exiting a sinking ship?

-Is it not unbelievably rude to lean over someone and close their window shade without even asking??  (AFTER I had just finished decorating my whole window seat area)  Then if you open the shade again, all of sudden it’s The Sharks vs The Jets in West Side Story on Aisle 5.

.– and btw, you know the nice thing about Fed-ex-ing your bags on the way back?  You don’t have to face unpacking immediately! What a bonus.  Now if there’s a legit way of avoiding the mountain of mail that awaits you after a week away, I’m all ears…

 what I read on the plane;

-Do we care in ANY way about Tiger’s ridiculous apology?  (I guess by using the word “ridiculous” I’ve tipped my opinion)  And is it just me, or is his wife looking a little less attractive  since we’ve heard she might be taking him back??  I don’t want to be Slam Paley over here (although that could make an interesting post maybe once a month) but seriously??  She might take him back?  In fact, while I’ve got my feisty on for the upcoming game, I feel inclined to do a “SERIOUSLY??” post about quite a few things lately…

-Do we really care in ANY way how much Suri Cruise’s handbags cost??  OMG.  Isn’t she about 4 or something?

I believe my “handbag” at that age was a mitten with a partially sucked on candy and a pretty coloured rock in it.

-Who do you think is buying Kim Kardashian’s perfume??

-What’s up with John Mayer?  Does he not want any more dates??

– And lastly, this is not political in anyway, but I’m sorry White House-  CUFFLINKS as a gift to the Dalai Lama??  That has  REGIFT written all over it…

Go Canucks!!!!!!


Oh-and by “Canucks” I meant that like “Canadians” not like as in the Canucks Team.

Gawd- I’m not that out of it  (phew-thanks, sis)



  1. I’m with you all the way (especially the cuff links…when was the last time he wore a suit with french cuffs??) and I can’t believe someone actually leaned over you and closed the shade! Scary!

  2. Dear S.P.-
    Well said. One more topic you didn’t mention-why do we need to constantly hear about someone named Heidi Montag?
    I was appalled that Tiger’s apology was given just as much air time and importance as a presidential
    address. RIDICULOUS is not strong enough a word.
    On a positive note, welcome home and happy unpacking! The best part is when you have goodies shipped home. It’s like Christmas when they arrive a few days later!

    • are you kidding? It had at least a hundred more replays than any Presidential speech ever! It is revolting!

      You are so correct!!!!!!!!

      WHO CARES!!! He is not a tiger. He is a (omigosh……I almost just insulted a pig!) Whew!)a…….I can’t insult any animal with making tiger woods…….(no caps) equivalent.

      I am reminded of a sign I saw long ago….at the Bronx zoo I think. It was a mirror. Under the mirror it said:

      “This is the only animal which kills other animals for sport. This is also the only animal who kills its own kind at all.”

      tiger hasn’t killed anyone, I guess……he’s just maimed a whole bunch. His wife, his kids, his girlfriends…….(I didn’t hear any apologies to them)…….he is worse than any animal in my book. I think he is a sociopath……..and he didn’t need to apologize to me. I just will never buy a single solitary item from any company who has him as a spokesperson. NEVER.

  3. Did you see him being escorted out a back door flanked by full trash bags? Between the inauspicious exit and lame gift, I’d say his visit was not Desiree’s finest hour.

  4. You are hilarious today! I am choking on my laughter because you are so so on-the-money!
    By the way, thanks for the trip to New York. I continue to look for a steak that looks as handsome as that hunk I saw on your post!
    Keep up the good work, but Go Team USA!

  5. Thanks for a good laugh! My mother-in-law reached up and turned off MY light (yes, the one that only shines on MY lap) on an 10-hour overnight flight to Europe. People are rude!!!

  6. I am watching the hockey game too. My very, very first one. But I have to admit that I am going for the good old USA. I enjoy the “healthy competition” with my Canadian husband. (I don’t think that he enjoys it though…..)

    I still can’t figure out who the Kardashian’s are and what their purpose is.

    Tiger, Schmiger. Don’t give a hoot about ya.

    And the window shade….for some reason I am assuming it was a women. Was it? Ruder than rude.

    Go teams go!!!!!!

      • Amazing to hear who is watching the game! I’m watching too!
        SP thank you for cheering for Canada. GO CANADA!

        I think the last game I watched was in 1976 – Russians vs Canada.

        AHHH the US just scored again. OMG the score is 4 – 2 for the US!

        9 min left in the third period. This is stressful.

  7. Well said Merle. Enough said about him. The Dalai Lama always makes me feel happy and positive, a wonderful man.
    Sorry about your “designed seat” flight home….Funny though. Yes indeed people are too rude. Good thing you make it funny.
    What will you say if Canada does not win (bite my tongue )??
    Go Canada.!!!!!!.

  8. 4″ of reclining? Is that business class?

    I think the people who want to smell like a Kardashian are the same ones who want to smell like Pamela Anderson. Ummm… no thanks.

    Thank you for taking us on your trip. I’ve been wanting to go to Peter Luger’s since reading Julie and Julia and I didn’t make it there over the summer. I’m homesick for Bergdorf’s!

  9. I love this post!!! Couldn’t agree more about everything (except for the hockey issue). I really thought that the Obama White House was a little more sophisticated than to give the Dalai Lama cuff links. How about a donation to Haiti in his name and in the name of all Tibetans? I love the Dalai Lama; I’m sure that he took this visit in stride and with an inner smile.
    Thanks for making me laugh.

  10. The thing that bothers me most about Tigers apology is the fact that once again we ALL have to watch that disgraceful publicity whore Gloria Alread. She has once again managed to get that disgusting mug of hers more air time by attaching herself to the hip of some idiot who has the balls to be demanding an apology because Tiger lied to her. Geeez since when is a lying man a matter of LAW .. ??!! And if it is and there are any good attorneys out there reading this – call me!! Seriously could someone just have that woman euthanized please? Oh yes … and GO CANADA !!

  11. Fun post — the most fun part is that the luggage won’t come home until later, I hate seeing the bags the morning after a trip.

    BTW — the Carlyle is a lovely place, we used to stay there regularly, they would send us packages of soap for Christmas each year!

    My goodness, who is coaching Tiger? I watched a part of his “speech”. For a statement based speech it was so poorly executed. He had total control, but it was so “boxy” and more than a little awkward!

    I love those people who rush to stand in line to take their seat and spend just a few more precious moments in those lovely seats. And I love sashaying down the gangplank at the very last moment and being the first one off!

    Sounds like a wonderful trip!

  12. I watched the game and am so glad USA won. I have season tickets to the Philadelphia Flyers so I have seen many games but this one was a battle.
    As for the plane, raising someone else’s window could not be ruder maybe you could un-recline that persons seat just to get even.
    Not that it is any of my business but when a man cheats with that many whoremens(whore /women) how much does he really love his wife. He is only sorry he got caught. I know there are kids involved but she is just asking for a life of misery and always worrying about what or who he is doing.

  13. Love all your chatters. Enjoyed the trip to NY with you. Never been, but am seriously considering.

    Did not watch or listen to Tiger. Not worth my time. Agree with all your other comments. It was almost heartbreaking Canada lost. Maybe next time.


  14. Oh dear!

    Not only was he given air time……..13 minutes of “tomfoolery”!! It was broadcast ALL DAY LONG! Mercifully , you were in New York city walking around! I don’t watch tv; I listen to the radio in my car…..(.and nothing takes long to get there where I live)…….and every time I turned on the radio…..there it was again! I AM NOT KIDDING ALL DAY LONG.

    There must be some agency who can track the air time on tv and radio on that day of that dumb and dumber “speech” by tiger.( I simply refuse to capitalize ) It reminded me of a corporate guy apologizing for not good returns on the stock prices; or insider trading.

    Let’s just see if he can concentrate on his “golf”!

    Most men are rooting for him. Most women aren’t! Would you agree?

    Love your tale of New York!


  15. LOVED your NY posts Slim…but I am happy you are back and firing away with your intuitive blogs!
    Fortunately, no one really cared about Tiger’s apology because he is a selfish LOSER! (Has anyone mentioned the notion of karma to that snivalling Nike rep?)
    Sorry the game turned out so well for USA…!

  16. Did anyone think Tiger was medicated? If only Sunny Von Bulow were here to tell us…
    And could he not have mustered SOME emotion? The speech was very calculated and “directed.” Robotic even. ” I. Am. Ve.Ry. Sor.Ry.
    Is not apologizing the new apologizing? Wouldn’t it have been refreshing to have had him not say anything?
    Why ask the press to leave him alone? Shoulda thought about that before you had the flings, Tigey.
    John Mayer: maybe he should get off twitter. He could come to my website… It’s for people who quit things. Tiger could “qweet” his old girlfriends, too, btw.
    The Dalai Lama: I do recall 2 very stylish friends wearing white cuffs to hike in Bhutan. Perhaps the Dalai Lama can add some fashion to the monks wardrobe in Tibet…or he could just “qweet” the cufflinks, melt the gold and donate to charity.
    Rude Plane lady: Sounds like she was jealous of your seat decorating. But when you wrote about this a thought immediately came to mind: Did she have B.O.? In my head, she did. I guess she “qweeted” bathing like Mo’Nique Qweeted shaving her legs.
    Ok. I guess I am done. Time to qweet this post.

    • Apologizing is The New Black!!

      PS. But no, thank goodness she did NOT have, ugh, I can’t even say it… I never would have stayed in my seat, decorating or no decorating.

  17. “regift” had me in stitches! and the food pics- you “fat match”
    I thought you only ate vodka soaked blue cheese olives?

  18. Loved the post – made getting up this Monday morning to face a battalion of house painters more tolerable. And oh, about the Canadians – trop mal!!! I do love the Dalai Lama’s beatific

  19. I’m just curious if your husband was with you on the plane when the lady closed your window shade? If so, I would love to have known what his reaction was.

  20. This post put a smile on my Monday! Too funny.

    Where do people get the nerve to lean over you period? I didn’t listen to Tiger’s apology – I bet his wife didn’t either. Suri – at first I thought, Hello, she is 4! and then I thought – oh, well, they have the money, and finally, I thought – I’m just glad someone put a coat on the child. I imagine the people who watch Kim Kardashian’s show might try the perfume. Not so much me, thanks. And finally – Cufflinks to the Dalai Lama – did anyone put any thought at all into that gift?

    Have a great week!


  21. My sides are hurting, laughing so much! You’re a riot…really…and I agree with every.single.thing you wrote! All fabulous observations! What is WRONG
    with our admin??? Well….don’t get me started on that, but WHO is in charge
    of gifts?? Are they really that ignorant??? Help me with this…

    Glad you’re home safe in beautiful Santa Barbara….I’m originally from San Diego
    and miss CA when it comes to lush landscapes, bouganvillas, perfect rose gardens,
    Lillies of the Nile, and so on. We played pond hockey all day yesterday and rooted
    for the good ol’ USA last night!! Come ON! The Canadian team was stacked big time, but USA came through. I do love Sid the Kid….who wouldn’t? A great game, no matter what. xo!

  22. I too just had to watch that game and I don’t think I have really watched a hockey game for 20 years! Being from Massachusetts, we all grew up on skates and all of my brothers played hockey. I found myself explaining icing to my Virginian husband who (1) can’t skate and (2) actually knows next to nothing about hockey – a shocker coming from the big college sports fan – and it only took 17 years for me to find this out. It was a great game, though!

    Your NY photos were just wonderful. And the food – I could just eat the creamed spinach and the crusty Potato Anna and a big ol’ glass of Zinfandel right now!

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