Saying Goodbye


L1120067 roses



Don’t worry- this is multiple choice and doesn’t count toward your final grade.

Here are your options;



A) OMG- I like TOTALLY slept in !!



B) Life Stuff came up and I had to deal.



C) I’ve had incredibly frustrating issues with my ‘server’



D) I was traveling.


House on Legs

E) I moved.


Well done and an A+ for all of you!

In fact, if you chose one or all of the above you scored 100%

But seriously, all you loyal and lovely readers- We really did MOVE. As in out of our home.

And by the time I finally found a little time to cobble a post together, I realised my blog server had suffered a complete break down. I’m still not at all sure what’s up, but at the moment it’s sober and functioning so I’m grabbing the opportunity to post. Hoping it’s not all for nought, so do let me know you’re still out there too!

But back to the move…

I’ll spare you the stroll down Memory Lane (plus I don’t want to have to open a bottle of wine before 5pm)  but suffice it to say we poured (one track mind)  a massive amount of love and memories into our lovely old house. As many of you know, after following my blog for so long, it was built in 1895, and we were only the 5th family in 120 years to have had the pleasure of living there.

We were a little family of 3 with our second son still on the way when we first set eyes on it over two DECADES ago.  22 years People.

Screen Shot 2015-04-18 at 10.31.59 PM


OK, I opened the wine.

In some ways it feels like another lifetime, which, in a way, it was… but during the move there were also moments when I literally had to sit down and catch my breath while waves of nostalgia rolled over me as I tried to process how quickly 22 years have come and gone.


Bunya-Bunya tree, araucaria bidwillii IMG_9849


During the final days, we all said our goodbyes to our favourite things about the house and property, including two very special trees. The above  Bunya-Bunya (Araucaria bidwillii) specimen is one of the largest and oldest of its kind in Santa Barbara. I don’t know how tall it is but very, very, very tall. The size of its roots gives you a pretty good indication.

I had to leave the house when the movers began to take the piano out the front door. Just put a fork in me.  Not that our boys loved the piano, au contraire, but for some reason, perhaps the recollection of all the “time to practice your piano” moments (arguments) made me realise that all parenting memories are undeniably heart-wrenching and precious. Even the ones where we (me) as a parent, ahem, could have handled things a little differently.  It wasn’t until our 3rd teacher, God bless you Seungah, that the lessons became more enjoyable and practicing a tad less arduous. Note to new parents; young and pretty piano teachers are definitely the way to go (unless, of course, the piano lessons are for your husband!)

But alas, our round of cheek, flaxen haired, reluctant pianists have both left home now. They’re grown young men with full lives of their own and more facial hair between them than the entire cast of “Game of Thrones”. Including extras.

I assure you there’ve been many, many times the past few months when I’ve missed the fun and creative respite of writing my posts.



Tempted to share slivers of this experience; some sweet, some humorous, some not so much.

Like actual “Moving Week”-W T Fuuuuh?? Now I get when people talk about how stressy and emotional it is.

But in the end,  it was too poignant and personal and I was too preoccupied and overwhelmed to write about anything else.


dining room sunset light


However it’s all finished now.

We’ve said our good-byes.


IMG_9771 - V

With my favourite oak tree (and yes, a glass of champagne, why not?!)

Sure, I still get a little teary-eyed at Barry Manilow songs (except “CocaCabana”)  Madame Butterfly, one or two Bee Gees tunes, Cat Stevens & “American Pie” but hey, I’m only a human girl. Forget about Sarah McLachlan’s “I Will Remember You”.

Let’s be honest, Barry White made me cry on Wednesday. But that was for different nostalgic reasons 😉

Change is good.  Change is great in fact. If you’ll pardon the oft used phrased, we’re all very excited to be starting this new chapter in our lives. Especially my husband and I (we celebrated our 27th wedding anniversary recently)

And as long as I get my ‘server issues’ resolved,  I plan on returning to regular posting now the move is over. Was my last post really January 31st??!  Dare I say, the ‘Daily Paleys’ may resurface if I can remember how to use Monkey Mail Mail Chimp, whatever the hell service I transferred to for email alerts several months ago.


Screen Shot 2015-04-18 at 11.52.14 PM


I said we moved…I didn’t say anything else had changed  🙂

Lastly, I would be remiss in not saying a very heart-felt thank you to everyone who checked in with emails to inquire where I had gone, or just to see if everything was OK. Very sweet and much appreciated.

and don’t forget, for those that aren’t signed up for email alerts but would like to receive one when I put up a new post-

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Be In Love with your Life. Jack K.


BTW, in case you’re wondering, we’re still in Santa Barbara. Who would willingly leave such a place?!

xox SP


Photo credit;

Black & white photo of Helena Christiansen by Peter Lindberg

House on legs via Pinterest

“The Butler’s in Love” by Mark Stock







  1. Whew! So releaved you are still committed to my favorite blog of alllllllll. And having done the “leave the family home now that the boys are gone” drill about six years ago I still remember how sentimental (all those soccer shirts, Legos, and old Mothers’ Day cards to sort through!), painful (what do you do with your Canadian mother’s Coranation porcelain tea cups and teapots?), and embarrassing (I can’t possible have six different styles of colanders in the attic!); it was definitely worth it!
    Enjoy the journey. Here’s to the next exciting phase of your life, dear Slim.

    • Thank you Marsha! I know you have been following along with me since the very beginning and I appreciate it! xx

  2. Good to see you back Slim and happy to see you are still in beautiful Santa Barbara. Look forward to your posts to come.

  3. Slim!! Gosh it’s so great to have you writing again and sharing the latest from your {busy} life. You handled such a challenging life event with your usual humor and grace. They say moving is near the top of the stress scale {right below something low key like death}. But for it to be leaving a house after 22 years that your children grew up in ~ that’s such a toughie. {Heck, I fell in love with your house just from the pictures and will miss seeing it!} I am also in much of that same boat right now ~ two sons {one already graduated college, one about to in May}, 30 years of marriage AND 23 years in the same home. We are now in serous talks about a move {and it’s so funny ~ the boys have moved on and out in every way, but they won’t hear of us selling it. Yet.}. I am printing this post out as encouragement and inspiration for if {when} the sign goes up. {Gulp}. Wishing you so many wonderful new memories in the new place! And so happy you didn’t move away from the online neighborhood! : )

    • Thank you Phyllis! And I wish you the very best of luck in making YOUR momentous decision!
      And Happy Graduation to your son 🙂 xx

  4. I always love your perspective whether through your photo lens or your words/heart. I’m looking forward to hearing about your adventures in your new home!

  5. Slim I thought you were traveling off to some exotic lands far away, the move I did not anticipate; however change IS good and I love Santa Barbara so am glad you stayed there and cannot wait to see and hear more of your new home and adventure!

    The Arts by Karena

  6. Slim, so glad you are back. My very favorite blog……love everything about it! Love traveling through your posts, seeing the beauty of flowers, knowing the love of having sons and especially the words you give. Thanks!!!!

  7. Welcome back! Missed you mucho, thank god for your Instagram feed. Please start posting ASAP so we can see where you’ve been and where you’re going.

  8. Hola!! Google very helpfully reminds me that I’ve visited your site 8 times since April 16th. Today, finally, success!! So glad to see your post. I’ve been trying to follow along on Insta, but one cannot get the full SP experience on the small phone screen … My daughter headed off to college in NYC last fall, and I’ve decided it’s time to move out of this house. September is my goal, but I have done NOTHING to make that a reality. Please do share your motivational strategies … Susan

    • Thank you Susan, but I’m afraid I’m the poster child (poster older person) for Worst Motivational Strategist 🙁 I Just try to make it through the day accomplishing at least 4-5 things before I start thinking about the cocktail hour!

  9. I imagine the previous owners also hugged that wonderful tree when they left and the next owners will do the same.

    By the way, what type of tree is it? I see that amazing palm nearby.

    • It’s a Bunya-Bunya tree. and yes, such an amazing palm nearby- which we planted. Wish I could have taken all our trees (and roses) with us !

  10. So glad to have you baaaaack!!! Just the other day I was thinking about what could have happened, a friend and S.P follower commented that you probably got tired of “us”, but I knew with your impeccable manners you wouldn’t leave without a good bye.
    After 33 years of marriage, and 22 in the house we built and raised 3 boys in, we are making plans for the next phase. Smaller house, less upkeep and more TRAVEL! Xoxo!

    • Thanks K.R. !!
      Another sweet person who has been ‘with’ me since my very first foray into blogging. I wish you much happiness and fortitude in the next phase and YES, more TRAVEL !! xox

  11. So happy to hear from you again. You have created and left a beautiful home for new owners and you will create beauty and memories again in your new home. Best of luck with all you are accomplishing and know that posts from you are always worth the wait.

  12. Well, I have to say – the house was gorgeous and I’d miss it for sure! This post made me laugh and smile for sure (and “Oh yeah” to I will remember you! That one gets me every time!) But that picture of your babies with the smushie faces? Cutest thing ever! Best of luck to you in all the adventures to come!

  13. Oh, how I’ve missed you. The Instagram shots have helped get me through, but they aren’t the same at ALL. I can’t imagine how emotional and bittersweet and just downright strange it must be to have left your beautiful home. Hope you share some pics, or glimpses of the new one. Congrats on a new phase…and please don’t be a stranger ’round here.

  14. Slim, So glad you are back. Missed you and your view of things. I cannot imagine moving out of that home you raised your boys in. Must have been emotional. So many sweet memories I am sure. However, change is good and exciting and you are onto a new phase! Best of luck with it all. I was just down in Santa Barbara and still stunned at what a lovely town it is. Nothing else like it! Best wishes. x Kim

  15. Oh my goodness…that would have been a tough house to leave. But alas, as I have grown, adult sons, I understand. How much room does one couple need, right?
    I’m thrilled you didn’t leave SB…who would?!
    I knew you were alive since I follow you on Instagram as well.
    I look forward to reading future posts.
    Happy Anniversary!

  16. So glad you are back, but did you have to bring tears to my eyes? Oy. Wonderful post as always. Glad your absence was for good reasons and everyone is fine. Oh, and you did make me laugh as well of course!

  17. Glad you are back ! Looking forward to your posts. We have just moved cities and downsized after 30 plus years in the family home.. Know all the feelings !

  18. Whew-so glad you’re back – as someone who has downsized several times, I share your pain. Your house was stunning and elegant, as are you and I am certain that you will create another magnificent nest. I am also certain that you will come to appreciate the joy of a smaller space-cozy can be divine. I do hope you took cuttings from your glorious garden-your flowers and arrangements are flower show worthy.

    Looking forward to many more of your inspirational posts.

  19. Thanks for making me cry at my desk. Thank God no one can see my blubbering face.

  20. When my eldest expressed his sadness to be travelling 3,000 miles from his Toronto home to study in Vancouver, I reminded him that this sadness was in fact a gift. That the depth of his feeling directly correlated with the depth and richness of the life he had shared with his family, friends and community. And that if he was lucky, he’d have more sadness when it was time to move on again, four years down the road. Blessings and loss blessings and loss..necessary ingredients of life fully lived.

    • That’s so very true Debra. And I said pretty much the same thing (though not as eloquently) to my husband when our younger son was so sad about moving.
      PS. I think your son will love Vancouver- it’s such a beautiful city.

      • Oh, Slim. That was 10 years ago. He was five years in Vancouver (you’re right, he loved it), three more in Victoria (LOVED IT) and now, two in Halifax. Can I just say this? I think I’d like to eat my words, now. I fear he may never come back!

  21. So so happy that you came back!! Moving house, Is up there at the top of the “stress tree”… Your warmth and love for family and home shine through in your funny and sensitive blog. Welcome back Miss Slim .

  22. Same here. married 27 years this month. 2 sons, ages 25 & 23. Lived in this house for 22 yrs. Seriously thinking of selling and starting a new chapter. Best of luck to you in your new home.

    • That’s cray cray! Just the same as us except one year off with the two sons. Best of luck to you as well Karen!

  23. Glad to see your posts back, I’ve missed you. And, yes, why leave Santa Barbara?! My old roommate lost her beautiful home in the fires a few years ago, yet she’s back on the esplanade.

  24. Thank HEAVENS you’re still in Santa Barbara! I watch the Meryl Streep movie while ironing just so I can get my fix of SBA every so often. I’ve missed you! I don’t know how (emotionally) you left that house…those trees. But also can’t wait to see your new home!

    Your thoughts about boys growing up brought tears to my eyes. When my 3 boys were toddlers & I was running ragged, my wise, older sister told me, “Appreciate their sweet little voices and their precious little bodies….because one day very soon they’re going to be big, hairy dudes.” I still laugh when I think about her sage advice now that they are all teenagers & it’s happening to them….. Parenthood is not for sissies!

    • I can’t believe I still haven’t seen that film- and I know the one you are talking about but I forget the name.
      Yes, the hair…SO…much…hair… :-0

  25. You’ve been very missed, Slim. So funny, my husband (of 30 years) and I just moved out of our beloved and beautiful family of home of 22 years (not unlike yours). And, like you, I had to leave when the piano was on it’s way out the front door. Kindred spirits, I guess. We are also very excited and very grateful for the privilege and freedom we enjoy. I am now City Mouse, Country Mouse with a Townhouse in Aurora and a pretty little home in Niagara on the Lake.

    Cheers to you (and me),
    Laura Hanson (Ontario, Canada).

  26. And a fellow Canuck to boooout 😉
    Congratulations on your move and 30 years of marriage!

  27. Oh you have been missed and talked about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where is SP?????? (and I dont mean Simon Pearce!!!!! lol)
    My days are happier when I read your blogs and get inspiration on everything from A-Z. I read a few other blogs but yours surpasses everyone’s!!!! I really look forward to seeing you in my inbox. Please please resume! I know moving is not fun but a new adventure but on a selfish note, I want to stay connected with you. You make me SMILE! So keep writing and posting. You have a great gift. ….and have given so much to so many. Filled with gratitude that you are back.
    xo Leslie M. (So. Calif.)

  28. Just caught up with the blog. Such big news, leaving that wonderful home and all those sweet memories you created. But, I can’t wait to see where you land next and what fun we will have seeing what you do with it! Is there something Andalusian in your future?

  29. Slim, Thank you for sharing so many photos and memories about your stunning house. I’m also glad that all is well as your posts have been missed. Cheers to the old house and here’s to the next chapter!

  30. So happy you are back. Really missed you. I have to make that move from a “now it’s to big house” I’ve been living in for 25 years. Hearing your story gives me hope❤️

  31. Very glad your blog is back! Have been thinking of you and Santa Barbara with this latest oil spill news. More heartbreak.

  32. P.S. Two of our grandchildren…..EEEK!!” Are graduating from high school ! One just graduated from Cate school yesterday; another we go back to Massachusetts to see another graduate next Tuesday….. they were just toddlers about two years ago! Weren’t they???? Good Grief!!!

    Time flies….and enjoy every minute!
    It seems like it was about two years ago that their mothers’ graduated from high school and I cried about that!!!!

    You are a wonderful example of “love every minute”!!!!

    Every single day! If ever I have adopted that ; it is now!! Every single day! Wake up and be grateful!!

    Your blog is a joy……and helps people do exactly that!!!

    The “secret to happiness in life” (this wonderful “shrink” told me.) is this: “adaptation to change”. Yes it is. You are really good at it. And you are an inspiration to all of us. You are. And thank you .

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