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It’s always nice to share isn’t it?

So I thought it would be fun to introduce a new regular series relating to items I love in the great big world of Beauty Products.

As always, please DO feel free to share your favourite recommendations in my comments section as well. (But ixnay on marketing, please!)

Some items may have been mentioned in older posts, so to those of you who’ve been S.P.BFF’s from the very beginning, please forgive any repeats for the sake of the Newbies.

I wouldn’t re-mention them if they weren’t, like, super great.

I’ll try to limit these items to things you would have in your medicine cabinet, purse, or travel bag.


I hope food doesn’t somehow sneak in, but I can’t make any promises. 🙂





From left;

“Miracle Skin Transformer” is a good “tinted skin enhancer” that truly does minimize the appearance of small imperfections and pores. It’s also nice that it has an SPF of 20. I believe it comes in 3 shades- I’m relatively fair (with yellow undertones) and use “Medium”

*Note;  Although I like this product a lot, please note that it does not play well with others- so if you need additional products, other than a light moisturiser, don’t use this on top or it starts to ‘pill up’. Save it for when you need only blusher and powder or bronzer, which doesn’t turn “Miracle Skin Transformer” into a pill.

Dikson “Argabeta Oil” is an Italian ‘Beauty oil’ for the hair with beta-carotene and Argan oil. It’s richer and more intense than “Moroccan Oil” and smells like some dark, exotic, mystery laden unguent purchased down a clandestine alley of a Moroccan souk.  I’m putting it in my hair when it’s wet &/or dry because my hair is thick and dryer than last year’s Christmas tree.

ByTerry “Source De Rose Hydra” Toning Lotion  long time readers know I practically supine myself at the “ByTerry” alter  counter in Barney’s cosmetic department. Their make-up and skincare products are out of this world. Unfortunately, so are their price points, but as ByTerry prices go, this one is somewhat reasonable. It smells of roses, like most of  the line.  LOVE.


Bobby Brown Shimmer Oil, Beach Scent


Bobbi Brown Shimmering Fragrance Oil (for the body) Beach Scent;  smells like every wonderful memory of all the years you spent sizzling on the beach, wearing bikinis no bigger than a hangnail and not having a clue what sun damage or cellulite was.

YES- it smells THAT good.

Oh, plus it has a lovely subtle sparkle. (I wipe my hands in my hair after applying)


Klorane Lotion demaquillante apaisante au bleuet for sensitive eyes.  Soothing eye make-up remover and  hands-down, my favourite since I was a teen-ager. I could never give it up. I’m like Charlton Heston and his gun with this product.




Vichy Laboratories “Capital Soleil” 45 -full coverage with minimal ‘Casper Face’.

For lighter coverage with moisturiser; La Roche Posay “Hydraphase Intensive moisturiser with sunscreen SPF15” 




Saving the best for last, I do adore the toothpaste I’ve been using for, oh, about a million years…Email Diamant.

Sure, it’s messy in the sink and on your facecloth but it’s worth it. The red paste leaves your gums pinker, resulting in whiter looking teeth and, not to be indelicate, but the deep tint also stains any plaque or food particles you might have missed when brushing-just like when you were a kid and the dentist gave you the coloured tablet after you brushed, remember?!

Lastly, yes, those are Biore Cleansing Strips in the corner of the medicine cabinet- cause who doesn’t love a little good gross?!

Now go wash your face so we can compare nose strips! ewwwww 🙂


(All these products can be found and ordered on the internet)


are you having a good summer so far??




  1. Oh, this is a good list! Can someone, though, please tell me how they make the hair oil work properly? I think I am doing it wrong.

    In the spirit of sharing, here are some of my favorites from an older post. Nothing has been knocked off the list, but I am also love anything from Laura Mercier, including the brow gel with the best brush in the category:


    Many thanks!


  2. Dear Slim,
    Thanks for all the great tips. I’ll have to try some of them.

    I’m wondering if you’ve heard of the Environmental Working Group or EWG? They test sunscreens for effectiveness and safety and have helped me alot. They don’t sell anything. They just do testing. Their latest is at http://breakingnews.ewg.org/2012sunscreen/

    This has been a great summer so far! I hope yours is good too.
    All the best,

  3. These are great. Love the gross red toothpaste. My daughter is addicted to her red plaque disclosing tablets! I mostly use Chantecaille skin stuff, which I really love and works for me. But my favourite cheapie is Lucas Paw Paw Ointment (not sure if you can get it in the US), it is fermented papaya. Great for dry patches, to slather on face as intense moisturiser, burns, babies’ bottoms, and tiny weird skin things on children’s faces.

    After years of using suncream I have stopped. The nano particles are potentially evil, and I need my vitamin D. I am as fair as Snow White and now I just wear hats and long sleeves. It works for me because am not really a sitting on beach person.

  4. Oooh! Goodygoodygumdrops! I love it when you play Sharsies with make-up and skin-care stuff. I open another window and google away. Lauren, at Aspiring Kennedy, just did a post on this as well and I was intrigued by the Susan Posnick powder foundation/spf brush thingy. When I went to the website they had a great special where you get a refill for free. I didn’t know what color to get, so I called and they’re sending out samples (for free). There – that’s my tip (even though it’s Aspiring Kennedy’s tip – that she got from GOOP – AND I haven’t even tried the product.)

  5. I am on my way now to print this page and purchase every one of these! Thank you and hope your summer is wonderful, like you! How about this weather….perfect! Thank you for these Reccomendations ! You are the best, as always!!! M

  6. Thanks for sharing! I’d like to try the sea breeze body shimmer. I’m stuck on Clinique’s eye makeup remover. I like almond oil for moisturizer. All you need is a tiny dab of it though for cheeks and elbows as well as hair (end only). I’ve recently started using the LUSH creams on recommendation by my daughter. All natural and smell light and fresh. We’re still waiting for summer here…

  7. Sooooo glad you are back to your sharesies!! Since I’m a S.P. BFF since waaaay back, I can testify to the fact that your recommendations don’t disappoint (everrrr). Now I’m off to buying stock in these recommended companies (bet wall street is going to wonder tomorrow what happened, unless they are S.P.BFFS of course)!

  8. Alaska is a dry place (great for the hair, not so great for skin or lips). I love Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lipbalm with vitamins and peppermint. More than once I haven’t realized my lips are dry until they feel painful. I put this on and that peppermint just cools the burn.

  9. I’m still bemused when I wear my “Slim” Gap undies you recommended awhile back, as a S.P. BFF.

    Recently have been using TiZo 3 very water resistant Facial Mineral Fusion. SPF 40 uva/avb. Includes titanium and zinc. It works, can play active tennis too and it doesn’t come off. Moves well on skin when applying. Does stain wash cloths when removing.

    Am assuming every woman that reads this blog already knows about Hankie Panky thongs. The best and fun colors too.

  10. Ohhhh!! I love your Sharesies! My hubby may not be so fond, as I’ve racked up quite an SP online shopping history, BUT totally worth it! I’ve purchased everything from your Morrocan Oil Hairspray to a l-o-n-g (and delicious) list of food and adult beverage suggestions. If you love it, I seem to love it!! Thanks for sharing this great new list, and I LOVE that you’ll be making it a regular SP feature.

    In the same spirit, I am recommending a GREAT new foundation. After a certain birthday last year, (cough, 50, cough cough) I noticed that foundation was no longer my friend. I had even taken it down a notch, using Laura Mercier’s tinted moisturizer, and even that was caketyflakey/dull. However, an ANGEL at the Saks counter told me about Lauder’s new Invisible Fluid Foundation. And? MAGIC. Dewey, flawless, BEAUTIFFUL. I have actually had several people ask what I’ve done to my skin! Try it!!

  11. FANTASTIC!! I want to run out and go make up shopping right now. I can’t though because I’m in my p.j.’s and I don’t have any make up on.
    Can’t wait to purchase the sunscreen products. Maybe by the time they arrive summer time in Vancouver will be here?

    Ditto what SP said about Klorane eye make-up remover; so gentle and so incredibly soothing on the eyes at the end of the day.

    Favorite new product: Clairins mineral foundation. Provides great coverage while still appearing luminous and feels super clean on the skin.

    Favorite old product: Lancome Effacernes concealer in “porcelain”. Lasts all day and is perfectly invisible. If only I could purchase this product by the gallon at Costco. Effacernes is the workhorse of my cosmetic bag and wins hands down over the iconic Touche Eclat.

    My mini-trial on two eye creams: Lauder Resilience Lift Extreme under the left eye and Shiseido Benefiance Concentrated Anti-wrinkle Eye Cream under the right eye. I’m two + months in and can report that right eye (thank you Shiseido) area looks smoother.

    Favorite lipstick: Tom Ford. Hard core lasting power 🙂 … my favorite colors are “Pink Dusk” and “Warm Sable”. Gorgeous texture. The light bounces off it beautifully.. Not too shiny. Not too matte. Just perfect. The packaging is perfection too.

    Blush of the moment: (there are so many to love) YSL gel in “coral veil”. So sheer!

    Best exfoliant: Skoah AHA mask. 11/10. Hello baby skin.

    Best hydrator: Skoah Hydradew mask. 11/10 Hydrates brilliantly but isn’t too rich.

    Great once a week deep cleaning mask: Dermalogica Skin Refining Mask – it really refines the skin. Firms things up too.

    Favorite make up artist and make up blog: http://www.lisaeldridge.com/

    Favorite headache remedy – Saje Peppermint Halo. Wow!!!!! Dab it on your temples being careful not to get too close to your eyes and breath. Amazing!! It’s a great de-stresser too.

    Oh here’s a good one. Hungover?? Slather on some Clarins Beauty Flash Balm. It works and smells yummy and clean.

  12. Whoa Doggy! What is the La Roche product?? Just ordered the hair oil on Amazon, I can’t wait to smell it. What a great theory on that toothpaste {the red benefits} must go order now. Happy Summer!

  13. I use the Bobbi Brown lotion in Beach scent and love it! I didn’t know about the shimmering version. Right now I am loving Neutrogena’s Ultra Sheer Body Mist Sunblock. It comes in one of those continuous spray cans and it smells really good. It is light and you don’t feel greasy at all. And the old standby that I have used for years and years (since I was a teen) is good old Retin-A. Other than that, I have cupboards, cabinets, baskets and more baskets full of products and makeup that I have tried, I think I like them and then I don’t and then they get shelved……

  14. Hair: vo5 hot oil conditioner applied weekly and Argan oil daily
    Beautypedia.com to check out make-up reviews and save some $$$$$ fewer mistakes
    Lips:Estée Lauder fig lip liner looks good on lots of lip/skin color,
    Clinique black orchard lip stick allaround great color and their best seller
    Mascara :Loreal Voluminous and Telescopic applied together
    Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer
    Mary Kay face mask applied weekly
    Anybody over fifty has to apply make-up with a 10x mirror – that should be a rule!!!!
    I’ve moved to creme blush because powder gets stuck in the wrinkles and will not smooth out. Estée Lauder and Laura Mercier
    Dr. Oz: for inspiration on improving diet which should help with the skin

    Slim- love your blog can’t wait to try the Gap undies, there is not a Trader joes in Alabama, that has probably saved me a lot of $$$$$$ especially on the vino.

  15. My list is with an eye towards frugality (with a couple of exceptions) but the products are all some of the best I have found and I don’t feel the need to spend more.

    Organic jojoba oil. $15 for a a little bottle that lasts forever. Just melts eye makeup away. Also just a DROP rubbed over the hands and smooshed through the hair helps smooth frizzy hair like mine while blow drying. Rub a drop over a damp face after washing as a hydrating and balancing serum. Good for dry AND oily skin (WILL NOT clog pores) not at all.

    Albolene is also a good makeup remover, smoosh on, wipe off. Petroleum based skin care products DO NOT cause the skin to “suffocate” or clog pores. That is a myth that skin care companies who don’t use petroleum (for advertising reasons) love to perpetuate. It is super gentle on the skin leaving it clean, soft and hydrated.

    Cetaphil cleanser. I have sensitive skin, but think it is important for everyone to cleanse as gently as they possibly can. Cetaphil is super gentle and does the trick.

    If you want to minimize pores and gently exfoliate Paula’s Choice 2% Salicylic Acid Lotion is good. The PC acne products have been good for my daughter.

    I do like a more pricey, not so frugal skincare product, but I think it has good soothing antioxidants and has a great texture for an SPF. Prevage by Elizabeth Arden Day Lotion with SPF 30 (I like the lotion better than the cream) and it has a lovely light but moist feeling finish that works great under makeup. Makes makeup go on even better actually. Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Gold Restorative Capsules are also nice for night time, but honestly the jojoba oil works just as well and a lot less costly as a face serum.

    Foundation, I have tried many of them, including much higher end. My skin is prone to dryness in places and a little oil and some pores in the t zone. Almay Nearly Naked is perfection to me. Great texture and finish. Glides over pores (rather than settling) better than any foundation I have tried. Nice coverage while being very natural looking. I get the best finish with a sponge and not a brush with this foundation.

    Eye shadow palette. The ever famous of late Urban Decay Naked. Not so frugal, when I was standing at the counter I couldn’t believe I was paying $50 for eye shadow, but the colors are all wearable (and you get several of them) and the color pay off, durability and texture is wonderful, so it is great value for money. I don’t need any other eye shadows as I ALWAYS wear very neutral shades.

    Elf blushers! $3 at Target! Honestly, they are really, really nice! Very pigmented, you only need a couple of light swipes with a fluffy brush across the cheeks.

    I can’t find my ALL TIME FAVOURITE LIPSTICK OF ALL TIME anymore by Bourjois, it used to be in Ulta. The color Rose Sensual was like it was made for me and lasted all day, staying slightly shimmery (I like a bit of shimmer on the lips, shimmer usually wears off quickly) .. if anyone knows where I can find some . . .

    Olive Oil and plain old granulated sugar (and a drop of essential oil in the fragrance of your choice) equals the best BODY (NOT face) exfoliator anywhere in my opinion. Sugar is better than salt as it has some natural glycolic.


    • I went to Beautypedia .com to check out your foundation. It says that nearly naked is being discontinued. You might need to stock up. I want to try your body scrub. thanks for the recipe.

      • Thanks Slim…always love your info. But, I’m with Louise regarding frugal choices…thanks for the info Louise. I will definitely try them. Also, I LOVE Boots No. 7 Natural mascara in the green case. It used to be available at Target, but sadly I now have to order it on line…so usually order several at a time to avoid postage. Lengthens, separates and generally makes my “old” (I’m nearly 70) eyes look gorgeous and lasts all day. A great bargain for around $7! Believe me, I’ve tried many others but it really is truly awesome!

  16. Great post Slim. Love your suggestions and everyone elses too. Don’t know what to try first. Incredible amount of brands out there.

  17. How fun! I can’t wait to try! My share is Mint Souffle Scrub by Raya Taver. Use it every day in the shower. And my absolute can’t live without….. Jo Malone’s 154.

  18. Thanks for your recommendations…now I have to find them…(in France)…my work for the day…

  19. I am a great fan of the multi tasker, I am never without my 99% pure Aloe Vera Gel, makes legs silky smooth and fantastic for after waxing, swimming and sunning, another great multi tasker is tea tree oil, gets rid of zits, cold sores, blisters, bites, etc in no time.
    At the moment I am in love with NARS pure radiant tinted moisturiser SPF 30, brushed over with Guerlain terracotta moisturising bronzer in the lightest shade, for a dewy, light and glowing summer face. Oh and finally you can’t beat a bit of pure lemon juice for making those nails NATURALLY whiter than white!

  20. Forgot to add lemon juice can be dehydrating so make sure after a good soak in lemon juice be sure to rub plenty of oil into your cuticles and nails; argan, almond and olive oil are the best but any oil will do, I guarantee this is the most effective nail treatment there is.

  21. Ahh . . . Biore pore strips, the one beauty product my husband and I can bond over. As he was leaving the house the other day I shouted after him, “Don’t forget to pull that strip before you get in the car!”

  22. I’m loving my new Clairsonic Mia. Also tried oil pulling with coconut oil this a.m. It will be part of my morning routine. Thanks for sharing; I would never have known about it.

    • I am still pulling, and not minding it in the least. If nothing else, I like taking those minutes in the morning to be mindful about my health in a very present way- it’s almost like meditating.

  23. I am veeeery interested in that red toothpaste… pretty neat. I have super sensitive teeth, so I use a special toothpaste already, but I definitely want to talk to my dentist and see if he’s heard of this!

    • The Email Diamant toothpaste is very gentle. As I said, I’ve been using it for years and years and have good oral/dental health. No veneers or anything.

  24. Love this post and everyone else’s recommendations.

    The list is almost endless but my current top three ‘can’t live without’ products for the face are Steam Cream, Mineral Fusion pressed mineral powder and MAC’s little Paint eyeshadow cream tube in ‘Untitled’.

  25. Slim (and all the other SPBFFs), thank you for all the recommendations! I am always hesitant to try new products on my own and to have so many great recommendations in one place is fantastic! Thanks, everyone! Happy Summer and now I’m going to go do a little internet shopping…xx Susan

  26. Im on the trail of the Email Diament toothpaste, does any other Australian reader know if we can buy it here? still to get the coconut oil for pulling, my one experiment hasn’t put me off. You can see I’m fixated on teeth

  27. Always buy products on recommendation rather than sales tactics so this post & comments are FAB! My desert island products: Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish (will gently remove ANY make up), Liz Earle Eyebright (similar to Klorane but will not remove waterproof/heavy make up), Neem oil -best hand/nail conditioner (mix it with sugar as above for best scrub). Long term use of Neem oil on the hands/cuticles takes years off their appearance! BTW Liz Earle products are all fab, obviously based in the UK but believe you can get them across the Pond now! Thanks S.P. for my desert island blog 🙂

  28. Slim can also recomend this:
    La Roche Posay Anthelios 60 Ultra Light Sunscreen Fluid
    No ghost face but it does pill if use dont let your serums/cremes soak in.
    Love that your are not only a caring but now a sharing blogger!
    Kate Bx

  29. I give my gums a bit of a respite from heavily fluorided toothpaste from time to time, and the red one you’ve posted about reminds me of it a bit at least in appearance – it’s still got fluoride but is actually a children’s toothpaste called Halos ‘n’ Horns (I kid you not!) and is strawberry and banana flavour with a red-pink jelly-like appearance and consistency. Very tasty! 🙂

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