Saturday Morning

L1130545  Church garden, Boston, MA.


As we all breathe a collective sigh of relief for the city of Boston this morning, I count myself amongst the millions of good people on the roller coaster of emotions such an atrocity forces us to ride. While I’m angered and appalled that so much pain, heartbreak and havoc can be wrought by just two individuals  (choosing not to use other words that come to mind) I’m also humbled and enormously grateful for the brave battalions of men and women putting their lives on the line to keep us safe every day. An impossible task to be sure, but incidents like this surely place our vulnerability under a magnifying glass tenfold. My thoughts are with the citizens of Boston, a beautiful city I visited just recently, and my heart aches for all the families of the victims. The horrific images I’ve seen the past few days both permeate  and steel my soul. They serve as a somber reminder that evil can lurk anywhere, even in the most joyful of places, but the indomitable and indefatigable Forces of Goodness will prevail.

Just witness the streets of Boston today.

We’re on the winning team

and we shall never surrender.


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  1. Beautiful post. So eloquently put especially considering how difficult situations like these are to put into words. My husband’s entire family resides in Boston. The brothers lived behind his father’s office. They were all very shaken. I pray for all the victims’ families and for peace.

  2. Thanks for stating so eloquently what is in my heart–and yet, I ask myself, how could such viciousness reside in a human being.

  3. “There is a saying in Tibetan, ‘Tragedy should be utilized as a source of strength.’
    No matter what sort of difficulties, how painful experience is, if we lose our hope, that’s our real disaster.”
    ― Dalai Lama XIV

  4. Indeed..poses the question: would you run away or stay to HELP?…essence of human-kind comes out in these horrific situations ..hardest part for me is to see that the face of evil {can} look(s) so innocent…

  5. Amen! Beautifully said. I was in Israel last week and they live with this every day, so resolutely. The good news for all of us is there are waaaay more good people in this world than evil ones. Boston has been amazing. Boston strong for sure!

  6. Couldn’t agree more, Slim. As a Bostonian I have never been more proud of my city than this week. Goodness will always prevail – I’ve seen it with my own eyes. And it’s beautiful. xo

  7. Beautiful post. All the more why we here in Boston look forward to your next visit to what John Winthrop called the “City on a Hill.”

  8. Lovely, Slim, and let me add my voice of the chorus of “Amen.” I am so amazed by the teams of citizens, law enforcement, who caught these “individuals” before they were able to kill or maim more people. My heart breaks for the families of the dead and injured. May God bless them all.

  9. Slim, I was so moved by this when I first read it this morning–especially keeping in mind your recently becoming an American citizen, although what you spoke of is global–that I didn’t know how to respond. Sometimes simple is best, so I came back to say: thank you.

  10. At times like this, I try to hold on to what Ghandi said: “You must not loose faith in humanity, Humanity is an ocean. If a few drops of the ocean are
    dirty, it does not make the ocean dirty.”

  11. Such a beautiful and eloquent post. It is so very hard to even think in a kind way without cursing the evil individuals. But I am trying to focus my thought, prayers. energies and monies on the survivors because they have a long road ahead.

    Have a wonderful week, Elizabeth

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