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I‘ve got the dreaded “tickle” in my throat tonight, so I’m off to bed early (for me)

Darn 🙁  and I was keeping up there for over two weeks…

Hopefully my Advent calendar will resume tomorrow.

Wishing you all a good weekend, and good health!


Day 16





  1. Do get well, plenty of fluids, vitamin C and Zinc may help. Or the best cure of all is printed on my favorite holiday cocktail napkins “all she wanted for Christmas was a nap”.

    I’m thinking you play up the illness for awhile and gain the benefits of some peace and quiet for a couple of days until the serious side of the season kicks in, you’ve done your bit!!!

  2. Irish blessings and sweet dreams to you Slim.
    May your tickle be gone when you rise.
    And if not….Vitamin B injections in the morning!
    M. L.

  3. Oh no! I’m not a doctor, pretend to be a doctor, or want to be a doctor, but try Elderberry Extract from Whole Foods. Just a dropper-full on your tongue makes most tickles run away. Warning: it tastes pretty bad (think witches’ brew), but seems to work for adults and kids. Get plenty of rest, sip tea with honey/lemon, and don’t worry about a thing until you’re better.

  4. Hope you feel better soon. Maybe you’re allergic to that beautiful Christmas tree in your home. I use to get sick every Christmas. We went fake 6 years ago and I haven’t had a holiday snifle, tickle or sneeze since.

  5. Quick! Big doses of Vit. C and Cold F/X to stave off those nasty symptoms. Your devoted readers need you healthy!

  6. Sorry to hear you’re not feeling well. Glad to know you’re taking care of yourself. Wishing you a speedy recovery, Ruth

  7. Oh no…I hate that! And with Christmas only 1 week away. Try Zicam….I find it works pretty well if you start it early enough. Snuggle up and stay warm and I hope it’s just a temporary “tickle”!

  8. Ahhhh, I hope this is a fleeting thing and that you will recover quickly! If not, it’s time for a hot toddy near the fireplace and a legitimate reason to put it all on “pause.” Who says we have to do all of this anyway? The miniature carolers reminded me of my very dear friend, Stephanie, who organized a caroling outing in her ‘hood for our very young families years ago. It was a blast! Hope you’re humming along to holiday tunes soon. (“ignore” (ha!) the ad at the beginning!)

    • i love to carol, too! but i’ve not had the chance to in years and years. i’m unable to raise my voice above a certain octave (my children were THRILLED with that when they were kids!), and we’ve only had a handful of revelers come to “call” in recent holiday seasons. i remember scurrying to grab home-baked cookies while my husband stepped outside. bless his heart! he’s my partner in crime!! the singers — especially the little ones — loved the sweets i passed around, as i walked through their group. ((humming!!! although they didn’t notice…..)) happy holidays everyone, keep singin’!!

      • mrs. ruff, this is one of my favorite memories too! But the last time I caroled was when I was the child, and then the youngish parent of young carolers, enjoying the cookies.
        I am not a good singer so I need a strong chorus around to drown me out – wishing I knew a group of friends who would carol – I would be sure to come by your home! Cheers!

  9. Okay, superwoman–the ‘ole body is telling you edit that ‘to do ‘list, and after you do that-delegate what’s left. You do have kinda-almost a week before Christmas Eve to slay the dragon lurking in your throat. Be well, my friend. xox

  10. When I have a sore throat, I heat some water and add Tang. Yes, the stuff the astronauts drank. It has vitamin c, tastes surprisingly good when heated and coats the throat. I’m from Minnesota and this is a favorite there, but Alaskans swear by this cure, as well. Don’t get sick, Slim. Your posts everyday are such a treat!

  11. Fingers crossed the “tickle” does not come to anything. being ill at this time of year is NOT what you need. Take care xx

  12. Feel better. My daughter caught the flu this week and is now missing performing in her very last nutcracker… oh well, it’s the ebb and flow that makes life interesting.

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