On The Seventh Day…

.Slim Paley photo


One week has almost passed already!

How’s it going at your place??

I’m cool as a cucumber.


In fact….

This is Vera Ellen in White Christmas, but it might as well be me 🙂




Slim Paley photo

Did anyone join me in the “Leaning Tower of Commercialism, Commerce & Wasted Paper Contest” I mentioned in my Can We Talk? post?

This is no cheating, no Restoration Hardware catalogues-I’d say my stack is close to 14″.

My husband swears it’s closer to 18″.

We’ll leave that, at that.



Slim Paley photo

Here’s my naked tree.  11 1/2 ft.  Again, no need to share how high my husband thinks it is.


Have to go back to dressing it now.

Until tomorrow…



Love this photo my sister sent me today!



I shall not covet my neighbor’s calm

I shall not covet my neighbor’s calm…






  1. Too fun, Ditto!!! All the important things always get done!! They do every year, I think we forget that from season to season! Your tree is a beauty, I can ‘t wait to see it all dressed in its finery, Merry Christmas,

  2. Your tree is gorgeous and no doubt will be even more spectacular when “dressed”. Last year couldn’t seem to get anything but lights on our tree. Six couples were coming for a seated dinner and I lamented to one of the guests the night before the party that there were going to be no ornaments, only lights, on our tree. Told everyone I wanted it to look like the snow laden trees in Aspen – we always have a real flocked vs artificial tree. The next morning, the day of the party, I called my fav florist who cheerfully came to “dress” my tree. OMG, were the guests surprised!!! Totally gorgeous. No tree this year even though we are having another small get together – house is still very festive. Going to spend a beautiful Christmas in the mountains where we’ll have a lovely tree. Love your blog.

    • Thank you! Did your florist put real flowers in your tree, or ornaments? I like the idea of a real tree, flocked…so many beautiful possibilities out there.

      • All ornaments – just opened all the boxes of Christmas collected over many years and she went to work. It was sooooo easy and I was sooooo not stressed!!!! By the time she and her helper left, both the formal and informal dining room tables were resplendently “dressed”, the mantle decorated with candles and boxwood garland tied with ribbon, the 9′ tree ablaze with ornaments and lights – house looked perfect. Party huge success.

  3. Your naked Christmas tree looks wonderful! My 10ft tall one is sitting in my living room
    right now, equally naked. They do have a certain beauty like that, and the entire house smells lovely.

  4. O.K. I didn’t save the piles of catalogues….but I did measure and I’m at 2′ plus.
    Your tree is beautiful….happy decking!

  5. Hilarious on the “ditto”. Can’t wait to see your tree all done! I’m definitely not cool right now but trying not to think about it all. I baked cookies today, that’s something right?

  6. Do you need a Santa Claus????…I can play the character, very well,you know!!…I like the tree but I prefer it completely finished!!!…Great post anyway…miss all the Montecito gang….And the Californian breezy sun on the beach….XXX

  7. Was that a Lane Farms Xmas Tree? I live right behind there and my family walks over almost every night the last half of Dec. just for the Christmasy, quiet, yesteryear ambiance – love that place!

      • It’s in between Turnpike and Patterson off Hollister (Noleta area) They have the best organic blackberry jam in their farm stand AND Christmas Tree pretzels (you can thank me later!) At this time of year, the pine aroma fills the air while lanterns set a wintery mood. The hay all about makes it all feel authentic. There are farm animals, carriage rides, tractors to climb, and the corn maze. You can buy deep red poinsettias and festive decorations. If you come to this side of town, check out Simply Pies, in a cute cottage just past Patterson on Holliser, where you pay at the counter and sit by a fireplace looking out large windows while enjoying an organic, (locally grown ingredients too) pot pie, quiche, muffin, or fruit pie slice. They sell whole pies too, either cooked or ready to bake…you won’t be disappointed! They close early though (5pm?)

  8. The DITTO is absolutely hilarious. Laughed out loud. Can’t wait to see your finished tree, although it looks so peaceful the way it is.


  9. 12″ or 14″…… i see catalogchoice.com written all over that one, slim…..
    i see you already have your stocking hung by the chimney (with great care, no doubt!) and are full-steamin’ into christmas. choo-choo!!……….

  10. Priceless! Aren’t sissy’s great, always trying to keep us laughing…kind of like you, Slim. Your tree looks majestic and on it’s way to magnificent. Can’t wait to see it tomorrow or whenever it is ready for unveiling.

  11. S.P., That is the most gorgeous, perfect Christmas tree! I hope you send the after picture! The picture at the end of your post has made my day!!!!


  12. Oh you make my day!! I have already forwarded your post to my daughter in law!!

    That last image is how I feel right now with two little wreaths on my balcony on the terrace a tiny tree out on the table and a spray on the front door. Kind of pitiful. Oh I do have red ribbons on all the above!

    Thank goodness Isabella put some cheer up indoors11

    Art by Karena

  13. Cute post! very impressed that you are blogging every day!

    Can’t wait for the Christmas tree decorating video..

  14. Slim,
    Love your tree…just put lights on it and call it good…simplicity is in. Love the “ditto” image. I feel like that sometimes…what she did/said. 🙂

  15. Slim, your husband is obviously using male metrics. All men do; it’s the standard unit of measurement on their home planet, Guy World. Unfortunately, it is also used to measure time, particularly the time it takes us to get ready to go somewhere. Congratulations on at least having your tree in the house and upright. Mine is still out in the garage, waiting for His Highness, The Almighty Caca to deem it “ready” to bring inside.

  16. Nice! I decked the halls yesterday, with yards of Balsam garlands from Maine {I know, kind of crazy, having greens shipped to the PNW} I just wanted that scent! We’re having an apres ski party, so I’m making things all lodge-y. Some great Smith and Hawken ornaments from Target have been perfect.

    Love the DITTO ~ someday….

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