Oh,What Does He Know?!

rose petals, slimpaley.comSlim Paley Photo………… ………………

An embarrassment of bathtub rose petals at The Devigarh Hotel

(one of the most unusual and beautiful hotels in the world) Udaipur, India


Well, are we really going to rely on what that stupid Ground Hog says?  I don’t THINK SO!!  Let’s ignore that gloomy overgrown rat with Beaver Envy’s  prediction of six more weeks of winter and concentrate on what’s really important;

  What the people that love us are going to buy us for VALENTINE’S DAY!

Rose Petal earrings by JARPatinated Rose Petal earrings by JAR (Bergdorf Goodman)

First introduced on Valentine’s Day in 1996 and composed from seven of the world’s most expensive varieties of roses, Jo Malone’s Red Roses Cologne became an instant classic. Now Jo has just released Red Roses Fragrance Chronicles ($95) – the PERFECT gift for Valentine’s Day!!  You may create your own story and signature scent using the Red Roses cologne and it’s three accompanying accords, Moroccan Mint Leaf, Ice Rose and Honeycomb (the top, heart and base notes of the Red Roses Scent).  Love this idea! 

Jo Malone Bath Oil  ($60)

All Jo Malone products available  with free standard shipping and free samples at JoMalone.com, Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, Sak’s and Barney’s.   There you go boys, my work is done here.

The Quest for the Black Rose, photo slimpaley.comSlim Paley Photo………………….

..The Quest For The Black Rose is the ultimate coffee table book for lovers of exotic roses.  Weighing in at, well, I don’t know because I don’t have a scale but it measures 18″ x 13 1/2″ and it’s pretty damn heavy.  With gorgeous matte and glossy photo quality paper it’s an absolute feast for the eyes. I would actually consider removing some of the pages and framing them, they are that beautiful.  (just don’t tell Stichtieg-Kunstboek- they live in Belgium, they’ll never know)  $125.00 on Amazon

Roses, roses, roses, slimpaley.com
Slim Paley Photo

.Roses from my garden

And Now…Martini Time!

Raspberry Martini

LOLA’S, LA “Whats Love Got To Do With It?” Martini

Muddle 5 fresh raspberries with 1/4 of a lime in a Martini shaker. Pour in 1 1/2 oz of a good quality very smooth blanco Tequila (we are using Herredera) Top off with a big splash of Passion Fruit juice (fresh is ALWAYS best) and a very small splash of Chambord. Strain into a very chilled Martini glass and let the games begin.

Full disclosure: I haven’t read this book and to be honest, despite a couple of good reviews I’ve seen, it’s got chic-lit written all over it, but who could resist the cover for the purposes of this post? If anyone has a good report on it please let us know! ( I love to be proven wrong…if it means I get to buy another book )

rose petal bath, Devigarh hotel, slimpaley.com

OK,  maybe I just made that up.


ROSES, slimpaley.com

Slim Paley Photo

More Valentine’s Day suggestions coming…


  1. As the snow hits my window here in Washington DC………..I was just ready to log off and retire… and heard an email come in… and it was SP!! Thank you for the roses and a view of heaven to end my day.
    Good Night,

  2. Mmmmm… what a beautiful rose garden you must have. I love seeing what is in bloom in SB, as compared to what we are enjoying in Seattle. My hellebores are just coming into full bloom. Please keep sharing your lovely photos!

  3. I LOVE YOUR BLOG! What more can I say…I found out about it over at Habitually Chic, Heather Clawson mentioned you — you live in my favorite spot in CA (I am in LA), you have a beautiful home and gardens — and it looks like you love Jo Malone as much as I do…btw I get it at Nordstrom…I have only one question (for today) what kind of camera are you using? Thanks


  4. You just keep getting better and better! Keep it up (and I still burst out laughing whenever I remember the lamb incident or whatever you called it!)

  5. Maureen,
    Its a Leica! I can tell you because I asked her the same question a few days back. She does take wonderful pictures but it’s not only the wonderful camera but the composition and the light. Slim u shud do photography for a living…here’s to a coffee table Slim Paley book!!!

  6. Ahhhhhh, I was so taken in by the bath full of rose petals. I’m still going to pretend your husband had it waiting for you! Makes the picture even better if I believe it! And that martini is calling my name! Dee-lightful as always Slim!

  7. I can smell them from here… the velvety scent sits deep in the back of my throat just looking at the images. Many thanks for this moment as the snow falls gently in my garden.

  8. Love your sense of humor…Beaver Envy, Look who needs a Brazilian, etc. However, I would recommend a category for ROMANCE b/c you obviously get a lot of it!

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