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I‘ve been posting for just a little over six months now.  Being a novice, there’s always a steep learning curve, but so far I’ve really enjoyed creating Slim Paley!  Now that I’ve accumulated over 100 posts, I thought perhaps it was time for me to start categorizing them, which then led to the idea of writing a little “Catch Up” post as I have quite a few new visitors since I first began. 🙂

In no way should this be misconstrued as a way of procrastinating, or even getting out of the whole “Categorizing” thing altogether…it will happen…but let’s keep our priorities straight!


Way back  on Lash Chat (9/24), I discussed my dilemma of using Neu Lash to thicken my lashes, only to find I had more lashes growing out of the tear-duct corner of my eyes than my actual eyelash line.  Since then, I’ve stopped using Neu Lash and instead, got my eyelashes tinted black at a salon (like you could do this at home)  Now I am back to my normal longish but sparsely spaced eyelashes (fence post-like might be an apt description), but jet black and of a more dry and stick straight- ahead nature. Who knew that dying your lashes takes some of the curl out?  The only lashes that didn’t stop growing profusely after I discontinued the Neu Lash were the ones growing in my eye corners.  You see Murphy’s Law even applies to vanity.

Speaking of Murphy’s Law, I did a post awhile back called “Murphy’s Wall” (11/11) about renovating my younger son’s bathroom.  I’m sure you must think that would be finished by now. You would be wrong in that assumption. It wasn’t titled Murphy’s Wall without reason.  Let’s just hope it gets finished before he grows up, falls in love, marries, and the new, vastly irritating daughter-in-law wants to change it again.  (Because of course my children are never going to actually move out and leave me 🙂  )


On the upside, I did a post called “Things That Amaze Me” (10/18), which is actually one of my favourite posts for a few reasons. Firstly, I must admit I love the photos, secondly I really loved all the great comments and lastly, in complaining about my fingernails, it lead to someone telling me about Biosil for hair and nail growth.  While I haven’t noticed any improvement in the hair department (which naturally, or rather UNnaturally, could be due to the fact that I had it chemically straightened to within an inch of it’s follicular life) my nails are REBORN.  NO JOKE.  My fingernails were so soft and weak they would bend in half if you looked at them the wrong way.  Now- Super Talons!!  It’s crazy.  It took about 2 and 1/2 months to notice the difference.  Trust me on this one.


Another of my favourite posts was “Fearless Fragrance” (10/04)  I guess because I am obsessed with perfume, although I haven’t always been, and I fell in love with Luca Turin’s turn of words when describing scent.   Since this post went up I have a few new fav’s;  Tom Ford’s collection of Musks and White Suede (in a gorgeous rosewood caddy, and Guerlain’s outrageously romantic Iris Ganache.  Bal D’Afrique by Byredo Parfums has been calling me too, but I’m trying not to take the call…


..On a slightly less sexy note, I bought the ThermaPAK  Heatshift pad from the “Last minute Gift Ideas” post. LOVE!  It’s the little things isn’t it?? I’m clicking away as we speak, in bed, and my husband isn’t giving me Stink Eye for my laptop fan going off.  Somehow the pad keeps your lap cool and deflects or absorbs(?) the heat from the computer at the same time. This is a Good Thing.  More Midnight Madness Shopping time!!



Another item I particularly love that I hadn’t tried yet when I mentioned it on the post was the Diptique Roasted Chestnut candle.  DEEEvine. It smells like it’s raining outside and very cold, and you get to spend the whole day in bed with magazines, with a fire going, while someone cooks sweet-smelling  treats for you.  That’s exactly what it smells like.  At $65 it’s a splurge but everyone comments on how gorgeous the scent is.  I say we all put pressure on Diptique to put them on sale as it’s a “HOLIDAY” scent.  Nudge, nudge, wink wink.


Santa did buy bring me a couple of other items on the S.P. Christmas gift lists including the Bentley of food dehydrators “THE EXCALIBUR”!,  It’s fantastic, other than the fact that it’s so big it needs it’s own space in the garage.  It has a fan, my old one did not, which seems to facilitate the drying process, I guess not unlike a convection oven? Paging Alton Brown…  Anyway, it’s cool and it definitely works.  I might even try drying rose petals or whole flowers in it.  I’ll keep you posted.

pink roses slimpaley.comSlim Paley Photo Here I put the roses in an antique leather gentlemen’s cologne case

Got the new Mac Mouse too (Cool Gifts for Fellows 11/10), although the eagerly anticipated announcement of The iPad today might make my new little mouse feel more like a dinosaur.  Who can keep up?!  Is it a phone? Is it a computer?  Is there a leopard print carrying case available??   Who’s buying one?!

Lastly, a Burmese official announced yesterday that Aung San Suu Kyi  (8/12) would NOT be getting a reprieve on her 18 month sentence (for some crazy zealot swimming onto her property while she was under house arrest) therefore she will not be released until November.  She has now been incarcerated for 14 of the past 20 years, I believe.  But the Bomb In The Underpants Man will receive an All Frills Package trial here, in addition to “his” Miranda Rights and a defense lawyer that we’ll all pay for.   Arrrgh.

No wonder we seek joy, solace and even escape, in beautiful things…

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Sun Valley


  1. ‘A Slim Retrospective’—love it.

    It breaks my heart about Burma. I see so many ‘Free Tibet’ bumper stickers, and yet, Burma is the Land of the Forgotten. The Chindits–named after a Burmese mythical beast–fought with the British so hard and valiantly during the Japanese Invasion of their country during World War II. This is now a footnote in history. Sad. These people have suffered so.

  2. Congratulatios for your 100 post!! (And sorry for my horrible english)
    I’d been reading your blog since november more or less, and I like it a lot. I want you to know that you have a fan in Europe, I live in Spain.
    You are a very inteligent woman and I hope you keep on writting 100 more posts..


    • How exciting to have a fan in Spain!! And please, do NOT apologize for your English! This is the extent of my Spanish: Gracias and Antoni Gaudi’.
      Seriously lamentable given that I live in Southern California.
      Thank you so much for your very kind words.

      Kisses back!

  3. So happy to have found your site that I went through and read all of your posts. Loved the music links, the photos and the content. It felt like I was reading letters from a friend, maybe you were my roomate in another life. Looking forward to hearing more from you.

  4. My all time favorite purfume is Diorissimo, by Christian Dior. It smells like lilacs to me. I also love Jo Malone’s lime blossom. I was very intrigued by the reviews for “Carnal” last year, because I love the fragrance of a tuberrose. I put it on my Christmas list, and santa kindly delivered, but I can hardly bring myself to wear it! It is SO strong! And the scent really lingers (this sounds like a good thing, but after awhile it gets to be too much).

    Love your walk down memory lane, I’ve just begun reading your posts and I really enjoy them.

  5. I am a relatively new follower/reader. Your photographs are magnificent as well as your wit and humor! I always enjoy reading your posts

  6. Thanks for a bit of a catch up session. I only just found your blog this past December, so the recap of some highlights was great! Quick question, Biosil – can it be found at drugstores, or is it a special order? Thanks again for a great post!

  7. I just started a couple of weeks ago with your site, so I am glad you did this. I do not think anyone would think you were a procrastinator. OMG its snowing in NYC! how did not one weather station see this coming yesterday. Anyway my sister lives in Santa Barbara I am coming in February for my darling nephew’s 2nd Bday, cannot wait! Wish we could have some tea together I swear we were separated at birth!

  8. Congratulations on 100 posts!!
    Love, love, love the blog! (but you already knew that!!) It’s like reading your favourite magazine and it never ends. The photography is exquisite, all your followers are scrambling to purchase Leica cameras. Not to mention all the other great products, books, movies, recipes you recommend and critique.
    You were always the coolest person I ever knew and now everyone else thinks so too.
    Stacy xo

    • Thanks so much Stacy!
      However, I’d say living in a restored beautiful old CHURCH is pretty damn, woops, I mean darn high on the Coolness Factor Chart!!

  9. Dearest Slim,

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Steve Jobs invented a way for us all to smell your favourite perfumes through our computers? Kind-of like a scratch and sniff! It would be sooo divine! What is he waiting for?

    My favourite perfume (I only wear body creme actually) is Yves Saint Laurent’s old classic Rive Gauche.
    So yummy, and my hubby loves it too 🙂

    Thanks for the Memory Lane! (that matches my initials…not my REAL ones)

  10. Favorite perfumes: Tom Ford Black Orchid, Tom Ford White Patchouli, Tom Ford Urban Musk, Narciso Rodriguez Musk, Jo Malone Orange Blossom, Guerlain’s Vetiver ( for men, but I wear it and only the Guerlain Vetiver for men is good, no one else’s)
    Slim, I cannot believe that bathroom isn’t finished. I’m so glad I am not alone in these construction issues. There is company in misery.

  11. Love the recap of all good things, I read your blog as if you are one of my well informed closest girlfriends (please don’t worry I am not a crazy stalker, YET).
    I am a redhead and have been getting my lashes dyed for years and love it. I heard that there is a way to also perm them into a curl but I haven’t tried it.
    A couple of months ago about half my hair fell out and my nails started breaking due to a thyroid problem so I will be running to Whole Foods to buy the Bio Sil.
    Also the heat pad for the laptop, I just upgraded my MacBook to a MacBook Pro and have had no fan problems but if I do I will be buying one immediately.
    Thanks for all the time you put into your blog, I love every minute of it. xo, MB

  12. Congrats on 100! You’re no longer a novice slim. So get crackin’ and categorize those musings. Chop, chop.

    On a serious note, I totally love the Murphy’s Wall. Don’t we all have something that we can never seem to get just right? After years on the tennis court and counting every calorie in my teeny-weeny martini glass, I’ve determined that mine is a Murphy’s ass.

  13. Congratulations on your posting milestone. And do let yourself off the hook with the categories…at least for the time being. Just remember to always first pursue you highest and best use ~ and in your case you appear to be so very multi-talented it’s hard to tell where that might lead ~ so I will just be selfish and encourage you to keep pumping out more fabulous new posts with all of your attendant wit, creativity and beauty secrets and leave the clerical stuff for later.

  14. “Fearless Fragrance” was one of my favorite posts and I cannot say enough about the book! Ditto what M.L. said; body creme is the best.

  15. Sorry about your misfortune with Neu Lash. I haven’t tried it myself. I use an eyelash conditoner called Revitalash and love it. It took about 8-9 weeks to see a significant difference, but the wait was well worth it. Thank goodness, I don’t have excess hair growing out of my tear ducts, though. Big bummer!

  16. Just found your site after returning from Santa Barbara yesterday to Nashville. Family wedding on a Mountain top in Goleta. I am in love with your west coast heaven. (Except the traffic). Thanks for sharing your life and travels!

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