Robert Pattinson and me at The Gramercy Hotel




I just stayed at the Gramercy  Hotel in NY for a few days with Robert Pattinson.  Ok, not in the same suite, but we were there at the same time so obviously he’s stalking me.  The gaggle of young girls awaiting his every move outside the entrance only added to the drama, the heat, the clandestine atmosphere our mutual patronage sparked.  Anyway, the Gramercy is a pretty cool hotel, but the first thing I realized is that I want to own a house in Gramercy. What a charming area!  I lived in NY on the upper West side for seven years and had no idea of the little gem that is Gramercy.  The hotel has a very hip lobby with gorgeous black and white marble floors, a roaring fireplace, reclaimed wood columns and ceilings and heavy bordello- red velvet draperies. A  cool dark bar sits off the lobby with a pool table and fab modern art on every wall.  The heady scent of fig that envelops you the moment you enter is kind of sexy at first but quickly becomes cloying after the second day.  I did love touches such as the old rotary phone by a small posy of yellow roses on a table…the gorgeously ornate gold matador’s jacket on a tailor’s form by the fireplace.  On the down side, the suites are small and such a really odd combination of colours;  the same deep red velvet from the lobby combined with either the most boring spec house blue or a Barton Fink olivey green. The overhead lighting (mercifully on dimmers) and dead flat paint doesn’t help.  In the spirit of “Keeping Green” one must ask for turn down service, as well as towels and bed linens to be changed.  The bathrooms are well designed but small, the shower accoutrements good.  Room service was just OK but all the staff super nice- young but not attitudanal which I find often and vastly irritating in “boutique” hotels. In fact, to end on a really sweet note, the last night we dined at Craft (wonderful) the concierge who made our reservation had champagne sent to our table…and Robert wasn’t even there.


  1. Shite. What an inviting lobby that is – bohemian and sleek at the same time and that marble floor is the floor of my dreams.

  2. I came across your blog via Habitually Chic…so glad I did, I love it! You have amazing taste and a beautiful eye! I recently stayed at the Gramercy Park hotel myself and we were graced with the presence of the entire cast of Gossip Girl. I felt like a 15 year old again. Totally star struck! We loved the hotel, the interesting (as always) Ian Schraeger decor and the concierge service was wonderful. Looking forward to all the great things you bring to your blog in 2010. cheers!

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