Last Minute Gift Ideas…

Falling Cloudberries: A World of Family Recipes  by Tessa Kiros

I received this for Christmas a couple of years ago and it has become one of my favourite cookbooks.  Whimsical,  eclectic recipes and lovely photographs.  Available on Amazon.



Assouline “Book” Candles

If you love books and beautiful scent (who doesn’t?!)  These Assouline “Library Candles” are a perfect choice.

From the website:

The BOOKS Candle:

Created by one of the world’s sensory experts, the light, extra-fine perfumes of this candle evoke the atmosphere of your fantasy library, and the pleasure of reading, through the enigmatic scent of paper. 

Text on candle glass: “With all the things I know, one could write a book… Although, one might also say that, considering all that I don’t know, one could create a library”. – Sacha Guitry

The HAVANA candle:
Created by one of the world’s sensory experts, this new candle transports you to the atmosphere of a Havana lounge, mesmerizing you with the potent scents of clove, patchouli, tonka, and cedar. 

Text on candle glass: “God is a smoker of Havana cigars. I see his grey clouds. I know that he smokes even at night…” Serge Gainsbourg

Also available: 

Culture Lounge, Havana, Leather, Wood.   All $45

Assouline online click

Thermapak Laptop Cooling Pad Click Here … such a great idea for using your laptop in bed.  Would allow one to use their laptops far into the night without the cooling fan going off and hence avoid Stink Eye from your partner who is trying to sleep.




Oscilloscope Laboratories DVDs Click Here Alright, I know this is awfully naughty because it’s too late to buy from this website, but it’s a great spot to check out films that will appeal to college age students.  Most of them are available for Prime one or two day shipping on Amazon.  Sorry Oscilloscope.  I promise I’ll buy something from your website in the New Year.  I’m not going to Internet Hell for this am I??


Oster Electric Wine Bottle Opener

I don’t want to say these are life-changing… but these are life-changing.   Only $19.95 and available for Prime Shipping on Amazon.   The “Emerson” brand one works well too for the same price and is available at Target.

And please, no jokes about the photo folks  🙂



The Book of Ages by Eric Hanson

I discovered this book in the gift shop of The Montage.  It’s  fun to pick up and read a page or two at a time and a perfect book for a guest-room bedside table.

From the dustcover:


An Eccentric Miscellany of Achievements,Misdeeds, Crossed Paths, Bypaths, Inventions, Scandals, Child Prodigies, Late Masterpieces, Marriages and Breakups, Feuds, Dead Ends, Second Chances, Adventures and Misadventures, Novels Written and Battles Won and Lost, All Organized by Year of Age.

The day we turn any age, we become contemporaries of everyone who has ever been that age, and it becomes our business to know that Bob Dylan wrote “Blowin’ in the Wind” when he was twenty, Orson Welles co wrote, directed, and starred in Citizen Kane when he was twenty-five, Winston Churchill was fired from the Admiralty when he was forty and took up painting, and Jane Austen died, unmarried and mostly unknown, when she was forty-one. Knowing who did what when provides the yardstick by which to measure our own progress; it’s comforting to learn that Grandma Moses didn’t show her first painting until she was seventy-eight, and discouraging (but not surprising) to discover that Einstein was already smarter than you at age sixteen.


. OK.  Time to go wrap gifts…


  1. Ah, yes. Whenever I feel compelled to take an inventory of my deficiencies, I like to be reminded that at 15 Gershwin had his first song published; that Irving Thalberg was running Universal Studios at 20, and Edna St. Vincent Millay wrote ‘Renascence’ at the tender age of 19. It’s okay though. I sometimes like to be mired in self pity.

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