It’s The Homies, homeys…

890a1791Guess what. It’s that time of year again

I have the flu, just found two more grey hairs in my left eyebrow

(OK, 3 if we’re really splitting hairs)

and “The Homies” are back!

(actually, they started 5 days ago so I’m kinda getting creamed)

For readers new to my blog in the past year, The Homies are like the blogging world’s “Oscars” and “Slim Paley” is nominated in the “Best Home Design & Inspiration” category. Of course there’s no money or statue involved but it’s really nice to receive recognition for all the time we bloggers invest in writing our blogs.

Now, just because I’m under the weather and getting old and grey, don’t think I’m looking for sympathy votes. Simply hoping that if you DO enjoy reading “Slim Paley” you will please take a minute to register your support by voting for me.

 The 6 blogs with the most nominations move on to the finals. We can do this!!  Voting closes at 11:59EST Feb. 8th.

I Pinky Swear  you will not receive any unwanted emails from Apartment Therapy.

 Could the 3rd year be a charm for me?? That’s up to you!



I’ll be back with a post very shortly.

Thank you!!



    • Just got back from voting for you Slim. Hope that you are feeling better soon. Vote 113 is me.
      I have my grey eyebrows tinted! I am having highlights now on the root area of my new short cut and am going to embrace the tinsel as they grow in. The eyebrows will not be allowed to go grey just yet!
      Good luck!

      • Thank you B.H.! I commend you for embracing the ‘tinsel’ . I think I too might go that route before succumbing to ‘Single process AND highlights’ SO much maintenance! (that being said, getting more highlights on Friday 🙂 ) Oh Vanity, cruel, cruel mistress…

    • Thank you Terri- you really have always been there for me since the beginning and I truly appreciate it!!

  1. I will be more than happy to vote for you just as soon as I see that recipe for chocolate banana cake on my tablet screen.

  2. Hi Slim,
    Poor, young thing…just keep plucking. But as a much more mature (my word for older) person, it’s not so bad…with age comes wisdom and a bit of comfortable indifference, the good kind. I’ve seen you pictures, you look fabulous, dahling.

    I’ve voted for you…you can make it this year. BTW, I’m waaay behind you, will you vote for me too?

    Get well soon, you have to be ready for the Oscar/Homies.

  3. It DOES does…..last, not dies ….sorry! It lasts for longer than you think it should. Take care.

  4. Hi Slim – I can’t believe you’re not winning yet – your blog is the most lovely by far. Good luck with the votes. Keep them coming in. SH

  5. I just voted for Slim Paley! 🙂 going to bed now!!

    I love you triple much, tons!! Thanks for the beautiful card!!! So cool you kept the stationary all those years!!! I think it is so elegant and I just love it! Very special! Thank you!!!

    Cant wait to see you and Weeks Thursday! Will be fun!!

    Love, Dolly

    • I’m vote 221!!! Took quite some work to get it to count. Apparently I have voted 2 times in previous years and could NOT remember passwords. Oh, well, started a new email address and new password. Anything to get Slim Paley the No 1 spot!!!
      Hope you feel better!

      • Thanks SO much for hanging in there and voting KR. I know you’ve also been here with me from the very beginning and it’s much appreciated!
        PS. Apartment Therapy will send you a link for a new password if you’ve forgotten the previous year’s (like WHO remembers a password a year later??!)

  6. I would love to vote for you,but I am so old I can’t seem to figure out how to do it. You are the post I wait for.

  7. I cast my vote for the wittiest, creative, beautiful and inspiring blog. That would be yours! I hope you recover quickly. The “beast” had me in its grips for weeks on end.
    The places gray hair will grow is just too cruel. And they like to bring their friends along! They’re like bloody cat whiskers. WTF? Takes goop to keep the little suckers from sticking straight out.
    Hope you feel better very soon.

    • Thank you so much for voting for me W.S.L.!
      Seriously- the industrial strength hairs- (Men, please look away right now) I use old fashioned moustache wax. It’s like super glue.

  8. Hi Slim, Thanks for reminding us about the Homies. I just weighed in for you as #242. If the blogosphere has any sense at all, this will be your year!
    I hope you get over the flu and feel better soon. I really don’t want to get it and feel like Lady MacBeth with all the hand washing I’m doing.
    Take care, Ruth

  9. Ok Slim..this is the year you win..can just feel it in the air!!!
    Everyone needs to get the word out to go vote for your blog..I did!
    And hope you are better soon!! No fun being sick. 🙂

  10. YOU ARE NOW TIED FOR THIRD PLACE!!!!!! Hoping my third year of voting is also charmed! I’m such a fan, Slim ~ it was an easy nomination. You inspire, entertain and encourage me every time you design/write one of your wonderful posts, and this is my thank you. You are insanely talented, and seem so fun and kind. You DESERVE this award!!

  11. Voted last night from Australia Slim, and I don’t normally ever participate in online voting. But I love your blog. Good luck and hope you’re feeling better soon!
    One of the possible advantages of being older is the declining eyesight. When I look in the mirror without glasses I don’t see the grey hairs in my eyebrows and the lines are less noticeable! Being a glass half full kind of gal! Best wishes, Pamela

  12. THANK YOU EVERYONE, SO MUCH!! You do a girl proud.
    I sincerely appreciate each & every vote you are casting for me. You are AWESOME!!!

  13. Voted for you when you were in the 60’s — now you’re way up there! Congratulations, and thank you for sharing your lovely insights both verbally and visually.

  14. you got my vote, slim! (that emily henderson’s got nothing on you.) your blog makes me so happy every week. keep up the good work!

  15. is this a tax write off?………………me sick too 🙁 I know I must have gotten it from you or was it typphoidterri (who voted only 3 times, c’mon)…….. my homegirl needs no homies…i am having a hot toddy (just cuz your cold all the time and a hot toddy for me is like jumpin in a volcano) in your honor of blogness of all blogs! if it makes you feel better, my eyebrows grow to over an inch long, almost as long as my chin hair 🙂

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